Monday, December 22, 2008

A Book and Cover

I had such a good nights sleep back here in Holt. Lots of tea and biscuits and fantastic breakfast. Mum and I went to 'First Lost Property' and I got my keys back. We then went to my flat and I packed my bags for Christmas break. My mum saw Yuko's Christmas card and found it funny, it depicted a old lady ice skating and being flung around by her legs, with the caption 'At Christmas we like to Give Grandma some Exercise.' WWW

That's it, that's all I've done.. I might make some sushi ? or I could do Calculus__ Gosh, a world of possibilities !!! The network is vast and infinite

I'm liking the Google Hot Trends app' so funny watching what people google.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Key to Success

Travelled the bus to the Cathedral. The Cathedral seemed to be very busy. The guy who has turrets or something was mumbling about how people only come to church at Christmas. The two lady ushers were on the door and always make me feel welcome. They tried to make polite conversation with me.

After the service it was coffee then home. When I arrived home I realised I had lost my keys. I went to tell security at the security lodge; there was a slim chance that I had left the keys in the lock to my room. Security informed me that it was £25 pounds to let me in. Before paying any money I went away and tried to get Shawn to answer the door but he was playing on his Xbox loud war games LOL.. Hmmm.. I ended up looking around campus in skips for stuff to breakin with.. On my search I found a digital multimeter a PSU a DVD drive and various electronics.

I recounted my tracks at the Cathedral and Marzanoes but nobody had my keys, I later managed to find the bus from this morning. Success he had handed to the keys to 'First Lost Property.' Unfortunately they will not be open until Monday.

I walked about killing time, and went to see Alex, maybe I could get my DVDs. Oh yeah, Alex was at work. I walked back into the city to go to the Cathedral Carol Service. Just as me and a bunch of other people arrived they shut the doors. I walked 'round to the side entrance a managed to get in. It took me awhile to find my singing voice, and a few of the carols I hadn't heard before. The place was packed and I wasn't the only sad act on my own.

After the Carol Service I walked to the cinema to watch the trailers. Alex was there and he spotted me from upstairs in the VIP Gallery area WWW He came down to chat and gave me chocolate gold coins. I told him about how I lost my keys and he very kindly offered to let me stay at his house.

After watching the trailers I walked about looking at the Christmas lights and pretending to be a tramp. I then spent sometime rolling over a large block of concrete stairs and doing leg stretches while I waited for my parents to pick me up.

I'm now back in Holt and watching lots of television.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happily Ever After..

Yuko was supposed to be meeting me today to give back some DVDs. She later sent me a Txt saying she wasn't able to. I called Alex to ask for the DVDs he has of mine. For some reason it wasn't possible because he has to go work at the cinema or something.

Walked around Norwich, bought some food. I was walking to the supermarket to buy biscuits when I chanced upon a fight. Some guy was being attacked by two twats. I decided to intervene. While one was arguing with the bloke, who was on his own, I tryed to calm the other. I could smell the alcohol and he was asking me if I thought I was hard. A bus driver stopped and he was pulling at my elbow. I thought he thought I was one of the people fighting. He said, " get on the bus," and winked. The bloke being hassled got on the bus and I followed. With Twat1 banging on the bus window we drove back down the road where I had just walked. Hhehe.. it was strange, I was wondering to myself what the hell am I doing on this bus. heh!!

I then got the biscuit and went home, thinking about my little story for today.


And We All Lived Happily Ever After.

Oh, I had a suprise visit from Yuko, she gave me a Christmas card and some noodles. I haven't had a Christmas card from someone for years, other than family. It made me happy, yes, happy, heh.. We watched some Japanese comedy and Yuko showed me a bizzare American Christian kids puppet programme 'The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson'.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Depressing Heading, Worthless

Whilst speaking with my cleaner the Greek fool came over to tell her he was leaving. He told her about some boxes he had left in his room. She wished him well, and told him to take care of himself. After he had gone we went to have a look at his room. He had left torn boxes everywhere, with food all over the floor and desk. Old tins in the bathroom, the toilet had pubic hair and piss all over the bowl. I hope I never see him again.

Went to meet Steve at 10:30 at Dol che Vita (Sweet Life), we drank coffee and talked about maths and old television programmes. He asked me about my sister, and was she married. I told him no, and that she is a gay. He said, "oh, I'm sorry about that." I looked at him confussed.

Later I went into the City and after a coffee bumped into Yuko. I pretended to look at some magazines in a magazine shop and books in the Library, then we went for tea and cake at the Greenhouse. Yuko talked about her masters dissertation on women in India. After we travelled home on the bus, Yuko said she was going to her friend's house.

When I returned to my accommodation the electricity was off so I travelled back on the bus into the City. I walked to Cinema City to see what films were showing, I didn't like what I saw.

Walking away quickly, I then stood on a street corner for three hours in the rain. As I had time to kill, I practiced some surveillance on a building. I had the ideal spot standing in the porch of a church. I had complete observation of all exits and entry to the target building. It was ok until an elderly couple arrived. The church I was using was to hold an event, and the elderly couple had arrived early. They didn't seem to worried I was on my own, and standing in the dark with a scarf wrapped around my face. Infact, they thought I was waiting for the doors to open too. I managed to chat to the lady while I maintained my observation.

After three hours of waiting for nothing and nobody I then walked to Prince of Whales Road to go eat vegetarian pizza. On the bus home I held my head in my hands and kept stopping myself from mummbling 'basteds' to myself.

I'm now home and trying hard to keep my grip on reality. Remember, Happiness is a choice, allegedly. I'm so fucking tired of liars, I've got no time for them. Why is it impossible for me to make just one honest friend- I give-up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking for Nonsense

Didn't have anything to do today 'cept maybe some mathematics calculus. I have no money, I was going to use my credit card, but the bank played another trick on me and fucked me over again. Even though I payed off the balance last time I checked, they added some interest without telling me and now it's interest upon interest and 2 quid turns into 30 quid.

So I'm not spending any money all I can do is use my pass to ride the bus into town. Thought I would go check when the Christmas service at the Cathedral was on from the schedule. I ended up walking very slowly around the Cathedral in meditation. I must have looked like a weirdo but nobody said anything, just coughed, whatever!! I continued my slow pace out of the Cathedral onto the streets. Walking a Little faster now, I found because of my peaceful slow pace I noticed my surroundings more and the intentions of other people. If that makes sense, I'm not prepared to explain anymore nonsense for you. :D

Met up with my parents outside the Forum. We had coffee, and they told me how they had been watching the local news yesterday and were shocked to see me on some old footage about a protest a year ago.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seriously Trust You_

Met with mum today, I walked to the bus station my head throbbing with toothache. I have been looking for a Barbie Umbrella as a Christmas gift to my niece. I really hate Barbie toys and everything about them but if that's what I'm told to get I will. The other day I went to Toys 'r' Us, but had to walk-out as they wanted me to leave my bag with them at the front desk. Being asked to leave my bag with people has started to happen more and more recently, after I was asked the very same thing at the Library. Mum and I did Christmas shopping and she also bought me loads of painkillers. I have absolutely no money left. If I could remember my pin code for my credit card then I would use that. After a cocktail of prescription drugs I am feelling much better.

I'm really angry with many people I know, and it's strange because even though I like them, when I think too much about my shitty life and how it isn't what I want, I get angry and stop myself from breaking my fist against the wall. I have many hurdles to overcome within my life.

It pain's me to say it, but, if I've trusted you; then I considered you intelligent enough to keep quiet, but I don't think you have been. There's no nice way of saying this but, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

I realise how dodgy this post looks. But it's just an over reaction to some minor issues. Heh ...73

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Choose Maths not People

I've been working and worrying about my coursework assignments of late. When I worry I start to buy lots of books. So far I have bought two new books on Calculus, and a load of Cisco books from Oxfam. I have four days to learn the first part of my maths course.

This is a new blog started by my friend. It's in connection to her website:

Fun Stuff to do with your Children from the Tickety-Boo Site

Tickety-Boo Designs

Monday, December 01, 2008

Baader Meinhof Complex

Don't imagine that you knew them..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attacked Again

It snowed, I got attacked by a twat.

I've been just thinking about databases and trying to forget everything else.
The Greek idiot is spitting at me when I walk out of the building.
Whenever I remember, I get so fucking angry!! I have started drinking Guinness before bed. I think Bigm000 might be going to bed permanently.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Whenever you get told off by human resources at work, they will usually tell you that, "this is unacceptable!!!" Just recently for the last couple of days, I have been very unacceptable. I will become better and realise some of the things I think and do must not happen any longer. Bad M000!!! I went to the army surplus to buy lots of green German military clothing.

