Friday, February 08, 2008

Andy Kaufman

I've heard it said that eating lots of cheese before bedtime gives you nightmares. Last night I began my investigation into this phenomena, starting with Brie. By morning I was able to recall two dreams. First dream was walking a country road while calling someone on my mobile to come collect me. The person I called was in another country and unlikely to arrive in time. The last dream was tucking my sleeves into a pair of gloves just before clearing a dead body from the 'London Tavern pub in Attleborough. Inside there were lots of flies that I individually picked and placed inside a purse.

This morning my mother and I travelled the number 44 bus into Norwich she was off to meet a friend. My mothers friend is liked by everyone. She's well known for helping people particularly the elderly. It's sad to hear that she is suffering with atheritis and isn't able to walk for long periods of time.

Meditation at the budhist centre began with a talk about the five basic precepts. The actual meditation I think went well...although the lady facilitating the session half way through said, " where is your mind now ?" I think I understood the point she was trying to make. The time meditating seemed longer that usual. At the end she asked if we felt relieved that the meditation time had ended. I felt that because there was more time it distracted my concentration and I didn't change my pattern of breathing well.

Somebody purposefully befriended me after the session was over. I've recognised this guy's face from somewhere and it's been bugging me ever since I first saw him. He said he had something to do with the Greenparty. I think he said he was a councillor. I introduced into our conversation the subject of Second Life. He hadn't heard of Second Life before and I tried to explain it to him. I joked about how long I've been spending in world. And the fact that sometimes I get confused between RL / SL. He didn't laugh and I think he thought I was being serious. Anyway he's asked if I wanted to help at the centre.

After trying to help with a problem he was having with Outlook Express I agreed to meet him next Tuesday to go put some posters up.

After a great vegetarian meal at the Greenhouse I got the bus home. No point in waiting to see if anyone turned-up for 2600.

I like to think I haven't gone insane ....just very bored!!!

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Morrissey was on Jools Holland tonight ..... I was wasting my time looking for Love!!

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