Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweep Dreams from your Hair

Woken to the sound of dad sweeping the outside paving slabs. I'm fairly definite when I say it's one of his tactics to make me wake-up and do something with my life. All through-out his life he's been a hard working engineer, telling him some bullshit like I'm a writer just won't cut it. I can honestly say it has no effect what so ever, he would just laugh at me.

Travelled into Norwich to see Robot for maths. Maths wasn't until 14:00pm so I went to Norwich Art Centre to see if there was anything interesting. OMFG utter shite!!! sOmeone I've never heard of has a photo exhibition, depicting scenes from a book or film that he never bothered to finish. The photography was utter bollocks. At first I thought it must have been pictures from a children's competition. And the models in the photos, completely unconvincing. One was of a child dressed in a suit, sitting in a green leather chair. The picture was given a supposedly warm tinge of ginger. Red and green should never be seen, and fucking ginger green should be shot.. I wanted to violently ill. The person responsible for these pictures should probably just give-up and get a proper job. I'm not sure what use they could realistically be to anyone...

Went to UEA to see Robert, I was given one to one maths tuition for an hour, it rocked !! Sometimes Robert likes to give lots of background history. Some of the stuff he talks about seems like pure alchemy and blows my mind, fantastic..

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