I noticed that the girl from the coffee shop was at the bus stop, but she didn't get-on, but, she walked past me as I got off the bus at the UEA.

I went to see 'Ghost World' today at the Odeon. It was entertaining but nothing great.

Alex and Yuko came to see me tonight. Alex has planned a dinner party thingy for tomorrow. I'm not sure if I should go. I have work to do, but I don't want to upset Alex if I haven't already. I'm such an indecisive tit.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stay Away

Norwich Cathedral have a tactic of putting old people on guard, whilst Church services are in progress. Their main task is to meet and greet visitors to the Cathedral. Unfortunately what they actually do is pretend they don't know who you are, and try their best to persuade you not to go inside.

(click) Here is some Information about some Nice Cheese

I went to Marks and Spencer to buy some crackers and cheese. I picked-up the first wedge of Stilton I saw, then very quickly put it back after realising my mistake. It cost 11 quid. I also bumped into Shawn who has got himself a weekend job. From what I could see his job consists of wearing bad clothes and having to be friendly to TWATS, including me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bored Control

A lady in the Cathedral stopped me to talk about the 'Battle of Britain' lace that's on display. I already knew everything about the lace depicting spitfires and the bombing of London, but felt that she really needed someone to tell. So I pretended to be interested until some Americans came and took over.

Nearly another fight in the street today.

Just recently I have been mumbling German words on the bus, yes OK, that's not good. But today, on my way home a large group of German people boarded. Filling the air with what German people do.

I know all this might sound strange, but just recently I'm finding it hard to bite my lip and stay silent.
Spent two hours youtubing Ian Curtis.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've heard it before, and I heard someone else say it today, "Happiness is a choice."
In extreme situations like the orphans in Romania; is happiness still a choice ? No, I don't think so...but maybe in Norwich England; where we can find distractions from our worries, happiness for ourselves maybe a choice.

I sometimes worry that someone will ask me what I'm thinking while I ride the bus home. It isn't pretty..

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Marked Marked Man

For some reason my cheap printer didn't include a USB2 cable. You have to purchase it separately. So I spent more money today buying USB cable, printing paper, a mini fridge and fish 'n' chips. Hahaha!!!

The mini fridge, though very un-green of me, is so good. one-day I will be able to use it to transport vaccines to needy people in remote areas, on my motorcycle. At the moment I'm using it to store cheese and two pints of milk.

Had a look in the cathedral. There seemed to be some kind of meeting going on. Someone had asked the panel of religious people (not sure who they were, think vicar / nuns) about same sex partners. I appeared from the back of the seated crowd, and I think scared them, as suddenly they decided the meeting was over. I guess they probably thought I was from the gay mafia, come to make sure they said the right thing.

Been looking around Japan resort in Second Life recently..there's nobody there, like first life. I typed this last sentence with my feet.

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Metta

(Click) The Soup Nazi (Click) The Best Seinfeld Episode...

Woke up late at 9:30, too late to go to math lecture. Pooo!!! Took a shower and dressed to go into the city. Went to the Buddhist Centre, for meditation lesson. Met someone new, a guy called Andrew. Andrew has previously been to UEA and done a master's degree in Biology. Tom was trying to get people who volunteer at the centre, to give him a quote on why volunteering is such a good idea. I would have tried to help him, but anything with my name on will instantly loose all credibility and value.

Despite spending some time talking about not buying material stuff; I bought a cheap printer for 35 Squid. I carried the printer home on the bus trying not to kneecap people on the way. errr.. well I didn't try too hard...obviously!!

Dumped my printer in my room, then went to see a guy at the 'Dean of Student's Office.' Ian Gillespie was just about to go home, but, very kindly returned to his office to discuss my problems. He listened and gave me another contact detail. It looks like I will have to try and swap rooms. Then hopefully I will be away from nutjob.

For dinner I ate five dohnuts.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Drowning the Blind

Travelled home to restock on DVDs, books and CDs, and do some clothes washing. Dad said I could have his bike so I took it for a test ride down the end of the road and back again. If I find somewhere to put it I will happily take it off his hands.

My parents gave me a lift back to the UEA just in time to go see the film showing of 'Occupation 101.' I recognised some people from 'Stop the War' there but didn't say hello. I returned to my room alone to eat humus and stilton crackers.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Drinking coffee, eating dohnuts. Hugging pillows. Listening to Chinese people talk. Drinking monkey tea. Eating crackers and stilton. Reading about PKCS#12.

( Click) Please come join me for Monkey Tea ? ( Click )

Monday, November 03, 2008

Seven Three Japanda

There are no lectures this week 'cept math. Went to the 'Copper Kettle' for a vegetarian breakfast. I plagiarised some text from a magazine about Microsoft registery forensics. Came home watched some crap online, browsed Facebook. Because this week at UEA it's a reading week, Japanda Lesson was cancelled. I intended to leave my room for 10 minutes; but, ended-up riding the busses, walking the streets eating junk food. Came home with a packet of biscuits and two tubes of Pringles.

Here's a picture of a Vampire monkey:

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Smeg Head

I got pushed and shouted at again today.

More Soup?

I actually made some applications for work today. Just small part-time work, though I get the impression I may have left things too late. I definitely need some money, I'm totally skint.

Spent some time throwing away old letters from old jobs. After everything was tidy I went to heat some soup for tonight's bonfire and fireworks. I had just bought a cheap new flask, but pouring the soup into the flask was tricky. Most of the soup went over the kitchen sink.

At six o'clock I stood outside and waited for Kuyo to arrive. No big surprise, but it was raining outside and slightly chilly.

I'm such a fool, under my instruction we walked to Eaton park not Earlham. Obviously as we approached Eaton park I realised I had got it wrong. Yuko I think knew but didn't say anything, thinking maybe I knew something she didn't. Hahah!! no chance. We walked back into campus, where Yuko took some pictures of me with my inverted umbrella and the UEA with fireworks in the background which just looked like a picture of UEA on fire.

Finally finding the right place we spent some time walking in the rain and mud. We followed a procession of people holding large puppet skeletons and banging drums down to the bonfire. As we waited kids were chanting, "burn him!!" After a long wait they finally set the fire. It wasn't very good. We looked around the fair which was crap.

When the fireworks finally started it was actually, impressive. Though the idea that I was still in Norwich spoilt it. Some dude kept speaking over a Tanoy system, which made him sound like Alan Partridge. After the fireworks we walked back-out through the mud, where I thanked Yuko and headed home, cold, wet and covered in mud.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Crying Shame?

I intended to get a job today. Traveled into the city. My aim was to use the buses to get to a business estate where the company offering work was located. Though, when I studied the bus timetable, I realised, it would have been impossible for me to travel in early enough in the morning, ready to start work...6am. Must find something closer.

My wish to cry was granted. It came in the form of a dream. I dreamt I was able to cry, it felt like such a relief.

I watched 'The Ipcress File,' and googled for 'flower dogs,' go on do it!!! I promise you will be amused.

Haven't been on Second Life for awhile. I miss my friends err... friend.

Monday, October 27, 2008

No Pay Today

After my lectures today I went to the city, sat drinking coffee, and played with Excel spreadsheets on my laptop. I thought I might collapse from lack of food so I bought fish and chips. I'm not usually buying chips since the great chip eating experiment of 2007. Where after work I would buy chips everyday until my stomach started to wobble. I sat in the park eating my dry fish and greasy chips, watching the street people and chavs playing football.

Got a book from the Library, 'Object oriented Analysis'. Soon I will be able to catagories every living thing, and build a robotic army.

I wasn't upto seeing anyone today; this, plus having work to do, made me miss Japan Soc' lesson and meditation class.

Shaun was helping me install some software on my lappy when the flat buzzer went. We went to investigate. It was Yuko and Alex, I was in one of my moods, hence not going out. I was really pleased to see them, but I think they thought otherwise. I'm sure I gave them the wrong impression. Sometimes I just can't snap-out of it.

When Yuko and Alex left I went for a run. I thought this might help, but after the run I was still unfocused. I ran alone, I'm sick of coming last place. I sat naked for awhile crouched in the foetal position.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coincidences Occuring

I wasn't going to leave my room today. Just listen to Off the hook and Adam and Joe show.

