Monday, June 29, 2009

The Votes are In

Successful completion of Academic Year

The Board of Examiners recently met to consider your performance during the past
academic year and I am pleased to confirm that you have met the progression criteria
to enable you to progress to the next stage of your degree course. You can review a
full set of your results online by accessing the Student Portal, selecting the
Academic tab and then selecting Student View where you will find a container called
“Assessment Details”. Within this container is a link called “Online Marks
Statement” which you should click on.

Don't know how that happened !!! I'm pleased anyway..

Today involved sitting next to three beautiful Chinese girls on the bus into Norwich. Extra maths, with my friend Dr Robert. (being my friend just means that you've spoken to me, and generally acknowledged my existence.) Also today I was aproached by the police. I was sitting on the pavement browsing the internet on my Iphone. They pretended that they were checking if I was okay. That would have been believable except he said he thought he had seen a can of drink. I said that I didn't drink and stood to face him. He then said it was fine for me to sit, that's fine !!! Oh, well thank-you. Now fuck-off...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Moth

Another crap day, listening to music. Glad to see everyone's forgotten about Iran in preference to Michael Jackson. Doing some maths for this coming Monday, when I will go see Robert, at UEA.

Fuck !! I have to go outside, maybe tomorrow. I could goto the beach, which I keep saying I'm going to do.

Heard about a songwriter from Tokyo, 'Natccu', (pronounced Na-chew) whilst looking at Link: Learn Japanese Pod I haven't been able to confirm, but I think she has, or is, touring the UK at the moment. I would like to see...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Bus

Went to norwich, did maths... Thought about shit, random chaos. Yeah, it took me some time but i think I get it. Without random thoughts there are no new ideas. Just the same shite constrained within its set boundaries. Logical processes, modeled within a systems can't without chaos explore new avenues and concepts. Just correlate patterns within the algorithm + test data. It's not new ways of doing things. Just making broken ideas more streamline. that's not good..

imagine getting on a bus filled with everyone you have known. You travel for awhile nobody is speaking, then you get off and the bus drives away. I don't mean to complain (I do actually) but that's a representation of my life so far. I'm supposed to make stuff happen, but I can't see stuff happening anytime soon. I'm looking around and every single other person has someone to talk to.. wtf ?? (selfish I know)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another level

caught the bus to Norwich. I noticed a new information terminal at the bus stop. I spent some time examining the interface and design. I noticed a tiny mobile phone like camera fitted above the screen acting as a CCTV camera. Half-way through my bus journey I remembered the can of coke I left on the wall. Nobody reminded me if they noticed, and I remember getting on the bus thinking I had left something but wasn't sure what.

Went to UEA library to do some maths. UEA campus seems very busy, lots of Italians.

At 17:50 I went to the community hospital for my appointment with dermatologist. I had a different Dr. this time. A very friendly woman. I took my top off and she for no apparent reason stroked my chest with the tip of her finger (it was quite nice actually :) LOL~ I gave her a sob story about not having any money. Saying, "I was a student once," she went to get me some extra cream and special shampoo for free... YAY !!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Sat indoors. Did some maths, Awesome !!! Watched the clips in from Iran protest. Saw the woman who was shot and died. Most of the clips made me both angry and on the edge of tears.

It looked like a pretty nice day outside, but I wasn't fooled by that. I linked the clip of the woman dying to my Facebook account. Somehow it seemed wrong amongst the status updates of my supposed friends. Reports of how much fun they're having, then, a woman with blood pouring out of her face. I had to remove it..

I can't believe that motherfucking helicopter is flying over the house about 10 times, it 23:41 pm wtf ??? I have helicopter rage !!!!! GAH !!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweep Dreams from your Hair

Woken to the sound of dad sweeping the outside paving slabs. I'm fairly definite when I say it's one of his tactics to make me wake-up and do something with my life. All through-out his life he's been a hard working engineer, telling him some bullshit like I'm a writer just won't cut it. I can honestly say it has no effect what so ever, he would just laugh at me.

Travelled into Norwich to see Robot for maths. Maths wasn't until 14:00pm so I went to Norwich Art Centre to see if there was anything interesting. OMFG utter shite!!! sOmeone I've never heard of has a photo exhibition, depicting scenes from a book or film that he never bothered to finish. The photography was utter bollocks. At first I thought it must have been pictures from a children's competition. And the models in the photos, completely unconvincing. One was of a child dressed in a suit, sitting in a green leather chair. The picture was given a supposedly warm tinge of ginger. Red and green should never be seen, and fucking ginger green should be shot.. I wanted to violently ill. The person responsible for these pictures should probably just give-up and get a proper job. I'm not sure what use they could realistically be to anyone...

