Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Making Mambo

Didn't sleep last night. I watched the BBC Chinese language programs. The morning was cold with slight ice on the road. The dawn chorus was good.

Waiting for the Forum to open I stood watching people clearing the streets of rubbish. There was light mist adding mood to the scene. After coffee I went to the Budhist Centre. Tom who I met last Friday welcomed me and introduced me to everybody else. I helped by cleaning their kitchen and scrubbing windows and walls at the entrance of the building. I wasn't sure if I was much use but it was good to be doing something at least. I quizzed Tom on what it meant to be a city councillor. He told me that he had attended a meeting yesterday about the need for more social housing.

After cleaning we sat down for tea and chat. People mainly spoke about how they find themselves busy all the time. I'm not living in the real world... I know this. I then spent most of the day walking the streets asking people if I could put a Budhist Centre poster in their shop window. I walked all of Anglia Square and most of Earlham and Unthank. I was surprised to discover the art school has a student bar, I never even knew it existed.

After lots of walking I went to eat noodles and drink more coffee. Back home I decided not to go to UES as it would involve more walking and I was a little tired.

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