I picked-up my calculator to make a calculation only to find the battery was dead. It's not surprising since I haven't used it for, like, four years. I went to buy some batteries but the campus shop was closed, so I caught the bus into the city. Could this be the most geekiest thing I have ever done? Buying batteries for my calculator on a Saturday night !!! I bumped into an old work colleague who is working as security at Chapafields, we had a brief conversation about what work we both do now. After purchasing some batteries from the petrol station I went for coffee at Marzanos.

I bought the latest edition of 2600 from borders, and caught the next bus home. Looking at the top deck I noticed Yuko. Sitting with Yuko I felt a bit embarrassed as I hadn't washed or dressed properly, I only expected to be outside for ten minutes max!!! I was a little scared she would say no, but I invited Yuko back to my room to watch a Allan Partridge DVD. After we watched a few episodes I offered to walk Yuko home, but she said she would be OK. I hope she made it back safely..

Link: New Improved peachFuzzer.

Link: Security Conference, Tokyo

The Price is Right...

Went to my math leacture. The crazy Greek person was there. I could feel him staring at me from across the leacture theatre. I didn't look, and got stuck in to the math. At the end I spoke to some others on my course about him. They too have had trouble with him. What the fuck is wrong with him?

I saw Shaun in the campus shop, another of my flat mates. Don't think it would be wise to explain what Shaun has done previously before University, but he has spent some time in the military, in Iraq. We walked back to the flat together. The Islamic Centre across the road had set-up a stall selling nuts and drinks. We went over to have a look. They welcomed us, and explained that they sold to the Islamic community. The stuff they were selling was cheap. I bought some mango juice for a quid, which is good for English prices. Shaun got to practice some of his Arabic.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caught the bus early into the city to get presents for my nephew and niece, plus, a birthday card for my sister. I returned to campus just in time to receive her call, telling me they had arrived and were waiting in the car park. When I got to the car park they weren't there, so I waited for their return. They had gone to look around the Sainsbury centre and the Henry Moore sculpture. My Nephew seemed excited to see me. Carrying my nephew on my back we walked to my room. My sister and her partner seemed to like the room, but the kids were wondering why it was so small, Heh.

After tea we left to go have lunch at the Greenhouse. My sister and I had the vegetarian paella, Fi, soup, and the kids some salad, Peta bread and hummus. After some shopping we returned, and we said goodbye.

Later I met with Alex to go to the 'International Students Sushi Night'. We went to buy drink from the shop, I bought some fair trade Chardonnay. Alex had his usual 'Merry Down'. We were a bit early so we walked about for awhile, then joined the queue for the party. Nobody else seemed to have brought drink with them, so I made Alex put my bottle in his bag. Someone was walking about taking photos; I hate that.

Entering the party seemed to be a process not unlike passport control. After showing ID a number of question were asked, name, where are you from? Somehow saying, Norwich or, here, didn't register that I was from England. Alex and I sat down and after some soup, the sushi lesson began.

A guy called Adrian acted as translator for a cute Japanese student who showed us how to make sushi. Another girl of about 20 arrived and started to touch-up Alex under the table. She could only be described as being sexually aggressive, Alex got caught in a sarcastic argument with her. Then Alex gave back as good as he got, and some more. For some reason she turned to me and asked what course I was doing? And am I afraid of her? I just said yes and continued on with my life. By this time Alex and I thought it would be best to break-out the booze, just before the lesson in origami. I get the feeling that Hiro thought we might be drunk, as he came over with some green tea for us to drink, and possibly sober-up.

Towards the end of the evening the crazy woman was pushing herself up against me whilst clearing the table. I got-up for the group photo. When I was talking to a Japanese girl I had met previously the crazy woman shoulder barged into her from behind. I managed to stand between them so that she couldn't do it again.

Alex invited Yuko over to my room. The rest of the night was spent watching Black Adder DVD and Peepshow. We walked Yuko home, then I walked to Alex's and back. I almost felt normal, I was walking home at 2 in the morning after having drunk alcohol..I think that's what normal people do.. isn't it ?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Touch me, well I'm Sick...

My Information Systems lecturer decided to move the Friday lecture to today. Unfortunately I didn't get the email telling us what room to go to and at what time.

I helped at the Buddhist Centre cleaning and was asked if I would like to go on retreat this weekend. I don't think I can spare the money. I spent most of the day reading math and drinking coffee.

The Greek person in my flat, who is living across the hall, has been acting strange. He has been ignoring me, which, isn't something to get stressed about, But, I just keep saying hello and being friendly. On Sunday when his girlfriend was over, I happened to walk into the kitchen where they were preparing food. I said hello, and he spoke back to me instead of ignoring me. He was only friendly because his girlfriend was there. Today I came from my room just as he entered the hall. I had a plate with left-overs of fish, because of the last time I walked past him in the hall I had to get-out of the way to let him pass, I made a joke of the situation by putting my back against the wall, in an exaggerated fashion to let him pass. He then started to say if I keep provoking him he will hit me, I asked him what was wrong? but he won't explain what I have done. I then went to the kitchen to clear my plate. Steph was in the kitchen and heard everything. Once before he was complaining that a Chinese person hit him in the head with their bag. He was talking about going to a solicitor; the guy isn't all there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garlic Bread !!!

I've been looking for a part-time job. I went to ASDA to ask about work, and also did some shopping. While waiting to pay for my shopping I watched the automated self service checkouts. Unsurprisingly one of the terminals wasn't working, about four members of staff stood around it wondering what to do. I quizzed the lady serving me about how often they broke, she started to become suspicious and wanted to know why I was so interested. I explained that I was studying information systems at University.

Back in Norwich it was a nice warm day, lots of people, shopping at the European market and farmer stalls. I managed to mindfully walk without incident through the crowds of people, up until a point when a man just started shouting at me. He had walked in front of me and said sorry. I just continued to walk on. He then started shouting sorry over and over. He then said that I looked at him as if he was an alien and when do I come from ? And I should have said sorry to him. I told him to calm down. I then sat down outside the shop next into which he had gone. At the same time as I got up from my seat, he came out of the shop. He then started to shout at me about, am I following him !! I asked if he was o.k. and maybe he should go see a doctor. I then reported him to the police, which wont do much, but it made me feel better.

Maybe I will say sorry to him now, here in this blog. IM SORRY YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Did some work on excel spreadsheets, and talked more about Information Systems. At seven O'clock Alex came to Constable Terrace (where I'm living) we bought some drink from the campus shop, then went to the welcome party of the Japan Society. Alex knew a few others also attending. We ate Japanese food and talked to Japanese people. I had a good time, but things may have been different if Alex hadn't been there, it's always good to have backup.. I always accuse Alex of being a government agent; he has never denied it. Hahah!!! And he accurately guessed some of my Internet viewing habits. After the party we walked Yuko home to the UEA Village.

Later just as I was getting ready for bed, the fire alarm started. We all stood outside in the moonlite sky in our pyjamas and night gowns, me, bare foot with jeans and a t-shirt, it was a little cold.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Went to see a film being shown by Norwich Stop the War. It was the film documentary of the protests outside the EDO factory in Brighton. Andy Street was there, one of the main organizers. Also, Alex appeared from out of the blue, as he sometimes does. As Alex and I spoke I mentioned Japan Society, as it happens there was a Japanese Lady sat next to me, and she told us that she also was going to the welcome party tomorrow. After the film, Alex, Yuko and I went to the graduate bar to talk. At the grad-bar we met with more Japanese people, including Hisashi who was my teacher at the Japanese language lesson. Alex did a good job of creating conversation. If it was left to me there would probably been many lull periods..DUH!! we learnt new Japanese word for messy or dirty...bachi!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dress for Success

I've been buying new clothes, due to the fact that after wearing combats for a week, I suddenly realised I have no trousers to wear. So really what I'm saying is, "why the fuck have people stopped walking into me just because I'm wearing new trainers and jeans, and I shaved my beard off !!!" Just a little observation of mine. People are dumb!!!

In today's lecture they spent bloody ages explaining Logarithms. My old 'AS' revision book managed, half a page, to explain Log laws. nuff said..

Yesterday I attended the Japan Society Language lesson. There was lots of nice people. One by one we stood-up and introduced ourselves in Japanese. The guy who taught me, gave me a piece of paper with the introduction written-out. Unfortunately he wrote it in Kana, so I just said my name and pleased to meet you as my kana isn't that strong to just read fluently. There was a young girl attending, she was very brave and introduced herself like everyone else.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Morning Run

Went for a run at 6am. It was still dark outside, I couldn't really see where I was going. I started off energetically across the flat patch of grass outside, forgetting that there's a one foot drop where the grass meets the road. This actually turned-out to be a good thing. As I felt myself drop I performed zenpo kaiten (like a forward roll) and rolled out to carry on running. I continued around the lake buggering over at least a further four times in the mud. After, I took a shower, caked in mud.

