Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Era

Like Dr Sam Becket in 'Quantum Leap' I'm expecting to begin a new chapter in my life. I've virtually said goodbye to all the people I've failed to be friends with and it's time to move on. A day of pushing the buttons (which I should remember to do.) Just keep going !!! As a wise Budo instructor repeatedly said...

I made a visit to 'Chopsticks' to go see Fen. Her Niece was at the counter. I always had the feeling they didn't know who I was. They work so hard and serve so many people through-out the week. But the lady behind the counter knew what my usual was, "vegetable noodle please !!!" Fen came down from upstairs and sat with me. Her niece translated. Fen's niece said that because she's always working she never has time to practice English conversation with anybody. They have been in England for four years now. We briefly discussed the possibility of teaching each other our respective languages.

I left, attempting a thank-you in Chinese, which I think is Xie-Xie...not sure. I was slightly embarrassed at my lack of knowledge about China. Everyone should read as much as they can.

I left with a big smile on my face !! Though something was on my mind, I had to basically say goodbye to someone today. I'm blocking it from my mind because I know it will trouble my thoughts greatly..

Messed about with airplay-ng...

Sometime ago now I was standing in a Berlin Record store and reminded of the band 'Faith No More.'

Yuko came to see me. She returned my DVDs and paid me the pleasure of her company for awhile. As she left I knew I would probably never see her again.

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