Friday, June 05, 2009

The Beard Strikes Back

Made a visit to the community Hospital today to go see the dermatologist. After some confusion over my present address, I was given a seat and told to wait. Two old men in the waiting room were discussing how they had just been made unemployed after many years of service.

The doctor was Italian, which is okay, 'cept every so often I had to embarrassingly ask him to please repeat himself, as I hadn't understood what he was saying. He got me to take my top off and lay on the bench. I had briefly mentioned a rash that I use to have near my groin, he was now asking me to show him. I blurted-out that it wasn't really there anymore. I'm sure I saw a little smirk on his face, as I tried to talk my way out of showing him. He stood over me, and I started to undo the lovely bow tied knot on my shorts. It felt like what I imagine the plot to a gay porno would be like. Undoing the bow on my shorts like opening a gift wrapped present. He took a brief look and said everything was fine. Then examined my back and armpits. If only I hadn't tied that bow knot on the front of my shorts !!!

I walked into the city to drink coffee. Two middle aged women sat with me. I think they felt sorry for me, as I looked very lonely listening to my Ipod on the couch. I couldn't hear their conversation as I had my headphones in. But there was some strange body language, and they looked to be trying to catch my attention. I made sure I didn't make eye contact. It sounds racist but I'm just not interested in English people anylonger. Can't even pretend to care... Saying that, I'm sure it wont be long before I just feel nothing for anyone.

Back at campus I went to the polling station to vote. The woman in the polling station was sat by herself, nobody else about. I made my vote then enquired how many others had been to vote ?? Apparently only about 84 others, quite low turn-out.

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