Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Finally managed to attend a norfolk Amateur Radio meet, thanks to Mark and his brother Simon. They met me in Holt and kindly gave me a lift to Norwich Flying School. Simon had a fairly high spec' radio fitted and on the way to the meeting we listened to one of the many local repeaters, and talked about radio amateur licences. Marks son tagged along also, though I was unsure wether he was actually into radio like his father.

The meeting was fantastic, everyone was friendly and eager. It had the feel of a CCC event. I was introduced to everyone by the Chairman of the club which made me a little embarrassed, though I managed to hide behind my beard, grinning. Simon ordered drinks from the bar, everyone seemed to prefer drinking pints of orange and not alcohol, I had a coke. I've put my name down on the waiting.....yes that's waiting list for the 'Foundation Licence' trainning course. Norwich Amatuer Radio Club is one of the most popular in England.

They have a children's club called 'Bright Sparks' that spent the evening learning how to wire a plug. This was a hands-on activiety that went on in the corner of the room. Some of the kids were asking members different question from their question sheets. Which puts you in a difficilt position if you get it wrong ;) We found this to be funny, being told by one boy that looked to be around 10 years old we had chosen the wrong coloured fuses....No Pressure *HeHe* I shall read the foundation book and return soon... Hopefully next Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've just been for a meal at a local wine bar named 'Balthazar.' There seemed to be lots of activity in Holt. The first I knew was when I came across the Police tape across the road, from one lamp post to another. Apparently, not more than one hour previous, a bank robbery had occured at the Nationwide. Lots of crime scene investigation cars could be seen under the wet dim street lighting.

Well anyway, I'm glad to say that our meal was fantastic. Balthazar was small which added to the pleasant relaxed atmosphere. I hope to return soon. A woman in the wine bar was the main witness to the hooded men robbing the bank and looked quite shaken.

On another note I have been busy breaking my laptop installing Backtrack. Also I've been watching a documentary on John Lennon's killer, and a very good BBC program 'History of satellites.' You can watch them on iplayer if your in the UK :/

Friday, January 25, 2008

Three Dimension

Walking around Norwich today I decided to visit the local Arts' centre. Inside there was an exhibition by a local artist named 'Tristan Burfield'. Stereoscopy was a series of prints, post processed using photoshop. 3D glasses were provided. The various images were well composed and of everyday objects found on the street. Nothing else worth mentioning. Would it be wrong to wear 3D glasses for everyday use ? No joke, I'm seriously tempted.

I noticed a group of four kids walk out of the Forum library, one, with open laptop in hand. Could they be openly foot printing access points...probably.

A favourite piece of graffiti saying 'help me' over and over again has been painted over. Someone has now written in its place 'Hackers' in a rather childish unskilled manner.

Spent the rest of the day playing with BT3 and airodump-ng.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Off The Hook

Went to buy cake in Holt, on the way as I turned my mobile on to find two messages from Thorpe Hamlet police station. Decided to go to Norwich and find-out what was happening. The helpful woman behind the perspex made three phone calls before she could put me in touch with the correct officer. " We shall not be investigating any further." What they should have said was," I'm sorry for troubling you. Here is a book token as a goodwill gesture. Please, continue to hit as many Chavs as you want."

Some dude with tattoos all over his face (not an important detail but true) asked me to roll him a cigarette. I hadn't seen him around before. He said he had been drinking all day and couldn't see properly. I sat beside him and made a roll-up for him. He kept dropping money out of his pocket which I promptly brought to his attention. He introduced himself as 'Red' from the travellers site in Thorpe. One of his friends turned-up with dog started sniffing between my legs. I told him he should stop drinking and left.

I'm looking for new walking boots and I would like a warm double breasted navel coat from the army surplus. They are being sold for 40 UK pounds, that's quite good. Tonight there is a clear night sky with a bright full-moon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

British 80s Surf

This awesome retro film was what I first watched to get me into UK surf....

I'm still a crap north sea surfer ;P

Saturday, January 19, 2008


YAY!!! Spent the day motorcycle training on a little 125cc. I got my Compulsary Basic Training certificate, which means I can now move-on and get the full licence. Back in my day, once you hit 16 years of age you could ride a 50cc moped without instruction, then a 125cc when you hit 18 years old. I was a little suprised it only took one days worth of instruction for me to pass.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Slap a Chav

Read teach yourself PHP in ten minutes on the bus today. I went to the police station to see if I'm being charged with assault. They couldn't find any mention of the incident on their database. I'm sure nothing will come of it but went to the citizen advice just in case. They advised me to visit one of the solicitors on a list they gave me.

I missed meditation class again...I'm always late..Damn it!!! Spent the day sitting in churches and looking in old book shops.

Charles Clark sat near me again in the Forum. I quickly finished my coffee and left before I said something stupid. I'm so fucking depressed and it shows. However I had a great lunch in the Greenhouse where Adrian Ramsay Co-ordinator of the Green Group on Norwich City Council was sitting. After a cup of tea and some food I was feelling a little better.

I walked past an old school friend, Anthony Metcalf. I seem to notice him at least once a year. Every year he is alone. Every year we just walk past each other.