One of the other students in my flat commented in the kitchen about the 'Silence of the Lamb' book series. She had just finished reading them all. I was forced to read 'Red Dragon' by a friend, and so, happily I was able to agree it was an awesome book.

I've sat in all day watching the news and Black Adder on DVD. I want to get the film '21'. Looks like it could be good.

Hmmm... might go for a walk around the lake, plan a safer route.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pairs of Teeth

Got-up 8:45 am, after a shower I was in math lecture by 9am, Awesome...
built a computer, learnt something about information systems
I'm glad to be doing what I want, but I still feel CURSED!!!

I spent some time trying to cry, but I can't do it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maths for Dummies

Before traveling into Norwich City centre I thought it might be wise to purchase a yearly bus pass. After locating the campus travel shop I found it wasn't open yet. Six other people all waited for the shop to open in silence. Finally we all entered me being last. Two people serving and only one till in operation. The lady whos chip 'n' pin terminal wasn't working kept calling a special troubleshoot hotline. After waiting for eternity I was served, and charged £148 for my pass. Half an hour wait for what should have been five minutes at the very least.

I caught the next bus into Norwich where the driver didn't even really look at the pass, just nodded. I walked to the Buddhist centre to find Sudakani and Pandmadaka and Julian and all the rest cleaning. The was another order member helping today that hadn't previously. I recognised him from the Oriental Arts Centre where he says he practices Karate. After coffee and cake I caught the bus back to listen to a math lecture.

The math lecture was awful, it was very basic. Though i shouldn't open my big mouth as it may get very difficult very suddenly. I sat quietly listening. I thing part of it is that there are many international students, so they start from the basics...the very basics..think rational numbers and real numbers. After, i tried to ask the lecturer a question about last weeks test to see what level we are at. He wasn't very helpful.

I walked about the science and mathematics schools for awhile looking for the pigeon holes used for mail delivery. I then went to the main post room to see if anything had been delivered from home. nothing...

Sad as it is, I went back into the city and bought a one person cafetiere and some ground coffee.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cherie Stare

According to my timetable I had a Lab sesson today. I left it fairly late before I decided to find which room I had to be in. Firstly I went to the completely wrong building, then, when I did find the right room there was a notice, saying, this session will now be held in SCI120. On the way I bumped into someone on the same course who told me everything had changed and we had to be in the Lab for 10am. Instead i went for coffee where i met the guy from Malaysia (who has never heard of hack in the box...blw) I showed him some of the new books I had bought, which he then decided he had better buy them too. 10 minutes later he returned with a grin and one new text book. He pulled-out a to-do list, and crossed off one item, it looked to be a long list. Apparently as part of his visa he has to report to the police.

Three of us walked to the computer lab and met with the others. Nobody turned-up to tell us what to do, so we just sat cheking email. After an hour of this I left to go back to my room.

Later on in the evening I went to look around the sqaure where a local news crew were interviewing students about debt. I walked right behind them hoping to get on television. There seemed to be lots of security and police about. Cherie Blair was on campus for the Literary festival. I found the room in Union house where Adrian Ramsay was giving a talk at the first term's meeting of the Greenparty. It was good though he had to speak loadly over the drums being set-up from in the LCR.

I went to do some late-night food shopping, and I've eat lots of doughnuts.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Return of Book Boy_

I finally received part of the payment of my Student loan. As soon as I woke-up this morning, I immediately went to the campus bookshop to buy 'Basic Information Systems Analysis and Design' by Myrvin Chester and Avtar Athwall, £39.99 (FUCK!!) I also bought 'Foundation math' Anthony Croft and Robert Davison. The math book came with a electronic resource and cost £31.99 (DOUBLE FUCK!!) I returned to my room. After unwrapping the math book from its cellophane I found it's at the same standard as GCSE. I hope they will be teaching us something abit more challenging.

I had coffee and two slices of pizza in the 'Zest' student canteen. I thought these places were supposed to be cheap. It is not!

I've been speaking with a Greek guy in my flat, who seems to really hate Muslims. It's actually quite funny. The Greek guy has met a Japanese girl on campus, and when I returned to find them in the kitchen I introduced myself, in what I consider to be perfect Japanese. Hahah!! the look on his face, '1 point' to the nerd!! YAY!! Or should that be, 'point at the nerd!!' Booo!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dead Tooth

Woke up late, around 8:30, walked to the Community Hospital Dental Practice, stopping at the Tesco Express for orange and to use the cash machine.

Waited about half an hour for my treatment. After an x-ray, it was decided that two of my teeth were dead. Root canal surgery on one tooth and prescription of antibiotics, at a charge of 16 quid. The lady dentist kept talking about the puss EWW!! I was just in time to get back for a lecture on the history of computing.

While waiting in the hall for my lecture a girl spoke to me, and I couldn't answer because of the injection, just my luck.

The guy taking the lecture wore an Amnesty International T-shirt, this all I noticed. He asked everyone to, one by one, introduce themselves and about what they have been doing previously, "and if you've been in prison just make something up," for some reason everyone laughed at that. So, I had to introduce myself with a numb face and now he thinks I must have some speech impediment. Oh yeah, I half lied, I said I have been working as an electronics engineer, not, claiming free money and laying in bed. During his talk he mentioned, Von Neumann, but not Hiroshima; but he did mention Turing being hounded to his death, which was good.

After I went to find the local chemist was closed and will be for the rest of the week. Walked into the city via Unthank Road and bought the antibiotics from a chemist there, for 7 quid. It was late in the day and I couldn't find a newspaper shop that still had a copy the Guardian anywhere; the people in Marizamom kindly gave me their copy, with the technology issue I like.

Saw a guy who is on my course and just arrived from Malaysia Kuala Lumpa, that's so good. next time I see him I will ask if he attended Hack in the Box. Sat with some school girls back to Holt on the bus. When I got back home in Holt I gathered some more maths books to take back with me. Watched a Eastenders and Friends with my dad, then latter they gave me a lift back to University. My other flatmates were sitting in the kitchen and seemed to be having a discussion about mange dogs, and the RSPCA. Saw my parents off, and watched the news online Iplayer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Face ROTT32

Couldn't sleep my face has swollen-up with a abscess. I went to the Library to collect my campus card, complete with beardy photo.

I've tried to make a dentist appointment at the Mediacl Centre, but they said the quickest they could see me would be the 10 October, they're over-subscribed. They gave me directions to the Siskin centre instead.

Walked to the Siskin centre where they said they could only accept emergency appointments. I said that it was an emergency appointment, then they said ok and took my details, telling me to return tomorrow at 10 am. walked back to campus in pain, arriving just in time to take-part in a lipreading test.

We sat in the lecture theatre as about fifty clips of someone speaking one word in silence was shown. We did about three sets of these, firstly, recognise the word, then, recognise the constanent, then, sets of spoken vowels. I sat with a guy on my course who looked as if he gave-up after the first round, and kept falling asleep.

I went to look in the lCR at the Socmart, and put my name down for the FWBO Buddhist group, the green party and Stop the war, and also the Japan society. I think I may have given some people the incorrect email address.

I tried the campus coffee shop they short changed me five pounds, change from a ten pound note. But they didn't argue after I challenged them. Wont sleep well again tonight

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The day started well and early. I woke-up about 5am and went for a run around the lake. There wasn't many people about except Muslims going to the Islamic centre. After my run I went to see how many people were in the SportsPark Gym, 6am seems to be a good time to go. Not too busy..

At 9am I went to another of the many introductory talk given by Dr Ben Millner. he just outlined the structure of our course and showed some graphs about who is doing what. Then also today I have registered for the Foundation Basic maths which is like A level crammed into one year. I also had one lab session and a talk by the head of research telling us what research the University is doing.

  • Searching for song titles by recognising the musical signature

  • Facial recognition and Lipreading

  • Urban modelling

  • Data mining Forensics

  • Modeling Plant Growth (Virtual Plants)

  • Then unfortunately the security and local police arrived to give a talk on site security.
    I have the worst toothache. I went to the local Pharmacist to buy Clove oil, it doesn't really help much. I then caught the bus into the City to eat noodle. The Forum coffee shop seemed to be closed as there was some Indian dancers outside and they were selling plastic elephants ? wtf...don't ask me... A little man on the door wearing an ear piece told me I couldn't go inside.

