Saturday, May 30, 2009

Waiting in the Sun

Lunch time I cooked some amazing pasta with obligatory standard pasta source. There must have been the remnants of chili in the sauce pan as it was slightly hot. I'm such a good cook, and nobody knows it !!!!

Sat in the sun on a bench, out in the street for about an hour. A guy who lived in the building opposite came out to smoke. After doing some improv' dance, then smoking a joint of grass, he asked if he could sit with me. At first I thought he was probably gay, as I always have a habit of being chatted-up by blokes, never women :/ He asked how I was ? I muttered in reply okay, sort-of. I asked him if his name was Johnathon, as every time I looked at my IPhone I was getting a wifi link named 'Johnathon'. He said that, that was his flatmates name. Somehow we started to talk about Buddhism, he seemed to know a lot about meditation. His girlfriend arrived, and after greeting her she walked into his building. Dom, who had now taken his large sunglasses off to reveale some heavily stoned eyelids, he asked me to wait awhile. He ran into his building and returned with a book. He said I could keep it. Though he probably only bought it for 30p at a jumble sale, I was really pleased. I thanked him and shook his hand. he then left to go see his girlfriend. Dom said he had been to university to do Philosophy. Why is it everyone I meet is a Philosopher, or teacher ??? Heh_

I was feeling fairly positive after my little encounter with Dom. Earlier a bad thing happened :/ I think you could guess what.. And I have no regret.

Found a picture of Bill Talen outside Norwich Starbucks... Downloaded the best of Queen to my Iphone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The days are passing very quickly. Seems like I get-up in the morning, and then it's dark again.

Today I compiled some notes on using GPU(graphic Processor Unit) for passphrase brute forcing using 'CUDA'. CUDA is a 'c' programming development platform from Nvidia. It's good, because CUDA has been used to create software for brute forcing passphrases on the WPA/WPA2 protocol. The Opensource package used from Backtrack is Pyrit. There is commercial software from Elcommsoft. The Elcommsoft package enables the workload to be distributed among 1000 workstations, also using encryption to report back the results.

Watched some primers on Assembly language.

I listened to a lot of 'The Doors' today on you tube. I know youtube links are lame, but anyway :

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ghost train

Been bad. Crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. As we all crossed the road between a trafic cue of cars, a woman in her Corsa slowly edged forward hitting my leg lightly.

It doesn't matter how lightly she hit me, it could only happen to me. She shouldn't be moving at all. What gives her the right to drive into people ? No matter how lightly. I continued walking but as always, inside I was screaming to tear her out of the driving seat, and god knows what. Bastards !!!

Nothing today, walked around sniffing the air and knocking on peoples doors. If that makes any sense to you ???

Read about MD5 hash algorithm signatures on precompiled executables. And how it's a good idea to compile your executables from source when tricking antivirus software. Yawn !!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rodney Trotter

I received a call from Steve. We arranged to go running. While I was waiting for him to arrive I took some pictures around campus. We ran around the lake and Earlham Park. Steve, though a sports' coach hasn't been doing much running recently and he's trying to get back in shape. It was a slow start, we made some distance though I have to say it was like a light walk for me... :D brag !!! brag !! Heh...

No not being big headed, it was still good. He showed me some stretching at the end also. But, of course I'm super stretchy too. Hahah!!!

After, I made egg fried rice and salmon for us. It was pretty good !!! And easy to cook ;D Steve left to go coach javelin, to some kids at the Sportspark.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Double Nice ~ Think Twice

There is only one notable thing to say today... I walked Prince of Whales Road to the train station. There is now a noticeable difference in the smell on that street. It literally looks, and now smells, of shit.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turn of the Head

In the coffee shop today, I noticed the guy doing the PHD on lip reading waiting for someone. I kept a close eye on who he was meeting. He greeted two other computer types and proceeded to walk my direction. I was hoping they would sit close so I could try to make contact with them. Just then a old man sat on the sofa next to me wearing a 'Tour of Norwich' t-shirt. I wanted to ask him and his t-shirt to kindly fuck-off, but instead I just watched as they moved to the seats outside. He sat at a distance opposite me. I'm sure he noticed me, and he's probably now a little scared of this weirdo mentalist staring.

It's been a bad day if I'm honest. Nearly had a few fights. Called a bloke who was about to walk in front of me, a dipstick. He grab the earpiece out of my ear, I knocked his arm away, and shoved him back. Then I began to taunt him about his shoes, and how old he looked(he wasn't old). I know it's wrong but I need to vent some anger, I feel so ugly, and now I'm acting ugly. Writing all this stuff down makes it all seem so harsh, and it probably is.

