Friday, February 15, 2008

Chitta Chatter

Two of my favourite Kanji are the pictograph for 'Beautiful' and 'Erotic'. They are quite strange to me. Beautiful is represented using Kanji for 'Big' and 'Sheep'.....'Big Sheep.'

The word 'erotic' is even better according to my little book it's a pictograph of a man on a roof, peeping into a window. LMAO.

Thought it would be a good idea to have an apple before meditation today. It is definitely the wrong thing to do. I arrived just in time for the others to be doing that thing they do with their hands at the shrine. I wasn't really ready to begin, but did so anyway. While Vajra Gupta was speaking I started to choke on some flem and had to leave to clear my throat. The apple made me produce more saliva and made things uncomfortable. Also, I hadn't knelt properly and by the end I couldn't feel my left foot. I was sure it was dislocated or something was definitely wrong with it. After some tea I took the cups into the kitchen where a Lady called Cathy was taking a break from reception. I managed to find-out that she had her own Gardening business. She was friendly even though she was cornered and kinda obliged to talk to me :)

I wrote some internet links down and handed them to Tom to look at. They were mostly to do with E-voting. Norfolk has recently been experimenting with Electronic Voting Systems despite the obvious problems they bring. After telling Tom I would see him Tuesday Jonathan and I left to eat lunch. I suggested the 'Greenhouse' to go eat, but Jonathan wanted to go to 'Wagamamas.' I get the idea he tries to avoid the Greenhouse. Maybe there are people he doesn't want to see.

Jonathan use to work in the theatre, and has also studied German Literature at the UEA. He constantly smokes and wherever you go he will knows someone there. Firstly we went shopping. He bought a book token as a gift for a wedding he was attending. A new pair of shoes. Some moisturiser from 'Superdrug.' What was strange was that I noticed he used a basket for the one item in Superdrug. He later explain that he use to have a shoplifting habit taking frozen chickens when he lived in London, and now he uses the basket because it's wiser. I myself, feel the cameras watching me every shop I visit. I believe it's possible to sense when someone watches you. I have this feeling sometimes and turn to see a camera there. It must be hard for people if they are suffering mental illness. Shopping is very stressful nowadays even if you're allegedly one of the sane people.

Wagamamas I'm afraid was so bad, but Jonathan was paying so I shouldn't complain. I ordered seafood Ramen and it tasted of seawater and the tea was like warm tap water. Noticing I was struggling with the Ramen Jonathan asked if he could have one of the prawns and stuck his fingers into the bowl saying, " excuse my fingers." WTF!!! He knew some guy behind the counter, and kept looking at him. I guess this was the reason why he wanted to come here. The guy he was watching came over and they kissed hello. John spoke about how starting a gay club in Norwich would be a good idea, and about all his old boyfriends. After John paid he left to get ready for a party he was going to.

Fuck!! The 2nd Edition to Grey Hat Hacking and Art of Exploitation books are out. After some thought I had to buy the Grey Hat Hacking book. They are expensive and only slightly different to the first editions.

Unsurprisingly I did something stupid on the way home. Like Jonathon kissing, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Waiting for the bus home I drank a bottle of water. I already had the need to go to the loo. The double decker bus moved slowly through the rush hour traffic. I only made it as far as St Faiths just outside Norwich. I kept weighing-up the choice between; getting off and waiting for another bus and paying my fare again. Or agony for an hour or piss myself on the bus to save three quid fare. It was dark so I got off and peed in a field. I then ran for a mile back to the next proper bus stop. Running past the crematorium there was a sweet smell of roses. I just made it to the next bus stop in time to catch the next bus.
HooRahHH !!!

At home I bought Chinese takeaway.

You Do the Math !!

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