Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free to do what I like...

According to the weather forcast today was going to be greAT !!! I wouldn't know, I spent the whole day indoors.. MUST ADJUST BODY CLOCK TO WAKE EARLY !! MUST GET READY FOR WORK AGAIN !!! Start university again Monday. I'm excited, but worried about how difficult things may get.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be Seeing You...

More strange dreams - from what I can remember involving cutting someones' throat and being covered in blood raining from and open heart. There was more strange stuff - but too fucked-up to publish.

Oh- I've been pefecting my pancake making technique...

Saw lots of people, and as expected it was a mistake to speak to them.

Bought a cheap weight lifting bench to hold my free weights. Whilst walking through the streets of Norwich there was the usual pushing and shoving. The highlight was when a pram was rolled over my foot...

Luke and Chris knocked on my door- it's still unclear why..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scream and Dream

Had an odd dream last night... it was kinda like a mini nervous break-down. I seemed to be in a taxi screaming as loud as I could manage - hope nobody heard as they might have thought someone was being hacked to death..

When I awoke I didn't feel too bad, almost restful. Wish I could lucid dream - that would be very handy.

Chris has returned to Norwich from his summer holiday. We walked into the city for him to buy a bicycle lock and some food. I say food but in actual fact he bought crisps, some berries and yogurt.. I bought 8 FAB ice lollies for 97p and ate all of them before they defrosted. It was abit embarrassing walking through the city with Chris. He looks about 10 years old and I'm not sure about eating crisps in public, it just seems wrong.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Old Fart

I pplanned to cycle to the beach today to watch the sunrise - instead I sat all day indoors farting, eating crisps, and ice cream. Despite the fact that yesterday I bought nice healthy food from the local deli, a 26 pack of Walker's crisps has been left in the kitchen cupboard. By myself I usually manage to eat fairly well and stay-away from fatty food. The crisps are so tempting. I can't control my craving for fat..

Still, I might manage to do some sit-ups yet.. but not as many as I would like...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stupid Old Bike

I tried drinking last night, GREAT. I guess that's why I woke today feeling completely drained of energy. Luke made me get-up and we turned the front room into a bike workshop. He replaced the shifter cables. It was actually a bit disturbing to see Luke. Someone left the front door unlocked and Luke decided to let himself into the house. I woke to him standing in my room wearing tight lycra cycling shorts. What is worse he insists on wearing the shorts with tightly pulled-up socks that defy gravity.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Walked about in then sun wearing a GAP t-shirt made in Vietnam...

read basic string to numeric algorithm...BAH !!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cut the Jap

It's really hard to choose what CMP modules to take this coming semester. I dropped 'beginner Japanese' in favour of 'Data Structures and Algorithms'. I hope to take Japanese at a later date. Lucky enough I've discovered a way of viewing all the lecture notes for every CMP module online. maybe I can be better prepared.

Been cycling, cooking noodles, throwing stuff away, re-arranging my tiny room.

Sean the new house-mate moved some stuff into his room today. He asked me for a front door key. I gave him mine, I will use the back door instead.

Two uber geeks arrived today to visit Adam. Adam has only ever met them online. They look trust worthy enough...

I've just been downstairs to find no sign of Adam, but found the two 'Welsh computer gamers' having a LAN party in the front room. And why the hell has the fridge been filled with plates of chips dowsed in ketchup ???

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Track and Field

Luke came-over and after some adjustment to my bike we cycled into town. Luke bought new bike parts and a rfid chip from

Cycling was fairly difficult for me uphill, but as I found-out later the back brake was very slightly on, making cycling alot harder...

I looked pretty stupid with my podge belly and a tight Burghaus top.

There's a new and looks to be interesting podcast :

that is all...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Robots, toy tanks and Lube...

Woke early (well, earlier than any other student.) Went to the doctor's surgery. It was raining outside so I thought about wearing the trench coat, as I haven't a umbrella. Decided against it, a trench coat whilst wearing shorts underneath isn't a good look...

Spent the day trying to research mobility and robotics. Then Luke appeared.

Luke lubed the chain to my new bike, then made use of our free wireless Internet. I was trying to watch old 26C3 footage on wireless Tesla power experiments, though Luke kept showing me YouTube clips of toy tanks and Russian aircraft.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Freebie GB

I've found-out I could have claimed some free money; so I will.
Went to Luke's house, where he cooked me curry rice. He had never cooked 'curry rice' before and it was abit experimental. We spent the rest of the night watching season one of the tv series 'Red Dwarf'. Like always I nearly fell asleep.


Luke came-over. He's moved into his new house here in Norwich. For some unknown reason he started to give me random stuff. He gave me an old bicycle and a trench coat, also, a raid PCI card.

Back at Luke's house we sat eating carrots and scanned for wireless on his rubbish Alienware Dell... he tried to play a Red dwarf DVD but for some lame reason he didn't have the correct Linux codec... Luke has two decent books, one on Solaris 10, the other, algorithms and methods of the Linux kernal. He says that he's going to read them, I have no reason to doubt that.

I walked home through Eaton Park indifferent as usual.

Also, people who shop on Sunday aren't worth listening to, or worth my time.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Seem to be held in limbo at present, waiting for the new semester to start. Somehow I managed to progress to the second year of my degree, but I'm finding it difficult, and will have to try harder this coming year.

People seem to be returning to campus and stuff happening again...

I expect to have a new housemate arrive soon. Lets hope he's clean and tidy. Not being a facist about it, but some basic hygiene would be good.

Watched 'The Big Lebowski' the other day and 'This is England'. Both not that good...