I noticed Yuko waiting for a bus, she suddenly realised it was me. She had the look on her face like a rabbit caught in headlights. I turned my head and continued walking. It really hurt, and I was pretty cut-up inside, if it's such a problem to speak to me, then so be it. I don't want to make people like me.

It's actually a major factor in why I'm acting so bad, recently. The last year I've made a massive effort to try be gentle, and forgive people. If nobody likes me and I get ignored I'm less likely to care.

Though I was down anyway, I suddenly became more dark. Luckily I had just uploaded BB King tracks to my Iphone. The song Philadelphia somehow magically brought me back to my senses
So yep, m000 lets himself down again.

Am I going to have to listen to BB King constantly, that's not practical :/ or just start bullying random twats in the street, that's just mental.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Butterfly~ I'm Home Soon...

Haven't checked my tenancy agreement yet, but I think I will move or go back home soon. I would rather not go back home. Somethings got to give soon and quickly.

Walked about Norwich see if anything was happening with the sustainable event. Nothing, I guess I got-up too late. Waiting for the bus I bumped into Steve and Adam again. Adam creeped-up on me and was pretending to attack. I moved into a defensive stance and when I realised it was just Adam being a knob, I felt silly. It wasn't like full blown Karate stance but just natural defensive. Still, I think the only way he will stop is if I actually kick him in the nuts or something.

At Steves we watched Zardoz. It was very 70s, with bad acting and sound. It was quite good actually.

My Mad Existence~ Don't Keep Your Distance

Community University Engagement (CUE) East was set up a year ago. Norwich and Norfolk Sustainable Living Festival outlines practical living in a sustainable way. Thanks to a public engagement project run by the University of East Anglia.

A brief walk around I saw:

  • The Butterfly Effect map – Climate Change and the Norfolk Broads.

  • A guy trying to get people to compost their waste.

  • One of the people on the Fair Trade stall offered me fair trade chocolate, then proceeded to gather all the Indian people he could find for a group photo. (a bit odd)

    My mobile rang, it was Steve. He said I had just walked past him in the street, and we ahould meet-up. Steve and Adam had been drinking, and seemed to be on a early bar crawl. I joined them. We went from pub to pub slowly becoming drunk. Steve somehow managed to blag samples of real ale from each bar we visited. Pretending to be interested in the taste.

    Finally we went to Wensum Lodge to listen to a free folk music event which consisted of a IRA terrorist. And a bloke that I see in Marzanoes. (He was playing a right handed guitar left handed.) And a young girl who turned-out to be aged 35 ~ hmm, interesting, she attempted to play music in a loop. I've listened to alot of Philip Glass recently I became interested. I'm obviously no expert but I think there was potential for some good songs there. But I have to say when she just sang and played without the FX it was pretty good. What the fuck do I know :/

    Well, almost a life worth living today..Good.

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009


    Tonights LCR at the University is themed as 'Chavs'. Everyone is dressed as a Chav. I must say it's difficult to tell people that are dressed-up, from the real McCoy.

    I'm turning into a tramp. People ask me for money on the street. Where as I use to give people money who asked (stupid) Now I probably have less money than them !! I'm the biggest loser. I went to Prince of Whales Road (Chav says: "What are you looking at !! I laugh at him~) to eat greasy pizza, then bought a single can of Guiness. Say no more... But I have been doing lots of chin-ups and press-ups. I'm slowely regaining my muscle and becoming trim.

    (sorry for the bad English ;)

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    I'm Sleep, They say they have no time for me.

    Thought I would chance by the Theatre Royal, see if I could get a cheap ticket to go see Philip Glass. No such luck, I was told there were only 35 UK pound tickets left. I'm not paying that, I'm a skinflint !!! Instead, I just so happened to have DLed Koyaanisqatsi to my Iphone. I sat drinking coffee watching the people pass in the rain to the repetitive tones in my head.

    I've also DLed the kanji and kana apps for iphone. I'm finding them great.. In fact it's quite worrying how I can plug my Iphone in and listen to music browse the Internet. No need to even look at anyone let alone speak. In the evening I watched the whole first series to Nathan Barley. Watch it, it's the shit !!!!

