Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monkey Boy to the Rescue

Travelled to Cromer to collect some free money... On the bus I sat listening to 'System of a Down' and wishing I had cake to eat.

just recently I've been trying to research work within the Norwich area, using the library's FAME (financial analysis made easy ) database. It is completely impossible without having pre-booked a computer. All the computers are used by fools watching skate videos and playing flash media games. The system only gives you a 20 minute time slot. All this, along with the librarian having to log you in, makes it very inefficient. I had to get the Librarian to kick someone off of the computer I was using as I was still logged in. I felt kinda bad about that.

Walking around Cromer this old guy's hat blew off in the wind, falling down a cliff... well more of a steep embankment. I jumped to the rescue, handing him my bag I leaped over the edge like a monkey, got the hat, and climbed back to where everyone must have been thinking I was a great guy. errr.. they said thanks anyhow..

I've been doing quite well at being a gentle person recently_go me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


YAY!! I successfully made my application to the UEA, and have been accepted. Only now I have to try find funding and a place to live.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mr Uchi's weekend...

I've been playing with some video editing. It's a very poor unprofessional effort. And the file size was massive and still is even after some compression. I wish it was better, and if anyone has good ideas about video compression; that would be cool.

THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW, IF YOU WANT TO WATCH YOU HAVE TO USE THE VEOH INTERFACE :( sorry!!! ( Disclaimer:_ watching this may bore you to death )

Online Videos by

Friday, July 18, 2008

DarkSide 'till I Die...

The Last Hope Conference started today in New York city. I'm not there.I've been walking around Norwich pretending that I am, obviously that's not going to work. The conference is for three days so if it's not too late you might want to listen in on 'Radio Statler' a live stream from the conference at Hotel Pennsylvania.( Radio Statler )

I was pleased to read during my morning coffee an article in the Guardian newspaper, about user updates to the firewall 'ZoneAlarm' to patch a recently discovered design flaw in DNS (Domain Name Server), of course it is all thanks to Dan Kaminsky that people even know about this. There was even a link to his website

I walked to the University again today to try make my formal application to the Computer Science course. There were lots of Graduate students in their degree gowns floating about campus. It was a wasted journey.

I did some meditation practice today and it helped me understand that my previous plan of telling everyone I meet to Fuck Off was not a good one. Why the hell is everyone saying I want to go to Japan and, "I'm interested in the culture" ?

I forgot to look for a part-time job..

Coming out of the Buddhist Centre I was still in a mild daze, when I heard someone call my voice. I recognized the face but I could remember how I knew the person. I assumed it was someone I had worked with previously. He started to talk about motorbikes..heh, I suddenly remembered he was the other guy I did my Motorcycle CBT with. It's so strange that he still knew my name after meeting for like one day in the beginning of the year....Heheh!!

WIMAX promises longer range and greater bandwidth at a lower cost. It is used to deliver last-mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to wired broadband such as cable or DSL. The take-up of WIMAX subscribes seem to be coming from Asia Pacific countries with Europe as always lagging behind. Countries like Japan and South Korea seems to be leading the WIMAX way. March 2008 saw 'UQ Communications', a new Japanese mobile WIMAX service provider, announce it intended to deliver a nationwide comercial WIMAx service by 2009. A trial service is to be set in February 2009. They predict that 90 percent of the population will be covered by 2012. Japanese consumers should be able to enjoy high speed 20 Mbit/s from the computer or mobile device whilst on the move.

In the UK no date has been set for 2.5Ghz auction, yet alone a defined process, making it impossible for UK service providers to plot a next generation wireless service.

Taken from July 2008 'Land Mobile'.

Radiometrix KTX2-433 miniature UHF FM data transmitter module has onboard code-hopping an encoder designed to provide secure wireless when used with the KRX receiver decoder. Operating at 315 Mhz, 433.92Mhz or 434.42Mhz the modules provides engineers with a usable range of upto 75 metres in-building and 300m over open ground.

Each modules is pre-programmed and unique :D The 32-bit encryption creates more than four billion hop-codes with 15 user-defined control lines.

I bought my train tickets for Wolverhampton tomorrow, home to Knife crime.