    The Special Zero Year, Lab Rats...

    I've managed to get my arse into gear and move into Constable Terrace. It took two trips to move all my stuff in, and I still have loads of books waiting at home.

    It took awhile to get a networked computer running. First you need to be issued a User/Pass to register your NIC's mac address with the system.

    When I first arrived to collect my key I was greeted on the door by police handing-out leaflets and advice about property theft. Quite frankly the police are the last people I want to see on arrival with their friendly pepper spray and fake smile. After some queueing I was asked to sign my residence license and given a pack containing a dimple key (Good :) and a temporary swipe card.

    My room is situated close to the Sainsbury centre and also the Islamic Centre. There's a bus-stop just outside my window, I have already heard some interested conversations from the people waiting for a bus.

    So far I have attended some introductory talks by the director and head of the computer school. it seems that my course, being the first year to run, is special; there seems to be just nineteen of us.

    I'm off for an early morning run around the lake..Thanks for sharing!!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Sensei Kanojo

    Many things happened, I'm a bit pissed-off!!!!

    All day I have had this song by the Manics running through my head...
    It was written as a reaction to the glorification of serial killers in film and literature.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    DIY for Dead People

    Went house hunting with my Uncle and Auntie. The first place we looked at was an old cottage set on it's own in the country. The cottage was unoccupied. As we all got out of the car to take a look around, I couldn't help imagine we were in a film. Like a Comedy Strip Horror film; we all laughed and chatted as dark forces lay in wait. There was quite abit of land with two old barns, as we looked inside one barn a large white Owl escaped.

    We looked at other places but nothing worth mentioning. The woman's voice on my Uncles sat-nav was rather fun. If you took a wrong turn her voice would gradually sound more angry.

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Wondering in Wells-Next-the-Sea

    Today we played back garden Ping-Pong, and went for a beach walk at Wells-Next-the-Sea. Not much happend just fresh sea air, oh, and a seagull managed a direct hit to the side of my face.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    See the Sea

    Another day and another walk. This time starting from West Runton, over the Beeston Bump, and back again. Townies might make the mistake of walking along the beach, it's better to walk along the cliff top.

    During World War II the Beeston Bump was a 'Signals Intelligence site'. Operated by a range of agencies including Marconi Company and the Foreign office. Known as a 'Y-Station' signals would be collected and if encrypted sent to Bletchley park or Room 40 in London for decoding.

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    As Free as the Wind Blows

    My parents cancelled their camping weekend because of the strange weather we're experiencing. So instead, my uncle and aunty have come to visit.

    Today we went for a walk at How Hill, part of the Norfolk Broads. The weather was nice, and there was a coach load of French tourists. I had a look in the old Marshman's cottage, 'Toad Hole cottage'. There was a story about how in olden-times people liked to have toads in their gardens, because they got rid of the slugs. So, people would get toads and put them in their garden. Of course, if a woman was found to be keeping a toad as a pet, she would have been accused of witchcraft and hung.

    In the picture below you can see a pair of boots, next to the fire place. I was alittle tempted to exchange my old walking boots, for those in the picture..actually I might have had the waist coat as well; they can keep the socks...Hahaah!!!

    There's a documentary on myspace Edge Tv, about the Gary McKinnon case...
    Link: Gary McKinnon

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    The Hentai Tramp..

    Read in the Guardian newspaper today about WikiGenes, a new style Wiki that allows users to click on text and see who the author was. Hopefully giving the piece an air of authority and trust. Also there was an article mentioning 'The Last Hope'. The guy from MythBusters (Adam Savage)told everyone at the conference that the programme, MythBusters, wouldn't make an episode on RFID because 'Discovery Channel' wouldn't allow them to. This turned out to be untrue and Adam has had to now retract his statement AWWW!!! :D The was also some article on website flipping.

    Drank coffee in Bar Manzanos, or what ever you call it; the one in the Forum. I made a little thumb sketch of one of the waitresses that work there; she had a nice face with good cheek bones. I saw Alex, who I might add was looking very well, unfortunately he didn't see me and I'm not the kind of person to shout across a crowded room.

    I spent some time sitting in the park. I was thinking about how it would be a bad thing to hit people back in the street. I was watching people in the park, and asking myself the question, would I be happy to watch them die.errr.. I finally saw reason and walked back into the City centre to go eat noodles.

    Wasted alot of time in the noodle place listening to the Chinese pop music that they play, sat watching people pass on the street and thinking about the value of money and status in society, utter rubbish really... I won't say more, hehe, I'm such a fool.

    Wondered down to the river, and as usual there were only drunk people to be found. I spoke to a drunk tramp for abit; the second person to speak to me today. We walked together out of Cathedral Close and I left him shouting at an illegally parked 4x4.

    I had a good martial arts lesson and was given 9th Kyu. I was happy about this, as now I don't have to wear that silly white belt. HOORAH!!!

    Friday, September 05, 2008

    Fire, Snore with Me_

    At the Buddhist centre today, there was another person dressed in the same cloths as me. After jokingly bringing this to his attention, he said, " yeah, I'm currently moving house." Booo YAHHH!!!.. he was wearing his old clothes to move house : /


    I had to go into Marks and Spencers to look for stuff for University, didn't see anything i liked. But the prices were cheap, so I'll probably just get any old stuff..

    drank coffee, ate noodles, walked in the rain...

    Watched: Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Getting a Little Distance

    Watched the film Quadrophenia last night. It was good to see it again. Quadrophenia made me want to watch EasyRider, so I did.

    My bank has stollen 75 quid off of me, criminals !!!

    I continue to learn japanese adjectives, and hang about in Second Life. Good old Boldy was in Second Life. I think I have known him almost one year, he showed me a picture of what he looks like in real life, LMAO !!!! Hahahaha!!! just Joking Boldy, it's good to be able to put a face to the Sl character.

    I joined the Facebook group for the up and coming chaos computer congress and HAR2009. It's suprising the number of people you find on Facebook. People you wouldn't think would be on there, and people you didn't want on there.

    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    Every street I walk has a memory, sometimes good but mostly just bad, I should find a new places to walk...

    T2 Conference in Helsinki

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Managed to get up early today. I'm so lazy !!! I use to get-up at 5 am everyday for work.

    Had coffee, looked in Borders, cleaned the Buddhist Centre, eat some gluten free beetroot chocolate cake Sudakani's partner had made(it was good.) After reading some of a book about Japanese hand gestures I started to tell someone what I had learnt, and quickly realised how stupid it made me look. It mentioned stuff like, if you drag a finger tip from your ear to your chin it's supposed to mean something about Yakuza and some other crap about Kawaii.

    Walked around abit putting up posters in shop windows, asked about a job in a hotel. For some reason I found it highly amusing walking out of a hotel reception, with a job application form.

    It started to rain, so I stood in the entrance of a sports centre for half an hour, waiting for it to go away. Got wet, stood in a cinema watching trailers for half an hour.

    Went home on the bus and bought some chips to eat. Looked through a book about computers from the 80s. Back in the 1980s my friend and I use to be crazy about micro computers. For my birthday he bought me this book entitles 'The Joy of Computers' his name was Darren Joy.. Hahah!!! I still love that book. OFFS!!! Dr K has the third edition of 'The Hackers Handbook' out..enough all ready...shut the fuck-up you whore!!!

    All of the Japan Foundation's 'Let's Learn japanese Basic' can be found on Pirate Bay, it needs more people to seed it.
    I might start going to Ju-Jitsu classes.

    Monday, August 18, 2008


    I heard a Japanese person the other day say in Second Life they come from 'Japanda'
    ...nevermind, I thought it was funny : P

    Haven't been doing anything 'cept watch season five of 'The Wire' and watching the Japan Foundation programmes on VEOH..

    I went for an early morning run, at 3 AM. Outside there was a slight wind and a bright full moon. Unsurprisingly two police cars drove past me, both didn't even slow down. I ran towards the police station and past the two cop cars just as they were exiting their vehicles. I don't think they even looked at me.. HOORAH!!! They looked busy and something must have been going down because of the two plastic evidence bags they were carrying. OH!! I miss the days when you could listen-in on the police radio..

    Whirly-Bird to Mother Goose, come in Mother Goose!!!

    I'm so unhealthy at the moment, must shape-up!!!

