Friday, July 04, 2008

The Y-Files

As soon as I arrived in Norwich I headed for the Cathedral, I had some thinking to do. I'm guessing it was the end of school term, because there seemed to be kids from Norwich school, school shirts signed in marker pen by fellow class mates.

Inside the cathedral I was greeted by this guy who I hadn't seen since I use to goto the Sunday service. He seems to be a gentle kind man. He said hello and commented on the nice weather outside.

On leaving the cathedral, and walking past some shops behind an old couple. This delivery guy comes out of a shop doorway and nearly hits the old couple in the head with a tray full of bread loafs. Then while he's walking beside me the tray is hitting me on the arm and he's trying to push past. I was very tempted to send him flying. I just gave him a friendly shove, I wish it could have been with my index finger into his eye socket. I guess the right thing to do would have just let him pass.

I went to Friday meditation class, we discussed 'impermanence.' I have some thoughts on the subject, but no real conclusions. We did mindfulness of breathing meditation then I legged-it out the door to catch the bus to the UEA.

It was Open day at the University. I made my way to the Hive, past a large crowd who were sitting on steps watching a band playing Latin dance music. I went to registration and got myself a free pen and pencil. MWAhahah!!! BONUS. free stuff. I then made my way to the lecture theatre to listen to a talk on the computer science department. There was some other older people there too, but I think they were dads of prospective students...hehe.OMFG

After the talk, in a small group we went to see some project demonstrations. The fist project was by a PHD student who had been working on recognition of lip movement. Calculations were made of people's lip movement in order to try guess what language they were speaking. When you think about it for some time, you will realise what a mammoth task he has set himself..LOL (problems with different camera angles, and people with beards etc... He mentioned during his work some of the test subjects walked-out on him after he told them what the project was. He claims that it could be used for information terminals in tourist industry. It's so obviously a racist project.

Next we saw a demonstration of robotics using lego. This is supposed to teach programming of collision detection n'stuff. It was crap. I asked some questions about reverse engineering and micro controllers, my questions were dodged.

In the computer graphics lab we had a demonstration of past student projects on some game design. The games where nice and retro :)) Then we saw some work that had been done with the history department in collaboration, to recreate Norwich from the past using old maps. There was also some work they had been payed to do by the council and by local building developers. I leant my pen to a guy to write down this URL: Urban Modelling Group He stole my free pen : /

I then sat in the village area on campus drinking Ubuntu Cola pretending to be a student =P

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