Went to UEA to see Robert, I was given one to one maths tuition for an hour, it rocked !! Sometimes Robert likes to give lots of background history. Some of the stuff he talks about seems like pure alchemy and blows my mind, fantastic..

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Power of a Good Shower

OMG it's so good to have access to a power shower again !! No exaggeration, I could spend hours feeling clean while the water pounds my neck and down the spine. No joke, I believe a good power shower in a small way helps..

caught a lift into Norwich with mum. Mum is an excellent driver, but recently I've noticed some careless habits. She attempted to overtake a lorry on a hill and when it was obvious that we were in danger, continued to overtake. After we barely made it past safely, and the lorry driver honked his horn repeatedly, she said, "Oh, I should really be wearing my glasses !!" FFS

After tea and coffee, thanks to mum. we kissed goodbye and I left to return some books to the library.

I paid a visit to the UEA to find-out how much money I owe them. I've thought of a new job finding tactic. As you might expect, it's not revolutionary just abit creepy. I will buy a UEA t-shirt to go job hunting in, maybe then I will look less like a loser. Hahaha !! (more of a loser maybe :)

Took a brief look around the UEA library. I never found the book I was looking for!!! The problem is that I kept being distracted by so many other journals. Stopping to flick through everything that caught my eye, I could have got lost in there.

I never realised the maths dude still worked through the holiday. I made an appointment to see him Monday.

Caught the bus to the Broadland Business estate. Enquired about a few jobs and was directed to a temporary make-shift office. The office was a agency situated inside a transport container. I assume the container arrived on these shores fully equipped, office workers included. (Heh_ a bit racist :) I don't mean it, I just hate people~ XD

Near to the Broadland Business Park is the Norvic Clinic. This is where you end-up if you're mentally disturbed and fallen foul of the law. There are some old disused building there. I spent some time taking photos and exploring.

(Just recently I have been re-visiting my past, for me, it's very important that I remember.)

Through the use of twitter I found out about the live stream of the 'OpenVideo Conference.' I stupidly thought I would message Steve about it. Steve isn't interested in anything that won't get him marks towards his little degree. I haven't met any proper computer people...yet ???


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Competition is Good

Spent the whole day in my room listening to Spotify and searching old friends on Facebook. In a strange kind of way it's been quite therapeutic seeing the pictures of old friends and girlfriends from my past. It's especially good when you see that they are now fat and married and/or now have kids. Mehehe !!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bizzaro World

Today I finally took a little foray into the 'Chava-sphere' of Holt. Did nothing, but at the very lleast I caught some time away from my computer.

Just for fun I created a fictitious person on Facebook. I can't believe I got a friend request. So funny !!! Thing is their page is written in Fasi.

Discovered a load of learning material including language programmes on you tube. The Open university channel...

I read issue #66 of Phrack Magazine. Somehow I got sidetracked from reading 'Shellcoder's Programming Uncovered.'

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Take a Pill

According to the book 'Shellcoder's Programming Uncovered.' Hackers, to be on the safe side, isolate themselves from the outer world, reduce social contact to the minimum, and hide in a lonely den enjoying hacking. Not because they are fat and boring and everyone hates them, but to avoid detection. Heh_#

Spent all day in a dark room. Took loads of headache pills to kill the pain. I never use to use any pills or medicine, now I'm not so bothered.

Read this:

Tuesday looks okay for surf ??? Not great :(

Mobile signal is as always absolute bollocks here !!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Mum came to help me move-out at 6 a.m. After making two trips home I just about met the deadline of 10 a.m. I noticed a guy from my course who's well known for being slack (more slack than me.) He had locked himself out of the building, this was at the point we should have been packed and out. Hilarious !!!

I'm back in the countryside. Land of fuck-off big farming vehicles and soft tissue paper. It's so quiet here. First thing I did on returning home was to set-up my pc. Close the door, close the curtains, and listen to some music. Still hacked-off.. Feeling like someones stolen something (moan moan.)

Now I'm back near the sea (but with no car) I hope to get some surfing done, then, let the healing begin (sink or swim ??)

