Thursday, May 07, 2009

Birch Tree Breeze. Eating Cheese

I can't believe I payed a visit to the train station to use the loos. The new thing at Norwich train station are electronic barriers. On entering the station I noticed a few more than usual police. I asked the woman on the ticket barrier if it was possible to use the toilet, and would she let me through. The reply was no, she said,"the station's a police station today," pointing out the police. I think what she meant to say was,"today is a police state." I'm not wrong !!!!

Went to buy doughnuts at M&S instead of Tesco. I shouldn't use any supermarket really but I really hate Tesco. The guy on the checkout at M&S seemed impressed in my selection of doughnuts, he advised me that the jam ones were by far the best. Heh !!!

Didn't do too badly today, haven't hit anyone(well, not that I remember) Payed some debts. Got some revision done. Watched Doraemo cartoon Heh._. oh, but the book !!! I bought another calculus book :/ Messaged Miyuki on FB, and got a reply. That's like almost speaking to someone, which isn't usual for me.

I realised I have been programmed, or my mind hacked. (let's be cryptic about this) I was watching someone on the bus. It's not like me to become interested in someone else. What is it about this person that I'm drawn to ? I realised they were wearing a jumper of a certain colour, and had bright painted nails that reminded me of someone. Life really becomes boring once you spot how and why you do things.

Slightly mad !!! I started scribbling dashes and vertical lines all over my hand, as if it's was code. wtf ?

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