Monday, December 22, 2008

A Book and Cover

I had such a good nights sleep back here in Holt. Lots of tea and biscuits and fantastic breakfast. Mum and I went to 'First Lost Property' and I got my keys back. We then went to my flat and I packed my bags for Christmas break. My mum saw Yuko's Christmas card and found it funny, it depicted a old lady ice skating and being flung around by her legs, with the caption 'At Christmas we like to Give Grandma some Exercise.' WWW

That's it, that's all I've done.. I might make some sushi ? or I could do Calculus__ Gosh, a world of possibilities !!! The network is vast and infinite

I'm liking the Google Hot Trends app' so funny watching what people google.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Key to Success

Travelled the bus to the Cathedral. The Cathedral seemed to be very busy. The guy who has turrets or something was mumbling about how people only come to church at Christmas. The two lady ushers were on the door and always make me feel welcome. They tried to make polite conversation with me.

After the service it was coffee then home. When I arrived home I realised I had lost my keys. I went to tell security at the security lodge; there was a slim chance that I had left the keys in the lock to my room. Security informed me that it was £25 pounds to let me in. Before paying any money I went away and tried to get Shawn to answer the door but he was playing on his Xbox loud war games LOL.. Hmmm.. I ended up looking around campus in skips for stuff to breakin with.. On my search I found a digital multimeter a PSU a DVD drive and various electronics.

I recounted my tracks at the Cathedral and Marzanoes but nobody had my keys, I later managed to find the bus from this morning. Success he had handed to the keys to 'First Lost Property.' Unfortunately they will not be open until Monday.

I walked about killing time, and went to see Alex, maybe I could get my DVDs. Oh yeah, Alex was at work. I walked back into the city to go to the Cathedral Carol Service. Just as me and a bunch of other people arrived they shut the doors. I walked 'round to the side entrance a managed to get in. It took me awhile to find my singing voice, and a few of the carols I hadn't heard before. The place was packed and I wasn't the only sad act on my own.

After the Carol Service I walked to the cinema to watch the trailers. Alex was there and he spotted me from upstairs in the VIP Gallery area WWW He came down to chat and gave me chocolate gold coins. I told him about how I lost my keys and he very kindly offered to let me stay at his house.

After watching the trailers I walked about looking at the Christmas lights and pretending to be a tramp. I then spent sometime rolling over a large block of concrete stairs and doing leg stretches while I waited for my parents to pick me up.

I'm now back in Holt and watching lots of television.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happily Ever After..

Yuko was supposed to be meeting me today to give back some DVDs. She later sent me a Txt saying she wasn't able to. I called Alex to ask for the DVDs he has of mine. For some reason it wasn't possible because he has to go work at the cinema or something.

Walked around Norwich, bought some food. I was walking to the supermarket to buy biscuits when I chanced upon a fight. Some guy was being attacked by two twats. I decided to intervene. While one was arguing with the bloke, who was on his own, I tryed to calm the other. I could smell the alcohol and he was asking me if I thought I was hard. A bus driver stopped and he was pulling at my elbow. I thought he thought I was one of the people fighting. He said, " get on the bus," and winked. The bloke being hassled got on the bus and I followed. With Twat1 banging on the bus window we drove back down the road where I had just walked. Hhehe.. it was strange, I was wondering to myself what the hell am I doing on this bus. heh!!

I then got the biscuit and went home, thinking about my little story for today.


And We All Lived Happily Ever After.

Oh, I had a suprise visit from Yuko, she gave me a Christmas card and some noodles. I haven't had a Christmas card from someone for years, other than family. It made me happy, yes, happy, heh.. We watched some Japanese comedy and Yuko showed me a bizzare American Christian kids puppet programme 'The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson'.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Depressing Heading, Worthless

Whilst speaking with my cleaner the Greek fool came over to tell her he was leaving. He told her about some boxes he had left in his room. She wished him well, and told him to take care of himself. After he had gone we went to have a look at his room. He had left torn boxes everywhere, with food all over the floor and desk. Old tins in the bathroom, the toilet had pubic hair and piss all over the bowl. I hope I never see him again.