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    The local bus service has been re-vamped. they're making it totally impossible for people to travel anywhere sensibly. There is some sort of competition between the council run buses, and the local Sanders bus company, fare price rises in order to keep a set standard, times of service change to times that make no sense.

    I had to take the bus to Cromer first, then wait for the bus to Norwich. I'm paying extra for this, so I decide to spend some time on the beach and drink coffee in the Rocket cafe.

    In Norwich I drank coffe in the Forum and read about Flash Application XSS exploits. I thought I saw someone using a ASUS EEE pc, but no, this is Norwich things like that just don't happen. I went into the libruary to see if they had any books on Actionscript 3, and came out with a book on CISA information systems auditor.

    I wanted something to eat before my martial arts class, I thought I would try a place that I hadn't been to before ' Baba Ghanoush.' There was no-one else there, the staff were unfriendly, the food overpriced, the music terrible. I guess I was thinking it would be good because it use to be a vegetarin place. The new people there aren't the same. What a rip-off!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

    I went to the noodle internet place. There was a guy with a dirty sleeping bag slung over his shoulders. He said something about noodles, so I guess he meant, can you buy me some noodles..please. I listened to what he had to say; then told him I haven't got much money. Then for some stupid reason ( I blame watching too much NBO ' The Wire' from piratebay) I bought two boxes of noodles and gave 'dirty sleeping bag man' one of them.

    After some food I sat on a bench staring at people, with my Bo staff slung over my shoulder..

    Went to my lesson; at first it didn't look like anyone was going to show-up. In the end there was six of us.

    The woman in the Oriental centre is really fucking rude. She never smiles, and made me pay one pound, and sign a members book. nobody told me about having to do this before. So today I was totally fucking ripped-off left right a centre.

    I think if I just had a room with heating, and a decent broadband connection, that's all I want out of life.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Things are starting to happen. More post arrived today from the university inviting me to an induction day, for mature students. Also, I sent an email accepting the offer of accommodation at Constable Terrace. All pretty exciting stuff.

    I've been listening to the 'Last Hope' talks and through listening to Bicycle Marks talk I been looking at the following_

    I also watched the film 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John'. Which is a documentary about the struggle of John Peterson, a farmer who grew-up in rural illinois. After his farther's death John takes over the running of the family farm whilst attending local college. Being the 1970's John's friends from college hang-out with him on the farm; bringing about a community of artists and philosophers. Soon the local farming community are gossiping about John's exploits, and trouble ensues.

    The documentary, is full of old farm and family footage from yesteryear. John the unconventional farmer, falls into debt, and watches as farms around him are sold; struggling he tries on and off to make things work. Finally the sollution today exists in the form of 'Community Support Agriculture'. A socio-economic model of food production, that aims to increase the quality of the food and the care given to the land.

    This film isn't just a tale about how today's farmers find it hard to produce good organic food. But about John's struggles in life, being someone different to the usual parameters of acceptability. His search for a way of life that is honest and worth living.

    Heh, I went to water the garden today for my parents(who are away camping in Devon.) I think I should be doing it more often as one of the tomatoes is looking shrivelled...OOppss!!

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    No Soup for You !!!!

    2600 have uploaded the audio talks from this years conference 'The Last Hope' :-
    Link: Audio, The Last Hope
    Here's something interesting, malware on mobile devices for you:-
    Link: Flexispy Demo
    A new addition of Hakin9 arrived through the door today (they really should use packaging where the postman/person can't read headlines such as "VOIP research exploit kit.") It arrived along with a letter from the UEA. I was scared to open the letter, in case it told me that my place at University was fake_LOL

    At least Hackin9 is turning me into a script kid, which is only slightly better than clueless.. ok now for a game of PACMAN on facebook FUCK YEAH !!!

    I continue to learn Japanese Kana I'm nearly done with the Hirigana, which most people learn in a week; for me it took a month. Now all I got to do is actually know what the words mean. I learnt a nice word from a Japanese person on Second Life, who ran around chasing people it was ' Chugokku oh crap I forgot..maybe I will remember later(Edit: I asked a friend it was 'Onigokko', heh, like you care : P )

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    Woke up late this morning to the doorbell ringing. Ignoring the doorbell I tried to get back to the dream I was having; it was as usual a strange one. I fell asleep last night to one of the audio streams from The dream was that I was back at public school listening to a schoolboy speak about Hitler. Though what I was hearing was the MP3 on my computer.

    I had my patio door left open and could hear the latch being lifted on the garden gate. The person who was ringing the door bell had decided to take a look around. I just lay pretending to be asleep, waiting to see what they were going to do. They must have heard the conversation from my computer as they returned to the door and continued to press the bell.

    Finally I got-up to answer the door. There was a man with a clipboard, his car parked half on the pavement said 'Loft Installation.' I said morning and struggled to keep my eyes open. It turns out he had been given the wrong address, he said sorry to bother me and left.

    I haven't left the house for almost four days now, I've got little money and even less food. I spent the rest of the day and night watching the film KungFu Panda and going to scripting lessons in Second Life...

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Monkey Boy to the Rescue

    Travelled to Cromer to collect some free money... On the bus I sat listening to 'System of a Down' and wishing I had cake to eat.

    just recently I've been trying to research work within the Norwich area, using the library's FAME (financial analysis made easy ) database. It is completely impossible without having pre-booked a computer. All the computers are used by fools watching skate videos and playing flash media games. The system only gives you a 20 minute time slot. All this, along with the librarian having to log you in, makes it very inefficient. I had to get the Librarian to kick someone off of the computer I was using as I was still logged in. I felt kinda bad about that.

    Walking around Cromer this old guy's hat blew off in the wind, falling down a cliff... well more of a steep embankment. I jumped to the rescue, handing him my bag I leaped over the edge like a monkey, got the hat, and climbed back to where everyone must have been thinking I was a great guy. errr.. they said thanks anyhow..

    I've been doing quite well at being a gentle person recently_go me!!

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008


    YAY!! I successfully made my application to the UEA, and have been accepted. Only now I have to try find funding and a place to live.

    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Mr Uchi's weekend...

    I've been playing with some video editing. It's a very poor unprofessional effort. And the file size was massive and still is even after some compression. I wish it was better, and if anyone has good ideas about video compression; that would be cool.

    THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW, IF YOU WANT TO WATCH YOU HAVE TO USE THE VEOH INTERFACE :( sorry!!! ( Disclaimer:_ watching this may bore you to death )

    Online Videos by

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    DarkSide 'till I Die...

    The Last Hope Conference started today in New York city. I'm not there.I've been walking around Norwich pretending that I am, obviously that's not going to work. The conference is for three days so if it's not too late you might want to listen in on 'Radio Statler' a live stream from the conference at Hotel Pennsylvania.( Radio Statler )

    I was pleased to read during my morning coffee an article in the Guardian newspaper, about user updates to the firewall 'ZoneAlarm' to patch a recently discovered design flaw in DNS (Domain Name Server), of course it is all thanks to Dan Kaminsky that people even know about this. There was even a link to his website

    I walked to the University again today to try make my formal application to the Computer Science course. There were lots of Graduate students in their degree gowns floating about campus. It was a wasted journey.

    I did some meditation practice today and it helped me understand that my previous plan of telling everyone I meet to Fuck Off was not a good one. Why the hell is everyone saying I want to go to Japan and, "I'm interested in the culture" ?

    I forgot to look for a part-time job..

    Coming out of the Buddhist Centre I was still in a mild daze, when I heard someone call my voice. I recognized the face but I could remember how I knew the person. I assumed it was someone I had worked with previously. He started to talk about motorbikes..heh, I suddenly remembered he was the other guy I did my Motorcycle CBT with. It's so strange that he still knew my name after meeting for like one day in the beginning of the year....Heheh!!

    WIMAX promises longer range and greater bandwidth at a lower cost. It is used to deliver last-mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to wired broadband such as cable or DSL. The take-up of WIMAX subscribes seem to be coming from Asia Pacific countries with Europe as always lagging behind. Countries like Japan and South Korea seems to be leading the WIMAX way. March 2008 saw 'UQ Communications', a new Japanese mobile WIMAX service provider, announce it intended to deliver a nationwide comercial WIMAx service by 2009. A trial service is to be set in February 2009. They predict that 90 percent of the population will be covered by 2012. Japanese consumers should be able to enjoy high speed 20 Mbit/s from the computer or mobile device whilst on the move.

    In the UK no date has been set for 2.5Ghz auction, yet alone a defined process, making it impossible for UK service providers to plot a next generation wireless service.

