Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hustler HF

Attended the weekly Norwich Amateur Radio meet. One of the members 'G0KYA' gave a talk on HF DX'ing from a small (or no) garden. Embedded into his pwerpoint presentation were sound clips highlighting the difference in antenna performance. The guy stated that he had spent alot of money for his equipment ( just under a 'grand for one antenna and three hundred for another :/ eeeEEck!!!. He concluded with a set-up he had built in his loft 'KKA Multiband Dipole.' The talk was far more comprehensive than I have outlined here and as a newbie I was happy that I was able to understand most of what was said.

The club has organised a visit to a place in Holt 'UES&S'. I don't think I will be going.

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Anonymous said...

What is "UES&S"? And why won't you be going?

- Karaspoon and the Norwich Massive