Friday, February 29, 2008

So Long_

I've spent the day thinking about how when you look at photos of yourself in different stages of your life; how much of the person you are looking at, are you today ?

I brought into mind all of the people I have known in the past. I wish I could talk to them now. Thinking about the different paths we all take, and what holds our present situation and values. If I was to meet my good friends from when I was growing up I suspect we would have grown too old. It's funny to imagine them still existing some where; yet, so different from how I remember them.

I found out somebody from my past died Tuesday

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kill a Hippie

Went into town to buy cake. It was a bright sunny day, so I decided to do some field walking. I haven't actively trespassed for a long time. It started out as a wonder around spout hill.. then I decided to cross a few fields. and through a wood... In the wood there was evidence of kids playing..a rope swing..After testing the swing I continued to a field with horses in. A sign said Footpath so I crossed the field of horses and continued on. The country view was very good, though I was still close to a main country road. And could hear the traffic.

Met with Mark and Simon to go to N.a.r.c.Tonight was members construction contest. There was five entries. All members were given a mark sheet. Marks were awarded on the quality of project construction. After each person gave an outline of their project the judging began. Most interesting I found was the recreation of a crystal set used by the Dutch resistance in WW_2 .

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book Look Took!!

Despite getting up in time this morning, I ran to catch the bus. the reason being, I had to move my old car from our driveway. It wouldn't start, I finally managed to give it a bump start.

Did cleaning at the Buddhist centre. There's a social meeting they have every last Friday of the month. I was asked if I would like to go. Although it's never a good choice for me to go to pubs socially, and because the people going are mostly Buddhists, I might actually go.

Bought a book on Solaris 8 from Oxfam for two UK pounds. Though the book was published in 2001, and is out of date. It will still be a good read.

Oh yeah, and what was the bad thing!! hmmmm...

WTF.. it's one in the morning and the whole house has shaken... the bed I was in shoke backwards and fowards it was like a minor earthquake. I can't make sense of it, could it have been a low flying aircraft : /

Monday, February 25, 2008


Spent the day pushing Buddhist centre posters and leaflets on people in and around Holt.

Also went to some Second Life tutorials on scripting and buying land.

Last Friday I was asking people at the Buddhist centre about measuring Brainwaves. Thanks to Padmadaka who gave me contact details of someone who has studied this 'Ratnaprabma.'

Haven't emailed him yet, but will do soon.

I re-watched Mitch Altman's talk about his brain machine given at last years CCC camp.

Click for: Open EEG Project

Click for: OpenStim Project

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Opera House

Spent the day on Second Life, bumped into Boldy. He and I went to watch some Second Life live music at the Opera House. OMFG, they were called UKD. You get to hear the band who are all in different locations on their computers, and playing into microphones ... think Skype...a virtual stage, and avatars seated or dancing. The sound was like a holiday camp. I thought it was fucking hilarious,but, I had a sneaky suspicion Boldy was enjoying it ...hehe

The worst thing they played was a cover of 'The Cures_Love Song.' With a reggae beat WTF!!!

we were slightly out of place. We both wore Anarchy T-shirts. I was dressed as a black Wolf. Boldy with his Black Cowboy hat...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Cold

I realise that my English skills aren't as good as they could be. And as a result sometimes, more through being lazy; things get worded in a way that I didn't really intend, and may sound wrong. Though it's really just me reading this blog and a few others, I try to remain honest and uncensored. If you feel I've written something incorrect then please feel free to email me or leave a comment. The comments are unmoderated.

Nearly slipped on that damn path outside the house again... There was frost early this morning. Spent the day helping at the centre again. Cleaning the kitchen drinking tea and listening to good people.

I tried looking for some flared jeans like the ones I'm wearing in Second Life. There were boot fit jeans, and in a specialist Goth type shop, flares twice the size of my waist. Ohh, to live in the Seventies with my VW Beetle.

I confess to buy a new book today. I had to it was the Second Life Official Guide. Somebody slap me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Free Cheers !!!

I was determined to play Second Life today and come away with a positive experience. Luckily enough I met Mio. Mio is a Japanese Lady living in Italy. I took her to ALT7 one of my favourite places in Second Life. We chatted whilst dancing to indie music. It really pays to speak to good people. Hopefully I will see her again. errrr.... in the virtual world that is. : )

rm /mnt/hda

Look who's squatting on Jono Bacon

2007-09-07 (Permalink): So, for some reason, I was using advogato and, for some reason, I was looking at jono and, for some reason, I clicked on the link to the JonoCam. What I saw was unpleasant and not what I was expecting.

