Saturday, November 05, 2011

That's Vintage

woke fairly late to go travel to Sheringham then Holt. The bus driver did his best to convince me to buy a direct ticket to Holt, though he was only traveling as far as Sheringham. Actually I should have - it would have been cheaper. Did some work on the bus. Just as the bus arrived at Sheringham a bus was leaving to Holt WTF !! Went to my usual coffe place in Sheringham - did more work. I don't think they appreciate it - you're supposed to go there to speak to your friends. Since I don't have any friends I find it hard to care. Went for a walk along the sea front. Really miss the smell of the sea breeze. Though it wasn't a particulally warm day it warmed my soul.

In Holt I was finally able to get my haircut. As always my barber and his wife were looking awesome. Complete with vintage 50s clothing, he with handlebar moustache. At the back of the barber shop they had started selling vintage eye-wear.

Bought a oven dish - it was quite expensive. Hope it doesn't break in the oven :/

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