Sunday, June 19, 2011

SeaFood Sunsets

Spent most of my day in bed with my arm still strapped unable to move watching youtube. Gave my dad a bottle of rum and card for farthers' day. For an unknown reason he can't drink dark rum - otherwise I wold have got Navy Rum and not the girlie Bacardi stuff...

My parents took me to eat at 'Cookies Crab Shop', known more generally as Cookies. I wasn't sure as to what to expect. Mum was telling me to dress warm, and also mentioned something about a shed. When we arrived at Salthouse I realised why my mum had suggested warm clothing. You have to pre-book at Cookies, which is why I was thinking it was a fish restaurant.... I was half wrong !!!!

Cookies is actually very awesome. A quick Google revealed that it had been mentioned on the 'Channel 4' websites' top ten fish-shops food category. It seems to be just a fish-shop, with a few tables, in an out-house building. Then there a few more tables in a shed or under a garden tent. The owners catch all the seafood themselves ( Salthouse is by the sea and in the middle of nowhere- which makes it abit querky and also charming.)

I chose Lobster Royal salad, as did my parents. It was quite a lot of meat for me, as usually I only eat mackerel or salmon - and other than seafood... I'm vegetarian...err... okay... piscasalian ??? whatever... (but I really don't eat meat really- I just like to prove I still can sometimes, if that makes some sense?) It goes without saying it was all very fresh and lovely. What wasn't lovely was the sexist man on the other table. Quizzing the Polish waitress whether she could cook...(yes, I'm sure this is her dream job - and oooh... you're so funny - can I keep my job if I laugh hard enough) and also the racists on the other table that think Japan Earthquake (of which is still feeling the effects and yet more tremors) is something to laugh at. Yeah - that's right, it's just me I guess ( I just can't find anyone to get-on with.) I still recommend a visit to Cookies Crab Shop the staff and owners are friendly, the food's fresh and well cooked, and it definitely is something different. No pretentiousness here !!!

I'm spending the rest of the night in bed, arm strapped, eating ice-cream. I secretly think it's pretty cool having a metal plate bolted to my right clavical. I've been watching youtube clips on surgery and now I want to watch the film 'Kickass' again

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