    Taken from July 2008 'Land Mobile'.

    Radiometrix KTX2-433 miniature UHF FM data transmitter module has onboard code-hopping an encoder designed to provide secure wireless when used with the KRX receiver decoder. Operating at 315 Mhz, 433.92Mhz or 434.42Mhz the modules provides engineers with a usable range of upto 75 metres in-building and 300m over open ground.

    Each modules is pre-programmed and unique :D The 32-bit encryption creates more than four billion hop-codes with 15 user-defined control lines.

    I bought my train tickets for Wolverhampton tomorrow, home to Knife crime.

    Autism Quotient Test

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Wont You Tell Me Your Name

    I bumped into Alex, who I haven't seen for sometime. Alex was nice enough to buy me a coffee in Starbucks as I didn't have any money. He asked me advice on what to do about going bald. I had to tell him straight, there's only one thing you can do; shave your head like a Neo-Nazi and grow a big beard, then sit-back and wait for the love to come rolling in. Though it would work well with him, he's very well read and highly intelligent. I felt a bit of a dork because I didn't have much to say for myself and I wanted to show Alex something to do with my laptop, which failed due to low battery charge. After seeing Alex I felt slightly shaken from my apathy which can only be a good thing. He's one of the good guys, very pleasant to speak with.

    Cleaned the bogs at the Buddhist centre. I always offer to do the bogs because it's sounds like the worst task that needs to be done. It's like a form of self imposed punishment.

    Something went wrong on my last attempt at food shopping. Last time I went to the local supermarket I thought I had picked-up the cheapest bag of potatoes. Somehow I picked the wrong bag and payed way more than I expected, what made things worse was the words, 'product of Israel'. Not interesting...No really, Not interesting.

    Walking home I saw Mark waiting to pick-up passengers. We had a good talk, he's still having trouble with his car. We haven't been to Narc for over a month now.

    It started to rain ..hard. I walked home looking like a drowned rat... So funny, I walked past the dude who always stands outside his art gallery. He was standing out of the rain under a canopy, dressed smartly in his pristine white suit sipping tea from a small cup and saucer. He watched me as I trundled past in the rain, dripping wet. DRUDGE SQUAD!!! YAY !!!

    WATCHING THIS : Monochrome (BlipTV)

    Friday, July 04, 2008

    The Y-Files

    As soon as I arrived in Norwich I headed for the Cathedral, I had some thinking to do. I'm guessing it was the end of school term, because there seemed to be kids from Norwich school, school shirts signed in marker pen by fellow class mates.

    Inside the cathedral I was greeted by this guy who I hadn't seen since I use to goto the Sunday service. He seems to be a gentle kind man. He said hello and commented on the nice weather outside.

    On leaving the cathedral, and walking past some shops behind an old couple. This delivery guy comes out of a shop doorway and nearly hits the old couple in the head with a tray full of bread loafs. Then while he's walking beside me the tray is hitting me on the arm and he's trying to push past. I was very tempted to send him flying. I just gave him a friendly shove, I wish it could have been with my index finger into his eye socket. I guess the right thing to do would have just let him pass.

    I went to Friday meditation class, we discussed 'impermanence.' I have some thoughts on the subject, but no real conclusions. We did mindfulness of breathing meditation then I legged-it out the door to catch the bus to the UEA.

    It was Open day at the University. I made my way to the Hive, past a large crowd who were sitting on steps watching a band playing Latin dance music. I went to registration and got myself a free pen and pencil. MWAhahah!!! BONUS. free stuff. I then made my way to the lecture theatre to listen to a talk on the computer science department. There was some other older people there too, but I think they were dads of prospective students...hehe.OMFG

    After the talk, in a small group we went to see some project demonstrations. The fist project was by a PHD student who had been working on recognition of lip movement. Calculations were made of people's lip movement in order to try guess what language they were speaking. When you think about it for some time, you will realise what a mammoth task he has set himself..LOL (problems with different camera angles, and people with beards etc... He mentioned during his work some of the test subjects walked-out on him after he told them what the project was. He claims that it could be used for information terminals in tourist industry. It's so obviously a racist project.

    Next we saw a demonstration of robotics using lego. This is supposed to teach programming of collision detection n'stuff. It was crap. I asked some questions about reverse engineering and micro controllers, my questions were dodged.

    In the computer graphics lab we had a demonstration of past student projects on some game design. The games where nice and retro :)) Then we saw some work that had been done with the history department in collaboration, to recreate Norwich from the past using old maps. There was also some work they had been payed to do by the council and by local building developers. I leant my pen to a guy to write down this URL: Urban Modelling Group He stole my free pen : /

    I then sat in the village area on campus drinking Ubuntu Cola pretending to be a student =P

    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Will you come to the moving reflection with me?

    Buggered about on Sl, Boldy and Kyoshi came with me to watch the old black and white version of, 'Little Shop of Horrors.' Boldy lasted for about 15-20 minutes because he's in Holland and an Hour ahead of time than me, and it was late. Mini about 30-40, she's in Ohio. I watched the whole film, but by the end I had a headache. Stream media in second Life is awesome..

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Don't Cry over Spilt Milk

    Today the local East Anglia news, reported, that the 110 B-61 Nuclear Warheads housed at RAF Lakenheath, have been removed. The base though called 'RAF' has been operated by the United State's Air Force for 50 years.

    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Quacked it

    Spent all day downloading stuff. Bicycle Mark recommended DL an episode of Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days tv series. So I'm blaming him *joke* The episode was about a huntsmen spending 30 days with a family of animal rights activists. Of course this is tv with an agenda, though, being slightly paranoid I always wonder if the supposed bad guy is in on the programmes overall message.

    I really enjoy reading Bicycle Marks blogg, the only reason I read it is because it's something a friend recommended. The way Mark questions everything and his writing skill is fantastic. I know that's a little creepy but I wish I could take the time to write more eloquently. And really the only reason I write this blogg, is to, try improve on my bad English grammar.

    Finally I Kracked my AP with 556745 IVs collected...

    I'm using 64-bit WEP ( Wireless Encryption Protocol) it's a protocol that's widely known to be easily broken. It uses an RC4 stream cipher and a checksum of CRC-32.

    the IVs ( Initialization Vectors ) are what you need to capture wirelessly in order to quack WEP. It's a 3 byte vector attached to each packet. The IVs are used by the client to authenticate to the AP. Hence capturing as many IVs as possible increases the ability to calculate the Acess Points wireless key.

    For a 64-bit WEP key you need about 250,000 IV's. For a 128-bit WEP key 1,500,000.

    As of March 13 2006 the standard Wireless Encryption used has been WPA2 ( WI-FI Protected Access ) which maybe used in two different modes. One being, distribute a different key to each user the other a PSK ( pre-shared key.) PSK key consists of 8-63 ASCII characters. WPA also uses RC4 stream ciphering consisting of 128 bit key and a 64-bit IV. WPA prevents replay attacks ( resending known information ) by the use of MIC (Message Integrity Code) by checking for any alterations to the payload.

    You do the Math..

    Trouser Modifications

    Didn't make it in time for meditation class. The thing is, it's almost impossible to meditate properly when people have pissed you off. I find it almost impossible to stay focussed, and I'm becoming less generous everyday.

    I was drinking overpriced coffee as usual in the Forum coffee bar today. Two old men sat in the chairs close to me. Seeing that their table had a tray full of cups and plates, one of the men picked the tray up and dumped it onto the table where I was sitting.

    I found a £10 book token in my wallet. I wasn't really sure what I could get for ten UK pounds in the way of books. You can buy Hiragana text books for about £8. in the end I bought the BBC Japanese CDs for £15

    Thought I would go check-out the canoeing at Whitlingham Outdoor education Centre. After a 20 minute walk out of Norwich I was walking down the small country road towards the centre. On the road I spotted what looked to be a small snake ( it's rare to see snakes in England as they bugger off as soon as they sense you.) Of course it was squashed flat against the road, as a car had run it over.

    Down the track there were lots of Dragonfly which is meant to be a sign of good clean water. I stopped by the old Rowing Club sheds and took a moment to sit in the sun listening to the sound of the boats' sails clanging; one of my favourite sounds.

    I found Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre. It was pretty impressive, I took some time to sit on the wooden steps to watch the dinghy sailing. When I got-up I heard a ripping sound. I felt behind myself to find a large tear in my trousers exposing my bum cheeks. At this moment one of the staff came-over to ask if I wanted one of their brochures. I took a brochure and asked a few questions about sailing courses hoping he hadn't noticed the tear. In the end I walked back into the city with my fleece tied around my waist.