Went to meet Steve at 10:30 at Dol che Vita (Sweet Life), we drank coffee and talked about maths and old television programmes. He asked me about my sister, and was she married. I told him no, and that she is a gay. He said, "oh, I'm sorry about that." I looked at him confussed.

Later I went into the City and after a coffee bumped into Yuko. I pretended to look at some magazines in a magazine shop and books in the Library, then we went for tea and cake at the Greenhouse. Yuko talked about her masters dissertation on women in India. After we travelled home on the bus, Yuko said she was going to her friend's house.

When I returned to my accommodation the electricity was off so I travelled back on the bus into the City. I walked to Cinema City to see what films were showing, I didn't like what I saw.

Walking away quickly, I then stood on a street corner for three hours in the rain. As I had time to kill, I practiced some surveillance on a building. I had the ideal spot standing in the porch of a church. I had complete observation of all exits and entry to the target building. It was ok until an elderly couple arrived. The church I was using was to hold an event, and the elderly couple had arrived early. They didn't seem to worried I was on my own, and standing in the dark with a scarf wrapped around my face. Infact, they thought I was waiting for the doors to open too. I managed to chat to the lady while I maintained my observation.

After three hours of waiting for nothing and nobody I then walked to Prince of Whales Road to go eat vegetarian pizza. On the bus home I held my head in my hands and kept stopping myself from mummbling 'basteds' to myself.

I'm now home and trying hard to keep my grip on reality. Remember, Happiness is a choice, allegedly. I'm so fucking tired of liars, I've got no time for them. Why is it impossible for me to make just one honest friend- I give-up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking for Nonsense

Didn't have anything to do today 'cept maybe some mathematics calculus. I have no money, I was going to use my credit card, but the bank played another trick on me and fucked me over again. Even though I payed off the balance last time I checked, they added some interest without telling me and now it's interest upon interest and 2 quid turns into 30 quid.

So I'm not spending any money all I can do is use my pass to ride the bus into town. Thought I would go check when the Christmas service at the Cathedral was on from the schedule. I ended up walking very slowly around the Cathedral in meditation. I must have looked like a weirdo but nobody said anything, just coughed, whatever!! I continued my slow pace out of the Cathedral onto the streets. Walking a Little faster now, I found because of my peaceful slow pace I noticed my surroundings more and the intentions of other people. If that makes sense, I'm not prepared to explain anymore nonsense for you. :D

Met up with my parents outside the Forum. We had coffee, and they told me how they had been watching the local news yesterday and were shocked to see me on some old footage about a protest a year ago.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seriously Trust You_

Met with mum today, I walked to the bus station my head throbbing with toothache. I have been looking for a Barbie Umbrella as a Christmas gift to my niece. I really hate Barbie toys and everything about them but if that's what I'm told to get I will. The other day I went to Toys 'r' Us, but had to walk-out as they wanted me to leave my bag with them at the front desk. Being asked to leave my bag with people has started to happen more and more recently, after I was asked the very same thing at the Library. Mum and I did Christmas shopping and she also bought me loads of painkillers. I have absolutely no money left. If I could remember my pin code for my credit card then I would use that. After a cocktail of prescription drugs I am feelling much better.

I'm really angry with many people I know, and it's strange because even though I like them, when I think too much about my shitty life and how it isn't what I want, I get angry and stop myself from breaking my fist against the wall. I have many hurdles to overcome within my life.

It pain's me to say it, but, if I've trusted you; then I considered you intelligent enough to keep quiet, but I don't think you have been. There's no nice way of saying this but, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

I realise how dodgy this post looks. But it's just an over reaction to some minor issues. Heh ...73

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Choose Maths not People

I've been working and worrying about my coursework assignments of late. When I worry I start to buy lots of books. So far I have bought two new books on Calculus, and a load of Cisco books from Oxfam. I have four days to learn the first part of my maths course.

This is a new blog started by my friend. It's in connection to her website:

Fun Stuff to do with your Children from the Tickety-Boo Site

Tickety-Boo Designs

Monday, December 01, 2008

Baader Meinhof Complex

Don't imagine that you knew them..