Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Less We Say About it the Better

(broken keyboard) Had one of my strange nightmares last night. For some reason when I awoke, I had the feeling that I had to go to the train station, so I did. It wasn't until I was on the bus traveling into Norwich, I realised a thought from my dream, that was of someone saying to me, "I saw you at the train station." I don't know what I thought I would find there, and no surprise, nothing! I just had this odd feeling that I had to go. One thing I noticed is the new barrier they put across the concourse.

Walked to the Forum to do some maths and a little C programming. The music they play in that place is dire, still you can't complain, can you?

Back in my room I received a phone call. "We're outside, come out." I didn't actually know who it was, and I hadn't arranged to meet anyone. I looked outside and there was no-one there- Eh? After a couple of minutes I took another look outside to see Adam and Chris; two of my course mates. Apparently we had arranged to go look at a house to rent. They have asked me to move in with them, mainly because they cant find anyone and I'm their last choice, as Maginde's parents told him he has to remain on campus next year.

We walked bloody miles through housing estates to find the house, which was currently occupied by three Chinese people. After knocking we entered, I felt a bit weird, it was eleven in the morning and they were still in their pajamas eating breakfast. They still had a Christmas tree in their front room Heh_ Well anyway, the place was in a bad area, and was too small.

We sat on the side of the road waiting for the bus back into town. Chris kept playing the song, 'Don't worry be happy' from his mobile; it was like being in a badly made film.

Before going our separate ways Chris and Adam bought hot dogs. While waiting in the queue we received some abuse from some Chavs.

Adam and I returned to the UEA to sit in my room watching "Monkey Magic", Yes another productive day..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Act your Age

Went to an early math lecture, it was crap. Travelled into Norwich with some friends to go eat at Chopsticks. I was the oldest out of the three of us by about 100 years. Came home, slept alot.

I like Your Pole

Attempted to update my CV. There's just an endless list of rubbish jobs, done previously. Yesterday there was mention of part-time work in an office.

Met Steve in the CMP common room to discuss our presentation. We didn't get much done, the presentation has to be a convincing argument on switching UEA education and research software to open source.

I mentioned:

chaos computer club CCCTV
Richard STAllman
Linus Torvald

I don't think anyone listened or I didn't explain properly.

A young girl sat in front of me on the bus today. I mention this because I was nearly violently sick..Heh. Her perfume was so stRONG!! At first not too bad, but the more I tried not to breath the worse it got. I actually felt ill and had a headache, I guess I could have just moved to another seat, but I didn't want to offend. All day the smell was impregnated into my mind, even after shower I could taste like it had invaded my internal organs, no exaggeration.

Went for coffee and martial arts. At the coffee shop a woman asked me what was in my bag. When I explained it was a Bo staff I felt I had to explain further. "It's for martial arts." She then started saying sorry and looked uncomfortable. Then she wanted to know what martial arts, lucky enough it was my turn in the queue to be served, I dodged the question.

At Budo I was shit, I cant even master the basics. It's good to be very critical of yourself, but, every week I get worse.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now I Want to be Your Dog

Had absolutely nothing to do today, well, not officially. Today I was determined to find work. Any old crap will do, 'cept no chemicals errr... no killing animals hmmm.. no making of electronic devices designed to monitor people. OK.. I'll just say I'll do anything, and when the job they offer me turns-out to be crap, I can just walk away.

I went to the job centre again today, the less said the better. The place is like a refugee camp.

Went to the employability office, on campus. No help, just look, "we've got a computer and here's our website."

Spent the rest of the day reading security related papers, and pretending I was dead.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


After a fantastic early mornings walk, I had a great breakfast of honey toast and Lapsang tea then orange juice. I spent the day inquiring in shops about work. Most people just laughed. I'm rapidly running-out of money. I have also secretly been boiling with anger inside. Luckily it;s only on the inside, despite it being Saturday and Norwich very busy, I had no trouble.

Went for a walk around Earlham park lunch time. I think it might be something I will do everyday from now on.

The internet is down in my room, so I;ve had to hack a wireless connection. I'm standing on the balcony trying to get a good signal. Oh, my mobile rang. That never happens, what a surprise, wrong number!!!

I been listening to this song today, over and over...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sly Fox

I was going to spend the day looking for a Part-Time job. There's no point in asking face-face at the local supermarkets, they all have applications online.

One application involved a personality test...obviosly it wasn't too bad. Here's the result:


Your score of 9 on the Agreeableness scale means that you are actually a very sensitive person. You are probably quite an emotional individual in the sense that you are aware of your own and other people's feelings. You would almost certainly place the needs and feelings of your colleagues at the top of your priorities. Indeed, you would generally be seen as a caring and compassionate person who wanted to put people and their needs first. Clearly, this suggests that you would be at your best where relationships and empathy were important, but it could also mean that you sometimes find it quite difficult to deal with colleagues or customers who might be less sensitive in their manner.