Send me emails if you like. I feel like death.

Made use of my dads On Demand tv. Watched a documentary called 'Death Machines.' The most horrendous of which had to be the 'Brazen Bull.' A bronze bull sculpture that people were locked in while it's heated over a fire pit. As the super heated air slowly suffocated them from the inside, there's a trumpet attached to the bull's mouth. The victims only option was to breath fresh air through the trumpet creating a low melodic scream.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chance no More

Applied for student finance. Met Chris, we went for a walk, then Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. We looked like a couple of gays. (And if your offended by that, you have to ask yourself, why???)

I feel beaten-up... Which incidentally __________________ .

Been listening to a lot of Faith no More.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Era

Like Dr Sam Becket in 'Quantum Leap' I'm expecting to begin a new chapter in my life. I've virtually said goodbye to all the people I've failed to be friends with and it's time to move on. A day of pushing the buttons (which I should remember to do.) Just keep going !!! As a wise Budo instructor repeatedly said...

I made a visit to 'Chopsticks' to go see Fen. Her Niece was at the counter. I always had the feeling they didn't know who I was. They work so hard and serve so many people through-out the week. But the lady behind the counter knew what my usual was, "vegetable noodle please !!!" Fen came down from upstairs and sat with me. Her niece translated. Fen's niece said that because she's always working she never has time to practice English conversation with anybody. They have been in England for four years now. We briefly discussed the possibility of teaching each other our respective languages.

I left, attempting a thank-you in Chinese, which I think is Xie-Xie...not sure. I was slightly embarrassed at my lack of knowledge about China. Everyone should read as much as they can.

I left with a big smile on my face !! Though something was on my mind, I had to basically say goodbye to someone today. I'm blocking it from my mind because I know it will trouble my thoughts greatly..

Messed about with airplay-ng...

Sometime ago now I was standing in a Berlin Record store and reminded of the band 'Faith No More.'

Yuko came to see me. She returned my DVDs and paid me the pleasure of her company for awhile. As she left I knew I would probably never see her again.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Nerve of the Curve

I received an email from Fen the lady from Beijing. What a surprise !! She is staying with her niece who runs 'Chopsticks' the noodle bar I always visit.

Last night Hugo the guy in the room next to mine knocked on my door. It was about 2am, I was expecting him to complain about the music I was playing or something. I opened my door to see Hugo standing there with his suitcase. He handed me his room key and said that he was leaving. I wished him a good journey and we shook hands. He seemed nervous. I was thinking maybe he was doing a runner and not paying the rest of his rent LOL. I doubt that's the case. Later, after trying to sleep, I thought I would check-out his room. There were three large plastic bags full of stuff. Being a Pikey I rummaged through the bags and found myself some Starbucks' mugs (don't like Starbucks, but I'll give them to my parents) A bag of nut chocolate sweets. Some tins of French Pate.(don't eat meat) I left the flip-flops Hahah !!! (but I had to think about that one ;) Some paper clips and board pins. There was also a book on chemistry, but I left that too.

Had another bad lonely day today, I sometimes think I can feel her arms around my shoulders, best to try forget. I always said I wouldn't ever let anyone get to me again... Reading her last email to me, there's no sign of any intention never to see me again. She ends with " see you soon :) " IT MAKES NO SENSE !!! Maybe I scared her. Went for a walk around the BBC curve theatre. Took some photos just incase I forgot some of the worst days of my life, still to get worse...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Turn, Turn and Turn

I already wrote an entry for today, but it was very sad !!! I want to write something entertaining, up-lifting and dare I say happy.

No chance, another bad day..
I shut myself in my room, for the sake of public safety ...

Went to the post room. I was expecting a letter with ten quid in it. It's lost or stolen. You decide ..

The BNP won two seats, what the fuck is wrong with this country. PAH !!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

In from the Cold

I'm feeling slightly happy this morning. At the cathedral I spoke to a woman from Beijing. Through the service, I tried to keep the 'service sheet' in view for her to see what was going on. There was quite a large language barrier. With the help of her translator machine, I found-out she was a tourist, and had travelled to Edinburgh, Cambridge, and London. She has seen more of the United Kingdom than I have !!! Heh_

I wrote my email address and the URL of this blog on a notepad for her. Now I'm scared of the possibility that she might read and understand this blog. She will know then just how weird and slightly mental I am.

