Monday, December 21, 2009

King of Cups

Doesn't look like I'll be able to go to Berlin. No surprise.

There's masses of snow here, and the temperature in Germany is apparently going to be -10 degree celcius.

Just been sat indoors for the past few days, sleeping bag, coffee, camped next to the radiator reading. Might go visit mum and dad.

It's so cold here, Adam's cup cracked when he poured boiling water into it. I tried hard not to laugh... I own all the cups !!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Apparently Nothing

I continue to drift along trying not to be mental. Always around Christmas time I became more mental than usual. Mumbling on the bus, with all my good intentions I always end with some mental leakage.

I seems to be getting okay passes on my University assignments, though I'm not sure how. Mostly luck I guess. Something I've really taken an interest in is Java serverlets. It took me awhile to get a Java development enviroment and postgreSQL installed on my eeepc, but now I'm all set.

I seems to be a lot of group-work at University, I really hate working in groups.

I must have looked a bit of a clown in Nero coffee shop today. I have holes in my pockets. Firstly, I dropped change into my pockets only for it to fall through my trouser leg bottoms, spilling onto the floor. Then I reached my other pocket to pull-out a stream of paper napkins I'd collected from different coffee shops.

Seriously thinking about a loan to get me to Berlin...maybe.

Happy Christmas, hope you're well. And Cor, don't work too hard !!!