    Emmanuel Goldstein mentioned on his radio show about kicking a old woman in the shins. Sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing. It's so wrong. I myself was bad the other day, I accidentally lost it at rush hour from the train station. I hit a business man just as he was about to walk into me. It was a rather hard strike with my thumb firmly pressed into his gut. Four other people previous to him had pushed into me, and I just lost it, I'm such a TWAT. There's someone I really want to slap, and I guess the business guy bore the brunt of my bitterness. I have started to meditate again daily on loving kindness, because I have definetly forgotten what it means. KEEP IT FOOLISH !!! YEAH !!!

    This footage really mooved me today.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Saved a ten for Black, Red and Blue...

    Woke-up, unfortunately. Went to the Forum. the people from the Norwich Buddhist Centre seemed to be putting-on a display. It seemed to involve siting on a mat with your eyes closed, looking like you're doing a big shit.

    Sat on a bench looking at this street:

    Stood at the bus-stop. It's not an important detail. Here's another picture in case you don't know what a bus-stop looks like. Usually there would be more Chavs but it's not the right time of day.

    Returned to my room, back in bed asleep by 14:00.

    I discovered lots of good stuff on itunes involving Stephen K Hayes and calculus lectures.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Master of Disaster

    Tried to do last minute revision for maths exam. Arranged to meet Chris at the bus-stop at 1:10. I can't believe what I saw, some Chinese girl got on the bus wearing a very short skirt and her stocking and suspenders showing. I like to think she was making a statement. I just stared in disbelief. She must have thought I was perving, I was just trying to understand what she was thinking.

    At 2:00 we all met outside c'hall' to start the mathematics exam. It was a complete disaster. I just hope I can reassess.

    After, Chris, Powie and I went for noodles at chopsticks. Chris didn't eat all of his rice. He carried his box of rice home with him to eat later, making him resemble a food delivery boy.

    Powie and I said goodbye to Chris and went to drink coffee in the forum. We talked about social development and IT infrastructure of Papua New Guinea. His father is a main player in P.N.G, he spoke of the corrupt Australian officials who try to bribe the competition out of major business contracts, in order to force P.N.G into dealing with Australian businesses only. I gave Powie a quick run through on basic UNIX shell commands.

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Laugh in your face

    Got haircut,

    Took introductory computing exam.

    She's been back in the country less than 10 hours. Already I've been thrown into a fit of depression. I should be revising for maths exam tomorrow, my focus has been disturbed. I think he's laughing at me. Why do I give a fuck, she hates me, he's laughing at me. I should ignore them and get on with it.

    I feel like I'm going insane. I could tell a situation was going to happening today, just by observing the people around me, passers by. They were acting different(maybe the white shirt ?). That's mad !!! But it's the truth... I FUCKING NEW IT BEFORE IT HAPPENED, AND IT DID !!

    I managed to eat something, I seem to have lots of food. But I suddenly don't want to eat. Been doing chin-ups and watched this Pob clip like 20 times now.. Oh, yeah, and now I own an Iphone.

    Sat for a few hours in silence. I want to shave my head, think it might be a mistake.

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    You Are My Murderer

    On the way into the city today I noticed a policeman running down the central reservation of the inner ring road. He was running towards a crowd that had gathered, there was what looked to be an immigrant family standing around their kid, who I guess must have been run over on the way to church.

    Saw an old work college today. He was walking his 10 year old in the park outside my building.

    Well that's my shit life. Exam tomorrow, I've already failed, it's a given.

    Sometimes I like to walk past this asian guys office, late at night. He's always there working !!! Everytime I walk past it makes me want to try harder. Tonight I walked past he was having a power nap, curled-up into a ball on the floor Heh_ I did wonder whether he had collapsed, but no, he was definitely asleep. I returned from my long walk to see him again back, working at the PC.

    Friday, May 08, 2009


    Been to a BBQ. Managed t get this far. Drank enoufgh. But made it home to typpe this so a good enough efoort. DRINK TEA nice. HED FEELS LIKE A TONE OF BRICKS. lets just end it nkw

    I remember someone laughing on the bus, so I probably made a twat of myself

    It's all so fucking tragic

    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    Birch Tree Breeze. Eating Cheese

    I can't believe I payed a visit to the train station to use the loos. The new thing at Norwich train station are electronic barriers. On entering the station I noticed a few more than usual police. I asked the woman on the ticket barrier if it was possible to use the toilet, and would she let me through. The reply was no, she said,"the station's a police station today," pointing out the police. I think what she meant to say was,"today is a police state." I'm not wrong !!!!

