Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Master of Disaster

Tried to do last minute revision for maths exam. Arranged to meet Chris at the bus-stop at 1:10. I can't believe what I saw, some Chinese girl got on the bus wearing a very short skirt and her stocking and suspenders showing. I like to think she was making a statement. I just stared in disbelief. She must have thought I was perving, I was just trying to understand what she was thinking.

At 2:00 we all met outside c'hall' to start the mathematics exam. It was a complete disaster. I just hope I can reassess.

After, Chris, Powie and I went for noodles at chopsticks. Chris didn't eat all of his rice. He carried his box of rice home with him to eat later, making him resemble a food delivery boy.

Powie and I said goodbye to Chris and went to drink coffee in the forum. We talked about social development and IT infrastructure of Papua New Guinea. His father is a main player in P.N.G, he spoke of the corrupt Australian officials who try to bribe the competition out of major business contracts, in order to force P.N.G into dealing with Australian businesses only. I gave Powie a quick run through on basic UNIX shell commands.

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