Someone's squatting on the JonoCam address, hiding behind eNom's privacy service. In fact, it looks like all of is spam now, including

Not only that, but is squatted too, by futuregate aka Mindcom Internet Limited of 20 Meridian Way, Meridian Business Park, Norwich NR7 0TA. If you're reading this from near Norwich, would you post some pictures of the home of these serial domain-squatters, please?

So I hopped onto the lugradio IRC and asked jono. Apparently he lost it ages ago(!) nominet says the domain was registered in 2004 and last updated April 2007, so I didn't know if that means it's been a while, or just a few months. Does the registration date change if an owner loses control? astinus told me that it does.

Taken from:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chitta Chatter

Two of my favourite Kanji are the pictograph for 'Beautiful' and 'Erotic'. They are quite strange to me. Beautiful is represented using Kanji for 'Big' and 'Sheep'.....'Big Sheep.'

The word 'erotic' is even better according to my little book it's a pictograph of a man on a roof, peeping into a window. LMAO.

Thought it would be a good idea to have an apple before meditation today. It is definitely the wrong thing to do. I arrived just in time for the others to be doing that thing they do with their hands at the shrine. I wasn't really ready to begin, but did so anyway. While Vajra Gupta was speaking I started to choke on some flem and had to leave to clear my throat. The apple made me produce more saliva and made things uncomfortable. Also, I hadn't knelt properly and by the end I couldn't feel my left foot. I was sure it was dislocated or something was definitely wrong with it. After some tea I took the cups into the kitchen where a Lady called Cathy was taking a break from reception. I managed to find-out that she had her own Gardening business. She was friendly even though she was cornered and kinda obliged to talk to me :)

I wrote some internet links down and handed them to Tom to look at. They were mostly to do with E-voting. Norfolk has recently been experimenting with Electronic Voting Systems despite the obvious problems they bring. After telling Tom I would see him Tuesday Jonathan and I left to eat lunch. I suggested the 'Greenhouse' to go eat, but Jonathan wanted to go to 'Wagamamas.' I get the idea he tries to avoid the Greenhouse. Maybe there are people he doesn't want to see.

Jonathan use to work in the theatre, and has also studied German Literature at the UEA. He constantly smokes and wherever you go he will knows someone there. Firstly we went shopping. He bought a book token as a gift for a wedding he was attending. A new pair of shoes. Some moisturiser from 'Superdrug.' What was strange was that I noticed he used a basket for the one item in Superdrug. He later explain that he use to have a shoplifting habit taking frozen chickens when he lived in London, and now he uses the basket because it's wiser. I myself, feel the cameras watching me every shop I visit. I believe it's possible to sense when someone watches you. I have this feeling sometimes and turn to see a camera there. It must be hard for people if they are suffering mental illness. Shopping is very stressful nowadays even if you're allegedly one of the sane people.

Wagamamas I'm afraid was so bad, but Jonathan was paying so I shouldn't complain. I ordered seafood Ramen and it tasted of seawater and the tea was like warm tap water. Noticing I was struggling with the Ramen Jonathan asked if he could have one of the prawns and stuck his fingers into the bowl saying, " excuse my fingers." WTF!!! He knew some guy behind the counter, and kept looking at him. I guess this was the reason why he wanted to come here. The guy he was watching came over and they kissed hello. John spoke about how starting a gay club in Norwich would be a good idea, and about all his old boyfriends. After John paid he left to get ready for a party he was going to.

Fuck!! The 2nd Edition to Grey Hat Hacking and Art of Exploitation books are out. After some thought I had to buy the Grey Hat Hacking book. They are expensive and only slightly different to the first editions.

Unsurprisingly I did something stupid on the way home. Like Jonathon kissing, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Waiting for the bus home I drank a bottle of water. I already had the need to go to the loo. The double decker bus moved slowly through the rush hour traffic. I only made it as far as St Faiths just outside Norwich. I kept weighing-up the choice between; getting off and waiting for another bus and paying my fare again. Or agony for an hour or piss myself on the bus to save three quid fare. It was dark so I got off and peed in a field. I then ran for a mile back to the next proper bus stop. Running past the crematorium there was a sweet smell of roses. I just made it to the next bus stop in time to catch the next bus.
HooRahHH !!!

