Monday, June 29, 2009

The Votes are In

Successful completion of Academic Year

The Board of Examiners recently met to consider your performance during the past
academic year and I am pleased to confirm that you have met the progression criteria
to enable you to progress to the next stage of your degree course. You can review a
full set of your results online by accessing the Student Portal, selecting the
Academic tab and then selecting Student View where you will find a container called
“Assessment Details”. Within this container is a link called “Online Marks
Statement” which you should click on.

Don't know how that happened !!! I'm pleased anyway..

Today involved sitting next to three beautiful Chinese girls on the bus into Norwich. Extra maths, with my friend Dr Robert. (being my friend just means that you've spoken to me, and generally acknowledged my existence.) Also today I was aproached by the police. I was sitting on the pavement browsing the internet on my Iphone. They pretended that they were checking if I was okay. That would have been believable except he said he thought he had seen a can of drink. I said that I didn't drink and stood to face him. He then said it was fine for me to sit, that's fine !!! Oh, well thank-you. Now fuck-off...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Now the real work begins:) Study as much as you can in the summer holiday and do lots of background reading, it will make the second year much easier.


Anonymous said...

Cheers kara' and Thanks for your email Cor,

Let's do this !!!