Saturday, November 26, 2011

Light Entertainment

Lei and I travelled on the 2 o'clock bus to Sheringham. When we arrived we noticed one or two people dressed in costume. Sheringham bus-stop had been turned into a 'Santa's grotto'. A small stage had been erected outside the theatre-house. After a short stroll to look at the sea we returned to find actors from this years pantomime on the small stage, singing. A woman was stood infront doing Poi with fire. We watched the singing and entertainment for a while... The baddie character from the patomime was singing a Lady-Ga-ga song. After three attempted to switch on the Christmas lights.. (I'm still unsure if that was on purpose) we walked along the sea-front, then caught the bus to Holt.

Walked around Holt viewing yet more, Christmas lights and Christams trees. Lei and I walked to my parents house, unfortunately they were still visiting my sister. My parents never arrived home. We slept in the conservatory where we could watch the stars.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Step Closer

Spent the most amazing night with Lei. Walked a large circle around Norwich in the early hours of the morning. The last few weeks have just felt unreal ... I should pinch myself.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I can't beleive my cleaner walk in to my study room this morning whilst I was stark bollock naked. I admit I had slept in - and should have been up and ready. She first knocked on the door but before I had time to answer her the lock was being opened. She entered looking down at the floor, grabed the bin, emptied it, appologised and left locking the door behind her. I'm still amazed even now. I just sat on my bed naked from the waist down staring in disbelief. Rupesh the Indian guy nextdoor was locked out of his room. She had entered his room and locked the door behind her. Rupesh was in the kitchen making breakfast. On his return he found himself locked-out.

I'm feeling quite good. Bought some second hand army surplus running shoes for 10 UK quid. Managed to do some situps. Not too many but I'm beginning to start training again.

Walking through Norwich market I heard someone call my name. It was Mike, someone I haven't seen in some time. We went for a chat in the local coffe shop. It seems that he has started talking to a Chinese student and doing her work for her. He said he quite enjoyed having her around and since she keeps sending him papers to read, he has been learning quite alot. We also discussed education and Aspergers.

Went to UEA to collect my proposal. I'm happy with my mark - infact I think it was quite generous.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are not a Loan

It was a very warm night. I realised I had the heating turned-up fully. Just didn't sleep - though I wasn't too bothered :) as I stated. There has been a small change to my lifestyle - for the better I think.

Woke early - Dalma had ordered a taxi for 6:30 am. She has lots of toys and clothing to sell left behind by her previous housemate. We packed two large bags into the taxi and traveled to a 'car boot sale' held on the outskirts of Norwich. When we arrived we were told where to pitch our wares. Dalma unpacked her stuff along with the rest of the traders with their white vans and cups of coffee from the burger van. Because it was still early morning it was quite cold. Condensation kept forming on the plastic bags and CD covers. We wiped the merchandise clean with tissues as best as we could. Dalma made some money, though I thought she would have made more and I think she thought so also. Surprisingly !! Everyone started to pack away at about 12 noon. The pitch was supossed to be until 2pm. We eventually packed the left-over stuff back into bags and went to look for a busstop. As there were no buses running on a Sunday Dalma ordered a taxi.

Back at accommodation I finally got more sleep. I woke at 16:00 feeling more revitalised. Tomo was preparing sushi in the kitchen, it was his turn to cook this weekend. The sushi of course was great...

It has been a great-day !!! I know - I said something positive for a change :)


Saturday, November 05, 2011

That's Vintage

woke fairly late to go travel to Sheringham then Holt. The bus driver did his best to convince me to buy a direct ticket to Holt, though he was only traveling as far as Sheringham. Actually I should have - it would have been cheaper. Did some work on the bus. Just as the bus arrived at Sheringham a bus was leaving to Holt WTF !! Went to my usual coffe place in Sheringham - did more work. I don't think they appreciate it - you're supposed to go there to speak to your friends. Since I don't have any friends I find it hard to care. Went for a walk along the sea front. Really miss the smell of the sea breeze. Though it wasn't a particulally warm day it warmed my soul.

In Holt I was finally able to get my haircut. As always my barber and his wife were looking awesome. Complete with vintage 50s clothing, he with handlebar moustache. At the back of the barber shop they had started selling vintage eye-wear.

Bought a oven dish - it was quite expensive. Hope it doesn't break in the oven :/

Dead men's Spex Website
My Barber's Website

Look at the Stars

Well, it's been a interesting couple of weeks - there has been a change...

Though my work is suffering badly. I tried to write a 'literature review' which ended badly. I really need to master how to write good Latex documents. My problem was that I spent far too long reading the book 'Six Degrees - The Science of a Connected Age'. There are some nice references in the back pages, and it did give me some clues to a good direction to follow. I emailed Greg - my supervisor, and I hope he might help me get my arse in gear.

Not really worth mentioning but I became more of a sheep and bought an MacBook Pro - I got a virtual Machine windows partition running... and visual studio. I need to be using it more. I'm liking it but still a bit embarrassed to be seen with it in public.

Still really love the place that I'm living. I hope to be cooking for the people I'm living with soon........... I will attempt the BBC goodfood 'fish pie'. fingers crossed !!!

Need haircut... badly !!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

No Sweat

I've moved back to Norwich. I'm now sat in a dark study room in UEA accommodation. The accommodation is situated off campus and looks like a prison cell block. Generally there is a smell like a Berlin metro station. I've met most of the five other people living here. One Japanese man, one Indian man and two women one of which is Chinese. They all seem lovely and I'm pleased. While I was moving my stuff into my room around the corner came two men that looked like Disney cartoon characters of a pair of criminals both holding dog leads with Bulldogs. The thing is - I was walking up a small stairway as they appeared at the top. The two Bulldog were snuffling near to my face. I was quite taken a-back. They mumbled, " ees.. all right." just like cartoon characters complete with dark fishing jackets, shaved heads, short stocky and stubble... funny.

My supervisor emailed me suggesting I use my own social circle to test my third year project. He doesn't know I don't really know or speak to many people... I hope to speak with him tomorrow. Really need to get this proposal done and remember how to use Latex.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Yo Douché !!!

Been travelling on the early bus from Holt into Unversity. The bus becomes quite packed. I tend to close my eyes and meditate - there some interesting smells as people board at each stop. Hair laquer, chewing-gum, puke !!! I opened my eyes after noticing the puke smell. The bus had just stopped to pick someone up - I assumed the smell was from them. But no, I noticed the girl sat infront had her head turned slightly towards the window. She looked uncomfortable as she had bile smeared across her cheek. There was nothing I could do for her as I tried not to alert others so as not to embarress her.

A young school boy sat next to me on the bus. Aside from the puke smell - the smell of the bus and sat next to the school boy reminded me of when I use to travel to school by public transport.

When I arrived at UEA I noticed the fly to my trousers was undone. I must have been exposing myself all this time without noticing, I hope nobody else did too.

Did a Japanese Oral class - it was crap. Nobody wants to speak. What was interesting was that a chinese girl that I previously had noticed was there. I noticed her because she seems to be very nervous looking. She hadn't brought the correct book with her - as of course, I own all books I let her share mine. When she gets nervous her leg shakes rapidly. Another thing is that she literally puts her head into the book when reading. I tried to make her feel more at ease. I tried sometimes fucking things up when asked a question - I hoped this would make people more willing to make mistakes. (obviously they just think I'm a twat.)

I found a room - well it's more like a prison cell. Literally the walls to the room are bare grey brick work. A cupboard and a desk. I move in on Monday.

You Sushi opened in Chavfield - I'm doing my best to ignore it...