Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've been Tired

Woke quite early - but spent all day in bed listening to depressing music... Forgot it was the peace camp at Norwich Forum. Finally made it into Norwich at about 5pm. Drank coffee and was ignored... Walked about a bit. Bumped into Ga Chun Yau. He was waiting outside 'Norwich Arts Centre' with a bunch of kids. He told me he was on a photography assignment. He looked embarrassed to be standing with a bunch of kids, or was he embarrassed to be seen with me..? Dunno. Wished him goodluck. Then back home to fill an empty cup with lots of tea.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

SeaFood Sunsets

Spent most of my day in bed with my arm still strapped unable to move watching youtube. Gave my dad a bottle of rum and card for farthers' day. For an unknown reason he can't drink dark rum - otherwise I wold have got Navy Rum and not the girlie Bacardi stuff...

My parents took me to eat at 'Cookies Crab Shop', known more generally as Cookies. I wasn't sure as to what to expect. Mum was telling me to dress warm, and also mentioned something about a shed. When we arrived at Salthouse I realised why my mum had suggested warm clothing. You have to pre-book at Cookies, which is why I was thinking it was a fish restaurant.... I was half wrong !!!!

Cookies is actually very awesome. A quick Google revealed that it had been mentioned on the 'Channel 4' websites' top ten fish-shops food category. It seems to be just a fish-shop, with a few tables, in an out-house building. Then there a few more tables in a shed or under a garden tent. The owners catch all the seafood themselves ( Salthouse is by the sea and in the middle of nowhere- which makes it abit querky and also charming.)

I chose Lobster Royal salad, as did my parents. It was quite a lot of meat for me, as usually I only eat mackerel or salmon - and other than seafood... I'm vegetarian...err... okay... piscasalian ??? whatever... (but I really don't eat meat really- I just like to prove I still can sometimes, if that makes some sense?) It goes without saying it was all very fresh and lovely. What wasn't lovely was the sexist man on the other table. Quizzing the Polish waitress whether she could cook...(yes, I'm sure this is her dream job - and oooh... you're so funny - can I keep my job if I laugh hard enough) and also the racists on the other table that think Japan Earthquake (of which is still feeling the effects and yet more tremors) is something to laugh at. Yeah - that's right, it's just me I guess ( I just can't find anyone to get-on with.) I still recommend a visit to Cookies Crab Shop the staff and owners are friendly, the food's fresh and well cooked, and it definitely is something different. No pretentiousness here !!!

I'm spending the rest of the night in bed, arm strapped, eating ice-cream. I secretly think it's pretty cool having a metal plate bolted to my right clavical. I've been watching youtube clips on surgery and now I want to watch the film 'Kickass' again

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cut You...

Woke at 6am for my second shower this morning. One before I slept and now that I have awoken. I needed to be clean using the anti-bacterial liquid the nurse gave me at the hospital. For hospital I packed a pair of slippers, some pyjamar bottoms and a rather fetching purple stripped dressing gown. Also a copy of the book ' The Facebook Effect' by David Kirkpatrick. Though later I opted to read through lecture notes on my eeepc.

After some questions to make sure everything was correct and a large arrow drawn on my shoulder indicating the area to cut, I changed into the gown, surgical stockings, my rob and slippers. I was tagged on one ankle and one wrist then walked to the theater. The anesthetist stated the wrong shoulder that would be operated on, I quickly pulled down my gown over my shoulder the large arrow made it clear that it was my right clavicle and not my left. The surgeon Mr Patel entered the room in his work clothes complete with blood stained boots...

After an injection I was asked some questions about UEA as I waited for the anesthisia to take effect.. My mind may have been playing tricks but I'm sure the last question I remember laughing at was, “ are you a member of any terrorist organisations ?” The last option from a list being ANC. I think I laughed-out-loud and was told that not many people laugh to that question. Next thing I was waking in th recovery room with a slight sore to my lower right hip. Obviously they had taken some hip bone to encourage the growth on my shoulder. I had entered for surgery around 12 noon time, and woke according to the clock on the wall at 2:10 pm.

When finally a bed had become available I was wheeled through the corridors on my trolly. It was quite enjoyable and i wished I had recored my journey to the ward on camera.

My right arm was totally numb and I was unable to move it. I sat telling myself that moving my arm would would just be a question of mind-over-matter (shows just how little I know about medicine.) I could bend m fingers in one direction but not the other, fascinating !!! I used my left and to raise my right and see if I could not hold it in position.. totally impossible !! Just like a dead piece of meat.

The nurses obviosly are doing a great job under challenging conditions. They have to make endless MRSA swab tests and fill paper-work – new forms that require more added detail. They brush-off abuse from old racist patients as if it were nothing. The old man across from me is particularly trying to make things difficult babbling to himself. Lights are out !! It;s 11:30 pm and the use of my right hand has been restored- hence I'm now typing this on my eeepc in the dark. I feel like I'm in an episode of the award winning BBC drama 'Getting On'. People are snoring and mumbling to themselves in their sleep...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Badest Ballad of Bad

Today was Pentecost at Norwich Cathedral, apparently. After listening to the 'Bishop of Norwich' deliver his sermon and listening to the choir I creeped out just before you have to do that hand-shaking thing and wish people well. There was no easy way-out. So I had to hurdle the red rope obstructing my exit. The nice lady that sometimes speaks to me saw, and came rushing over to help. Even though I could have easily managed stepping over the rope, I had now caused a slight kerfuffle as I appologised not wanting to offend her. "See you next week", then I made my escape.

Outside Neros, as I drank my morning coffee there were lots of teenage girls sat on the floor outside H.M.V. Five large security men dressed in black supervised them. They were waiting for J.L.S whoever they are ?

Did some C++, of which I should be good at by now - I'm not....

I have my operation tomorrow. I'm not too sure how I feel about that. It will obviously be strange to have a piece of metal supporting my collar bone.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Best of British

Didn't get out of bed until 16:00. I just couldn't. When I did finally rise I went for a walk around the city and drank coffee. I knew it would be a mistake, and it was. Watch 'The Spy that Came in from the Cold'.... Bought lots of sweets, though I didn't really need them. I also spent some of last night reading old entries into this blog. It's so embarrassing to read what I wrote - oh well.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Creature Comforts

A surprising turn of events !!! I was picked-up by my family to spend the day at 'Africa Alive'. Africa Alive is a zoo. It's actually the same people that own 'Banham zoo', which is situated close to where I grew-up in Attleborough. It's quite sad to see the animals in cages, but I was assured that the zoo is actively involved in conservation work; I have no reason to doubt that. I enjoyed the lemurs and the otters the best. There was a rather good display of birds of prey.

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Projects

It was the last day for 'CMP Third Year' project selection. I was supposed to discuss my selection with the supervisor but haven't. All three of my selections are with the same supervisor and security related.

Went shopping in Norwich City centre for a new bowl as I've managed to smash most of my kitchenware on our kitchen floor. Didn't buy a bowl, instead, I bought a chopping board a sharp chopping knife and a reduced in price tea-pot... GOOD-JOB !!!

I'm now sat in my room eating a box of FAB ice-lollies.... I really tempted to buy a Macbook... If I keep putting it off, in time I shall forget. But the University have just opened a MacLab. It's been sponsered by Apple; I gues to try and encourage us to use their products.