Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monkey Boy to the Rescue

Travelled to Cromer to collect some free money... On the bus I sat listening to 'System of a Down' and wishing I had cake to eat.

just recently I've been trying to research work within the Norwich area, using the library's FAME (financial analysis made easy ) database. It is completely impossible without having pre-booked a computer. All the computers are used by fools watching skate videos and playing flash media games. The system only gives you a 20 minute time slot. All this, along with the librarian having to log you in, makes it very inefficient. I had to get the Librarian to kick someone off of the computer I was using as I was still logged in. I felt kinda bad about that.

Walking around Cromer this old guy's hat blew off in the wind, falling down a cliff... well more of a steep embankment. I jumped to the rescue, handing him my bag I leaped over the edge like a monkey, got the hat, and climbed back to where everyone must have been thinking I was a great guy. errr.. they said thanks anyhow..

I've been doing quite well at being a gentle person recently_go me!!

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