You have scored 4 on the Conscientious scale. This indicates that you might not always be particularly organised or structured in your approach to work. You might not be particularly concerned with procedural matters that you believe are unnecessary or unimportant, and you could occasionally overlook or ignore the small regulations or details that you see as irrelevant. You might well tend to concern yourself with what you see as the broader aspects of your role, rather than with the small and detailed tasks of your everyday duties. Most of the people who are successful in roles at B&Q stores have a high regard for procedures and getting details right, but you might find some of these requirements to be quite restrictive.

You have achieved a score of 6 on the scale of Conformity. This suggests that you are a fairly orthodox and conventional person who conforms to the accepted rules of social behaviour. You are likely to be comfortable in both formal and informal atmospheres and probably would not have a very strong preference for one over the other. You are likely to prefer changes in the work-place to be small and gradual rather than large and fast. Because you would value the best aspects of established ways and techniques you would probably be wary of anything that appeared to be too unconventional. Even so, you are probably not the kind of person who actively resists change, providing that you can see its purpose. Indeed, you would probably welcome innovations where you could see the obvious benefits. All in all, therefore, you would generally fit best into those work environments where changes were usually gradual and evolutionary.

Your Extroversion scale score of 3 indicates that you are generally more of an introvert rather than an extrovert and that when dealing with other people you could sometimes be seen as rather reserved. Indeed, you might not enjoy a job that required you to initiate social contacts with lots of unfamiliar people, so you might not be very suited to dealing with lots of customers who wanted your advice.

You would probably tend to approach your duties in a calm and considered way which means that you could carry out repetitive and routine tasks to a high standard. As you would probably value steadiness and some predictability at work you would be likely to enjoy any role that required a measured approach rather than an impulsive and ever-changing environment. This could mean that you disliked some elements of working in a very hectic B&Q store at peak times.
Emotional Stability

Your score of 8 on the Emotional Stability scale suggests that you are generally a fairly confident and optimistic person who would express your thoughts and ideas openly in most situations. You have quite a strong character which means that you could probably be quite assertive if you thought that you needed to be.

You're likely to be quite enthusiastic and would probably approach your work with a fair degree of ambition. You would probably be fairly decisive in most situations and if confronted with problems at work you would generally be able to make most decisions on your own without asking for help from your superiors. You are, in all probability, quite resistant to work related stress. Indeed, not only could you cope with most pressure, you might actually find that a limited amount of stress at work acted as a good motivating force.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shave my Skin

Though it's the coldest time of year, Constable Terrace is very warm. I keep the window open, and last night had to kick the covers off. I Woke to the pleasant sound of the birds chirping outside, which is soon replaced by the buses running up and down Chancellor's Drive.

Before I left my room this morning I got the clippers out. I shaved my beard off and now look five years younger, so I'm told.

I had an appointment to go see the doctor, because of a long running infection. She took some skin samples, and gave me a prescription of antibiotics.

I thought it would be a good idea to go look for work at Norwich job centre. Sure, of course, it was a very bad idea. I then spent most of the day listening to radio 4 in the kitchen, and cooking myself pasta. By half past six I still haven't done any work :/

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did the World Stop Turing ?

I'm supposed to be writting my report on Alan Turing. Can't find a good source for algorithms.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dishy on a Little Fishy

Things have been better today. I received a surprise message from someone. Not sure what to make of it yet, though it cheered me up immensely.

Went to study skills lecture. We had to discuss how well we thought a report on facial mapping was written. It was good, mainly because it gave me the chance to speak-out in front of a group; which I hate doing. But... hadn't the guy prepared a proper lecture or something ? The report was given to us to highlight key points at the start of the semester. Strangely, this morning I threw loads of paper from my room away, including my highlighted copy of this report. DOH!!

Borrowed a book on 'Latex' from the library. Sadly, I got excited to see rolling shelves. I've only seen rolling shelves on telly' before, and my little head was getting really excited to be using them heh wtf? I wondered how many people had been crushed for a joke in them. It's all so predictable Heh...

Now writing my report on Alan Turing. Outlining four of his most important published papers, three of his algorithms, his education and career. It has to be written in three A4 sheets; that's not possible.

Sources I will use are:
Google Scholar.
The book 'Essential Turing'.

Today it became law not to take photgraphs of the police. I think that's right ? You can now be sent to jail for this ?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Are You Going to DO ?

Might start posting again soon...
At the moment I really can't see any point in continuing with anything..
Things I have done, and things I'm supposed to have done..
Someone once said it was good to see a dream, I tried to see a dream. I imagined it, and tried to make it happen. It never happens !!! I seriously think I'm cursed and more...

Been playing with lego robots, programming them with Not Exactly 'c'.
Writting about Alan Turing using Latex.
Programming basic C++. G
etting very confused in math lectures err... I mean doing more integral calculus. Installed Texnix on my Eee, but in German :/ (It forces you to learn German.)

Maginde came 'round, I lent him loads of DVDs, we watched episode seven of 'Generation Kill' from HBO. He stood the whole time because he thinks I'm going to stab him ? :/ He says I'm like Jack the Ripper. Thanks, I hate myself as it is..

Morrisey was on the Johnathan Ross show. I hate it when people moan and write about women on bloggs, though it is tempting. Especially when the person you think of way too much, is someone who doesn't even like you.