    Went to buy doughnuts at M&S instead of Tesco. I shouldn't use any supermarket really but I really hate Tesco. The guy on the checkout at M&S seemed impressed in my selection of doughnuts, he advised me that the jam ones were by far the best. Heh !!!

    Didn't do too badly today, haven't hit anyone(well, not that I remember) Payed some debts. Got some revision done. Watched Doraemo cartoon Heh._. oh, but the book !!! I bought another calculus book :/ Messaged Miyuki on FB, and got a reply. That's like almost speaking to someone, which isn't usual for me.

    I realised I have been programmed, or my mind hacked. (let's be cryptic about this) I was watching someone on the bus. It's not like me to become interested in someone else. What is it about this person that I'm drawn to ? I realised they were wearing a jumper of a certain colour, and had bright painted nails that reminded me of someone. Life really becomes boring once you spot how and why you do things.

    Slightly mad !!! I started scribbling dashes and vertical lines all over my hand, as if it's was code. wtf ?

    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    Careless Conundrum

    First thing this morning I went to the UEA campus post room. My DVD on Allan Johnston's documentary has arrived. Like usual I travelled into the city for coffee and maths. As usual nothing happened in the city, though lately I have slipped into my old ways of not caring too much. I must suffer fools, in order to stop myself from following them. I know this, I know you know I know this. But sometimes dude I could really let rip on someone. The odds are that when or if it happens, it will be some poor unsuspecting individual that never hurt a living soul.

    Returned to my room after restocking my fridge with food to watch the DVD. The documentary was so funny. It wasn't supposed to be funny, but sometimes you had to wonder if this guy was for real (he is.) It was like a spoof Peter Kay at times.

    The Allan Johnston DVD came under the recommendation from a friend, Karamoon. I have been following karamoon's tweets lately, and connected to a live discussion on talkshoe. Nobody was sure but someone was breathing heavily into their mic, like Darth Vader had arrived. I sometimes worry that Karamoon sounds a bit like he's talking down to people. I'm sure he knows best...

    I had to go out again. I'm starting to look slightly insane again. I decided to go buy fish 'n' chips. At the chip shop I sat at the table next to an old man, both of us no place better to go. 'cept he will be dead soon, lucky him don't know)???

    On the bus home I sat in front of two Japanese women. It was really difficult pretending I wasn't listening to their conversation. I understood some :) It would be stupid to use Japanese for the sake of showing off, but sometimes it's tempting to just blurt-out random Japanese phrases...Hahaha!!! IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FACE!!!

    Something should have been said today, I wanted to. I had to stop myself, I didn't feel I had the right. So I'm sort of saying it here...

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    The Basics

    Went for tuition with Robot. I had a crash course in integration for one hour.

    Paper friends have arrived in the bank. Immediately I went to buy lots of tea. I bought a pack of organic Yerba Mate tea and some Lap sang. The tea shop in Norwich also sell the Gourds (Think that's right, can't be bothered to check.) The round silver containers with a silver straw in which you drink Mate tea. I also noticed some kind of Buddhist shrine behind their counter. Bloody Buddhist and tea, what is that about ???

    After a cup of Mate tea, then bowl of noodles. Then, a cup of Lap sang tea (what more could I ask for ???) I have to do some revision work. DO REVISION GODAMIT !!!!

    Last night I sat on a cold wall for an hour. It was a nice night, the wind making rustling noises with the leaves on the tree. I felt there was an energy, a reason for being there. Still, makes a change from running until your half dead.

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Ai shiaterkai

    Lots of people returning to university campus for exams. It's a beautiful warm windy night, just the sort of weather for a walk...

    Love you,
    M000 !!!

    Friday, May 01, 2009

    Go Play on a Road

    I lined myself-up for yet another day of hiding in my room. Just when I was on the phone to my mum, I heard a voice calling outside. Looking out the window I saw Steve. I wasn't expecting him, I guess he had come to do some revision. Instead we watched an episode of Seinfeld.

    We then went to Lewin Lab and failed to do anything constructive there too. I suggested we go buy doughnuts. On the way Steve text Adam, who just so happened to be in the LCR Pub. We met-up with Powie and Adam then went for a walk.

    During our walk I discovered Adam (who I'm moving into a house with) doesn't really want to work for the games industry, but hopes to kill babies instead. Somehow we end-up walking along the side of the busy A11 dual-carriageway, back into the city. After drinking tea at Steve's house we went to buy chips. On the walk home a group of 10 year old children shouted obscenities at us, and tried to start a fight. Great another day completely wasted.