It's raining, and I couldn't think of anything good to do. If I had money, I would have liked to have taken her for tea. curses !!! Instead I shook hands with her and said goodbye :( I'm rubbish at communicating.

It was so nice to meet her.

I've just realised some interesting connections between people on Facebook. With this, and feeling that stuff in my room has been moved, or, sometimes things are switched on or off when I return. I'm not sure, I might be paranoid but I can't say I'm bothered much...

Secretly, I know I'm right !!!

OMG, I've looked further. There's a whole freaking network of people here !!! I'm going to have to map this-out on paper .

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Picture This

I got nothing... Felt quite down today. Through mind control I managed to stay grounded. Went to supermarket, then at the very last moment I changed my mind. Tried to find an alternative place to buy vegetables. The market had started to close, so I was forced to shop at Sainsburys. I bought one onion, a pot of cream, biscuits, and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I really wish today hadn't happened; in a funny kind of way, it didn't. Read some stuff on scanning login.php interfaces using 'burp suite'. I'm not a script kiddie, honest !!!

Thanks to twitter I found some pictures someone took on a recent visit to the 'UEA Server Room'. It's nice to know they think so much about security.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mexican Wave

Went for a walk about. Saw the free-runner people again... They're getting pretty good. One particular guy I keep noticing ever since I last saw him run-up quite a high wall. They really love themselves !!! And they probably should. They took turns to launch themselves off a park bench and perform a forward somersault. I would have Ustreamed them or asked for an interview. It would have been good work...

Walking through campus Steve called. Steve and his mate were sitting in the Union bar. Steve bought me a pint, I couldn't return the favour as I didn't bring money. Still, I didn't feel too bad, as I made that meal for him. Steve's mate Andrew is actually quite cool, surprisingly !!! Some other people came-over to speak, but I just stood laughing in the right places in the conversation, looking like a prick with my EeePc under my arm. After a couple of hours I left to go sit in my room.

The Beard Strikes Back

Made a visit to the community Hospital today to go see the dermatologist. After some confusion over my present address, I was given a seat and told to wait. Two old men in the waiting room were discussing how they had just been made unemployed after many years of service.

The doctor was Italian, which is okay, 'cept every so often I had to embarrassingly ask him to please repeat himself, as I hadn't understood what he was saying. He got me to take my top off and lay on the bench. I had briefly mentioned a rash that I use to have near my groin, he was now asking me to show him. I blurted-out that it wasn't really there anymore. I'm sure I saw a little smirk on his face, as I tried to talk my way out of showing him. He stood over me, and I started to undo the lovely bow tied knot on my shorts. It felt like what I imagine the plot to a gay porno would be like. Undoing the bow on my shorts like opening a gift wrapped present. He took a brief look and said everything was fine. Then examined my back and armpits. If only I hadn't tied that bow knot on the front of my shorts !!!

I walked into the city to drink coffee. Two middle aged women sat with me. I think they felt sorry for me, as I looked very lonely listening to my Ipod on the couch. I couldn't hear their conversation as I had my headphones in. But there was some strange body language, and they looked to be trying to catch my attention. I made sure I didn't make eye contact. It sounds racist but I'm just not interested in English people anylonger. Can't even pretend to care... Saying that, I'm sure it wont be long before I just feel nothing for anyone.

Back at campus I went to the polling station to vote. The woman in the polling station was sat by herself, nobody else about. I made my vote then enquired how many others had been to vote ?? Apparently only about 84 others, quite low turn-out.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm starting to wonder about this blog again :/ It's actually slightly embarassing that I haven't done anything interesting the past couple of years now. My English hasn't improved either. I would outline what my weekend was like for you but it was shit. Except seeing that person pass-out on a bungee rope at university, fucking hillarious. Everyone thought he was dead or something, I resisted the urge to get my camera out and live stream the event while they placed him in the recovery position. Been doing alot of running, I've started to look slightly mental again because I've got nothing to do, 'cept read AND SURF THE NET.

I did some tests with Ustream on my Iphone. Yes, it was shit... (I'm making extra special effort to try swear as much as I can. WHY ??? MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS.)

Ian Gibson MP got deselected from the taking part in the elections tomorrow.

Going home soon. One moment, let me reflect on my time in accommodation at UEA.. Disaster~ still it's a wonder I haven't stabbed anyone. I'm sure a few people thought I might.

He's some youtube stuff I found that my lecturer did research in:

I thank~You, BE SEEING YOU !!!