    Finally after an age of trying I managed to get airodump-ng to work properly..YAY!!!

    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Formal dress Code

    Eye Spy magazine has an article about 'Feudal Intelligence Gathering.' The article was two pages long and told me that when choosing a legend it should be convincing, and that Japanese wandering priests were called Komuso, and wore baskets on their heads. I learnt nothing new from reading this and I am down by £3.75

    Whilst walking through a car park I heard a man speaking to a woman sat in her car. He spoke to her in a way that would have been shouting if they hadn't been in public. " Fucking stop it will you! I care for you." He was being aggressive and in her face. I continued walking and stop out of sight to make sure things were going to be ok. Other people had noticed in the car park, and were also hanging about. After five minutes nothing bad happened so I left to goto Yoga class.

    Did the usual intensive stretch exercises and at one point my teacher tried to get us to stand on our heads!! Yeah right!! The class went well. There is always a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

    Blade took the Norwich Bujinkan Tai-jutsu Class, I like Blade he seems to be a genuinely nice chap and I enjoyed his teaching. Unfortunately, as you know from reading this blogg I find it hard to like most people, but things have been alittle better of late.

    Three things now, about Norwich Bujinkan Class have bothered me. Two of which have originated from one persons attitude. Today it was the fact that I took my jacket and belt off and wore just a t-shirt. Blade was good about it, he wouldn't have said anything apart from a certain person whispering in his ear. The lessons are much more formal than Paul Harpers, and alot of bowing goes on. Is this a good thing ? I'm not so sure. At the end of the lesson they all arranged to meet in the Glasshouse for as they put it, a piss-up.

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Nice Tighty Whities, nerd!

    I missed my first bus, made it into town to watch the bus pull away from the bus stop. The next bus took the long scenic route. It was two hours ten minutes to Norwich and there were lots of old people.

    Helped clean at the Buddhist centre, and bought a new book...

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    I've been looking at this website:

    which is nice...

    At night I watched the whole series of The Inbetweeners' on 4OD. I'm not it's target audience but thought it was good. Kinda like an updateD Adrian Mole.

    Mucked about on Second Life with some friends.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Something's Snapped

    A couple of weeks ago I dropped my laptop. Ever since, the display hasn't been working. Today I took my little laptop apart piece by piece and finally found one of the wires connecting the motherboard to the screen had snapped. I guess it must have got caught-up with the laptop hinge. I resoldered the wire and also removed the built-in 802.11 G mini pci card ( I never use it.)

    I also did some practice in the garden using my bokken. Not interesting but true.

    Hope people in japan are ok... I've been trying to follow what little news there is. Nine people have died.

    Saturday, June 14, 2008


    I watched Nasa tv all of today. The Space shuttle Discovery returned today after it's mission to deliver the latest International Space Station's construction 'Kibo', the largest part of a Japanese pressurized Laboratory module also known as 'hope'.

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    If Al Gore was to start a hippie dance group, it would be called, 'Al Gore Rhythms' !!!

    I just read Bicycle Marks blogg about his recent visit to the killing fields of Cambodia... It has made me think seriously about going to London to demonstrate against George Bush's visit, if only I had the money to get there.

    The other day I travelled into Norwich to collect some laptop memory. While I was waiting for the bus home I noticed just how bad my walking boots had gotten. Pfff!! I forgot about the bus and went to the outdoor shop 'Cotswolds'. I hate buying new shoes, I never see anything I like, but settled for a a pair made from pig skin. I feel so guilty buying pig skin, and the leather smell permeates my bedroom reminding me,making me feel ill.

    I went to eat noodles at the chinese internet place. There was an old guy with walking stick asking where the toilets were. He was told it was upstairs. Noticing he would have difficulty I offered to help him, but he said he didn't want help. About twenty minutes latter he came back down the steps sitting on his arse. I got-up and tried to help. The woman behind the counter seeing this came rushing-over pretending to give a fuck.

    Walking through Anglia Square I noticed my old electronics tutor Fred Wheeler. As I walked past Fred he was crouching down messing with some bags. I called Fred, but he didn't look-up..I called again and still no reply. I decided he was ignoring me so I carried on my merry way..

    I'm now waiting for the bus again, and notice and friendly asian guy I use to work with. He is now a bus driver ( Hahaha!!! ok, so I speak to alot of bus drivers :) ). I stood chatting to him about meditation when this other rodent face looking bus worker starts grappling with him. At first I thought ..ok, this is what they do, it's a joke. Then after about half a minute I start to think maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. Eventually they stop, but the gang of school children err... sorry bus drivers take his baseball cap and start throwing it around. I think this guy has had to put-up with this shit for four years without complaint.

    Monday, June 09, 2008

    Damn you marketing people...why the hell can't I go anywhere and not have to hear the song Hotel California and have people try and get me to drink Pimms No1.... and why the fuck has clothing with Japanese kana become fashionable...allright maybe the kana stuff is ok.

    Friday, June 06, 2008

    Your Wet!!!

    Ill prepared and wearing dirty walking boots with holes in, I went for the interview at UEA. It has rained all day today and my feet were soaking.

    I was given a tour of campus by a girl in her third year of Psychosocial Sciences. I remember having to act interested because- of course..I've already seen all places at the University, and there wasn't anything else new to be seen. Bless...

    I wasn't happy with the interview. And from the comments made I'm not confident I will get a place. I have to go on Monday and present photocopies of some exam certificates. OK ..what the fuck is plan B going to be :(

    Thursday, June 05, 2008

    Tear it up!!

    Caught the bus to Norwich complete with Bo staff... All of the journey was spent talking to an old lady about how rubbish England is. Towards the end of the journey she had told me that all criminals should be hung and there are too many immigrants. What was odd was that she had tears coming from her eyes. Not that she was crying..but like her eyes were malfunctioning. Don't think I said anything to upset her.

    Walked around the city drinking coffee waiting for my Yoga and martial art class to begin.

    I went into Holt chip shop to ask 'Chipshop Martin' why he doesn't go to Bujinkan Dojo any longer(I was told it was because he had a baby.) He told me his brother got in trouble with the police for fighting and was told he couldn't train any longer. He is now a kickboxer.

    Monday, June 02, 2008

    Good Call

    The weeks camping in Devon was fun and interesting, in respect to the fact that it rained everyday.

    On arriving at the camp site the first thing I noticed was a young boy wearing a t-shirt with the Bujinkan Kanji..Hooorah!!!

    Situated near to the coast with a fantastic landscape view, we set-up camp in gusty storm force winds. It was just good to be with family visiting various places within the local area. My father grew-up in Plymouth during the Second world war and was able to give some interesting history of the area. We visited the sailing town of Salcombe and the beach at Hope Cove.

    I woke-up today to the sound of the telephone ringing. Expecting bad news(the bank) I answered and was surprised to find it was the University admissions office. They arranged a meeting for me for this Friday.

    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Ian Curtis

    Went to see the film ' Joy Division' today. It was very good and well worth seeing. I was kinda surprised to find I wasn't the only person there. Though the cinema was small there was about eight or nine other people.

    The Benn and jerrys has dissappeared from the Chavafields shopping mall...damnn-it. That was the only thing worth going to, in the whole sick minded hell hole, that is Chavfields. Though I spent some time in Borders reading a book on Japanese street slang. The book said chinchin but I have it on good authority that the word is chinpo... you decide.

    while sitting in the Forum having coffee I realised there was two youngish looking men in suits talking to a woman, and maybe her son. They seemed to be talking about religion. The woman was saying to them, " I wish I had your faith."

    Before my martial Art lesson I ate some noodles at the chinese internet place, then went for a wonder. Down near the cathedral Riverside walk there was some biker dude shouting at people. He seemed a bit pissed off and I noticed he had scared some of the other people. As I walked past I asked if he was ok. He just smiled and said he was a little stoned. We laughed and I carried on my walk.

    There is a new Japanese BBQ restaurant called, 'Sakura'. The friendly lady saw me looking, and came out to give me their menu. I said domo arigatou and she laughed replying arigatou.

    I didn't go to Yoga this week due to financial reasons. But in Bujinkan lesson we did some sword work.

    I got home to find my dad has changed our internet provider. He was charged 50 quid for some muppet calling himself an engineer to install the router. As I suspected I can now get Bicycle Marks website.. maybe Orange have blocked him.. I'm now using BT home Hub..

    Off to Devon camping for a week tomorrow....