At home I bought Chinese takeaway.

You Do the Math !!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Making Mambo

Didn't sleep last night. I watched the BBC Chinese language programs. The morning was cold with slight ice on the road. The dawn chorus was good.

Waiting for the Forum to open I stood watching people clearing the streets of rubbish. There was light mist adding mood to the scene. After coffee I went to the Budhist Centre. Tom who I met last Friday welcomed me and introduced me to everybody else. I helped by cleaning their kitchen and scrubbing windows and walls at the entrance of the building. I wasn't sure if I was much use but it was good to be doing something at least. I quizzed Tom on what it meant to be a city councillor. He told me that he had attended a meeting yesterday about the need for more social housing.

After cleaning we sat down for tea and chat. People mainly spoke about how they find themselves busy all the time. I'm not living in the real world... I know this. I then spent most of the day walking the streets asking people if I could put a Budhist Centre poster in their shop window. I walked all of Anglia Square and most of Earlham and Unthank. I was surprised to discover the art school has a student bar, I never even knew it existed.

After lots of walking I went to eat noodles and drink more coffee. Back home I decided not to go to UES as it would involve more walking and I was a little tired.

David Byrne has a blog it can be found here

Monday, February 11, 2008


Against better judegment I joined an agency today. They say there's going to be a new contract working with PCB's. I gave the guy my CV and he photocopied my passport. No interview; just we will be in touch. I got the idea I won't be hearing from them anytime soon. Not really a positive move in the right direction, just a move.

I googled Tokyo 2600 today and got this web page.... The Poor Guy!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Andy Kaufman

I've heard it said that eating lots of cheese before bedtime gives you nightmares. Last night I began my investigation into this phenomena, starting with Brie. By morning I was able to recall two dreams. First dream was walking a country road while calling someone on my mobile to come collect me. The person I called was in another country and unlikely to arrive in time. The last dream was tucking my sleeves into a pair of gloves just before clearing a dead body from the 'London Tavern pub in Attleborough. Inside there were lots of flies that I individually picked and placed inside a purse.

This morning my mother and I travelled the number 44 bus into Norwich she was off to meet a friend. My mothers friend is liked by everyone. She's well known for helping people particularly the elderly. It's sad to hear that she is suffering with atheritis and isn't able to walk for long periods of time.

Meditation at the budhist centre began with a talk about the five basic precepts. The actual meditation I think went well...although the lady facilitating the session half way through said, " where is your mind now ?" I think I understood the point she was trying to make. The time meditating seemed longer that usual. At the end she asked if we felt relieved that the meditation time had ended. I felt that because there was more time it distracted my concentration and I didn't change my pattern of breathing well.

Somebody purposefully befriended me after the session was over. I've recognised this guy's face from somewhere and it's been bugging me ever since I first saw him. He said he had something to do with the Greenparty. I think he said he was a councillor. I introduced into our conversation the subject of Second Life. He hadn't heard of Second Life before and I tried to explain it to him. I joked about how long I've been spending in world. And the fact that sometimes I get confused between RL / SL. He didn't laugh and I think he thought I was being serious. Anyway he's asked if I wanted to help at the centre.

After trying to help with a problem he was having with Outlook Express I agreed to meet him next Tuesday to go put some posters up.

After a great vegetarian meal at the Greenhouse I got the bus home. No point in waiting to see if anyone turned-up for 2600.

I like to think I haven't gone insane ....just very bored!!!

The Last Enemy

UES & S ( Click )

Intergender Wrestler

Morrissey was on Jools Holland tonight ..... I was wasting my time looking for Love!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hustler HF

Attended the weekly Norwich Amateur Radio meet. One of the members 'G0KYA' gave a talk on HF DX'ing from a small (or no) garden. Embedded into his pwerpoint presentation were sound clips highlighting the difference in antenna performance. The guy stated that he had spent alot of money for his equipment ( just under a 'grand for one antenna and three hundred for another :/ eeeEEck!!!. He concluded with a set-up he had built in his loft 'KKA Multiband Dipole.' The talk was far more comprehensive than I have outlined here and as a newbie I was happy that I was able to understand most of what was said.

The club has organised a visit to a place in Holt 'UES&S'. I don't think I will be going.

Friday, February 01, 2008