The bus driver home was Mark the 'bus driver/Ham radio' dude. I told him about Wednesday and why I couldn't go to the meeting. He seemed to understand.

I start my Motorcycle training tomorrow.. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There is trouble....again.

Somebody tried to punch me today.

They missed by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Spent the weekend with my sister and her family. I've been watching Dr Who with my nephew on the BBC iplayer. I'm liking the iplayer interface, you don't have to register, there are no adverts and you don't have to agree to DRM unlike 4OD.

Today we went for a walk on Well's beach. There was a light wind and only a little cold. After sandwiches and crisps we rolled down sand dunes and played frisbe. At one point two dogs came running at us, the owners nowhere to be seen. I don't really trust dogs and grabbed my neice before she was knocked over. I think this was probably the right thing to do. After some sandcastle building we headed home for more Dr Who.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Gosh what a catchy Blog title.. :))))))))

I gave my local book shop one last try and redeem themselves after my last attempt at buying from them, one year ago. They totally fucked it up last time. I would like to support them, but last time they forgot to take note that I had already paid, and I nearly had to pay twice. Amazon I'm afraid is much easier, faster and cheaper....

Well anyways the book I ordered was 'programming microcontrollers in C' by Ted vansickle. I made sure I was served by the man and not the stupid fuckwit girl. Although he pretended not to remember me things went well ( if It goes badly this time I will repeatedly shout at them Onegaishimasu ); so far so good..

Went to 'larners' for a coffee and to read the 'paper...

I like traffic lights.................................................................................................

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Grief ! ! ! !!"£$%^

I'm the guy quite in the corner. Sometimes I believe you can't see me.

" How did you know I'm a ham radio operator ? "

"I listened to you talking to a passenger once before."

I met a very interesting bus driver today on my journey into Norwich. He's from Cromer but attends the ham radio group at Norwich airport. Because of my interest in computers and electronics, I feel it would be natural to maybe attend some of their meetings.

Shortly after arriving in Norwich I took another bus to the top of Mousehold Heath. I was looking for camriders the motorcycle training people. According to the website they were based within a school in that area. After walking around a bit I found no signs or clues of where it might be. Feeling a little strange I walked into the entrance of the school to ask. The caretaker ( I assume) confirmed I was in the right place but they're not a permanent setup. Hmmm... I wanted to ask them some questions face-face but I guess I'll have to phone.

I walked back to city enjoying the windy weather. It was good to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I took the cathedral route into the city along the riverside pathway. Lots of people there walk their dogs and it was smelling of dog pooo.. At the Cathedral I fired-up my laptop.. then walked the short distance to the Forum.

A wifi network scan from the Cathedral to the Forum pick-up about 50 networks 15 of which had no encryption. How hard is it to spoof MAC / IP.... not very :/
I didn't connect to any of these networks just a firm handshake. Don't you know it's rude to sniff someone when you meet them for the first time :)

I went for a coffee and was surprised to see Charles Clark. I got the idea that only a few people knew who the fuck he was. I sat down with some dude near Mr Clark that looked like Ex-Forces ;)

Managed to make my one coffee last a hour whilst reading about Monkey in the middle attacks on a SSL or TSL connection. ( Do you check digital certificates ? ) Three different sets of people sat with me by the time I decided to go, and Mr Clark was still sat there when I left..

Bumped into Anwar he was off to Maplin to buy Skype. I asked if he had a good Christmas.. But he misheard me and replied," yeah and you too." :/ Anwar Christmas has's now January 2008. LOL

Bus journey home I read the Guardian and about Government failure in their IT projects, which as I learnt from the article is overseen by the QinetiQ people mentioned earlier. Why have they put all this technology in place knowing that it is easily broken and hard to maintain....We're all Doomed I Tell thee..Doooooomed!!!

Made it back to Holt alive, bought crisps and biscuits
Must get fit!!!!
Must get Job!!! yeah!!! thanks charles
Must find a way to live in this fucking stupid cuntry!!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Low battery

I can't believe I've done bugger all. Now that Christmas is over and my relatives have left, it's back to the usual. I've been doing a little experimentation with a car booster pack and laptop placed inside my rucksack. It's funny walking around mainly because the fan from the booster pack makes a low whirring noise. Unfortunately I hadn't realised when the charge level is low the pack makes a continuous high pitched beeeeeeepppp!

I walked around on a test run errr... walk. The pack wasn't too heavy just manageable. But, when the pack started to beep I thought it was emanating from one of the shop alarms :))) and ignored it. After walking all through the town and actually arriving home I could still hear the beep noise. At one point I thought the noise maybe coming from within my head and tried checking, by placing a figure in each ear. It was only when I arrived home that I realised the source of the noise... Dumb arse!!! Well at least I know now LOL...

It seems to be a day of charging battery...booster pack....PSP..

I got my car going ( Renault Clio not the VW) after being left in the garage for a year. It still works. When I finally take out all the rubbish I'm storing in there I will scrap it. I just can't bear to drive it any longer. Driving just makes me angry. Errr... come to think of it so does most things :/

Maybe I should charge my own battery and get off my lazy arse.... I hope to make it to Norwich tomorrow and ask 'Camriders' about a motorcycle test.