Autism Quotient Test

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wont You Tell Me Your Name

I bumped into Alex, who I haven't seen for sometime. Alex was nice enough to buy me a coffee in Starbucks as I didn't have any money. He asked me advice on what to do about going bald. I had to tell him straight, there's only one thing you can do; shave your head like a Neo-Nazi and grow a big beard, then sit-back and wait for the love to come rolling in. Though it would work well with him, he's very well read and highly intelligent. I felt a bit of a dork because I didn't have much to say for myself and I wanted to show Alex something to do with my laptop, which failed due to low battery charge. After seeing Alex I felt slightly shaken from my apathy which can only be a good thing. He's one of the good guys, very pleasant to speak with.

Cleaned the bogs at the Buddhist centre. I always offer to do the bogs because it's sounds like the worst task that needs to be done. It's like a form of self imposed punishment.

Something went wrong on my last attempt at food shopping. Last time I went to the local supermarket I thought I had picked-up the cheapest bag of potatoes. Somehow I picked the wrong bag and payed way more than I expected, what made things worse was the words, 'product of Israel'. Not interesting...No really, Not interesting.

Walking home I saw Mark waiting to pick-up passengers. We had a good talk, he's still having trouble with his car. We haven't been to Narc for over a month now.

It started to rain ..hard. I walked home looking like a drowned rat... So funny, I walked past the dude who always stands outside his art gallery. He was standing out of the rain under a canopy, dressed smartly in his pristine white suit sipping tea from a small cup and saucer. He watched me as I trundled past in the rain, dripping wet. DRUDGE SQUAD!!! YAY !!!

WATCHING THIS : Monochrome (BlipTV)

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Y-Files

As soon as I arrived in Norwich I headed for the Cathedral, I had some thinking to do. I'm guessing it was the end of school term, because there seemed to be kids from Norwich school, school shirts signed in marker pen by fellow class mates.

Inside the cathedral I was greeted by this guy who I hadn't seen since I use to goto the Sunday service. He seems to be a gentle kind man. He said hello and commented on the nice weather outside.

On leaving the cathedral, and walking past some shops behind an old couple. This delivery guy comes out of a shop doorway and nearly hits the old couple in the head with a tray full of bread loafs. Then while he's walking beside me the tray is hitting me on the arm and he's trying to push past. I was very tempted to send him flying. I just gave him a friendly shove, I wish it could have been with my index finger into his eye socket. I guess the right thing to do would have just let him pass.

I went to Friday meditation class, we discussed 'impermanence.' I have some thoughts on the subject, but no real conclusions. We did mindfulness of breathing meditation then I legged-it out the door to catch the bus to the UEA.

It was Open day at the University. I made my way to the Hive, past a large crowd who were sitting on steps watching a band playing Latin dance music. I went to registration and got myself a free pen and pencil. MWAhahah!!! BONUS. free stuff. I then made my way to the lecture theatre to listen to a talk on the computer science department. There was some other older people there too, but I think they were dads of prospective students...hehe.OMFG

After the talk, in a small group we went to see some project demonstrations. The fist project was by a PHD student who had been working on recognition of lip movement. Calculations were made of people's lip movement in order to try guess what language they were speaking. When you think about it for some time, you will realise what a mammoth task he has set himself..LOL (problems with different camera angles, and people with beards etc... He mentioned during his work some of the test subjects walked-out on him after he told them what the project was. He claims that it could be used for information terminals in tourist industry. It's so obviously a racist project.

Next we saw a demonstration of robotics using lego. This is supposed to teach programming of collision detection n'stuff. It was crap. I asked some questions about reverse engineering and micro controllers, my questions were dodged.

In the computer graphics lab we had a demonstration of past student projects on some game design. The games where nice and retro :)) Then we saw some work that had been done with the history department in collaboration, to recreate Norwich from the past using old maps. There was also some work they had been payed to do by the council and by local building developers. I leant my pen to a guy to write down this URL: Urban Modelling Group He stole my free pen : /

I then sat in the village area on campus drinking Ubuntu Cola pretending to be a student =P

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Will you come to the moving reflection with me?

Buggered about on Sl, Boldy and Kyoshi came with me to watch the old black and white version of, 'Little Shop of Horrors.' Boldy lasted for about 15-20 minutes because he's in Holland and an Hour ahead of time than me, and it was late. Mini about 30-40, she's in Ohio. I watched the whole film, but by the end I had a headache. Stream media in second Life is awesome..