Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Key to Success

Travelled the bus to the Cathedral. The Cathedral seemed to be very busy. The guy who has turrets or something was mumbling about how people only come to church at Christmas. The two lady ushers were on the door and always make me feel welcome. They tried to make polite conversation with me.

After the service it was coffee then home. When I arrived home I realised I had lost my keys. I went to tell security at the security lodge; there was a slim chance that I had left the keys in the lock to my room. Security informed me that it was £25 pounds to let me in. Before paying any money I went away and tried to get Shawn to answer the door but he was playing on his Xbox loud war games LOL.. Hmmm.. I ended up looking around campus in skips for stuff to breakin with.. On my search I found a digital multimeter a PSU a DVD drive and various electronics.

I recounted my tracks at the Cathedral and Marzanoes but nobody had my keys, I later managed to find the bus from this morning. Success he had handed to the keys to 'First Lost Property.' Unfortunately they will not be open until Monday.

I walked about killing time, and went to see Alex, maybe I could get my DVDs. Oh yeah, Alex was at work. I walked back into the city to go to the Cathedral Carol Service. Just as me and a bunch of other people arrived they shut the doors. I walked 'round to the side entrance a managed to get in. It took me awhile to find my singing voice, and a few of the carols I hadn't heard before. The place was packed and I wasn't the only sad act on my own.

After the Carol Service I walked to the cinema to watch the trailers. Alex was there and he spotted me from upstairs in the VIP Gallery area WWW He came down to chat and gave me chocolate gold coins. I told him about how I lost my keys and he very kindly offered to let me stay at his house.

After watching the trailers I walked about looking at the Christmas lights and pretending to be a tramp. I then spent sometime rolling over a large block of concrete stairs and doing leg stretches while I waited for my parents to pick me up.

I'm now back in Holt and watching lots of television.

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