Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attacked Again

It snowed, I got attacked by a twat.

I've been just thinking about databases and trying to forget everything else.
The Greek idiot is spitting at me when I walk out of the building.
Whenever I remember, I get so fucking angry!! I have started drinking Guinness before bed. I think Bigm000 might be going to bed permanently.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Whenever you get told off by human resources at work, they will usually tell you that, "this is unacceptable!!!" Just recently for the last couple of days, I have been very unacceptable. I will become better and realise some of the things I think and do must not happen any longer. Bad M000!!! I went to the army surplus to buy lots of green German military clothing.

I noticed that the girl from the coffee shop was at the bus stop, but she didn't get-on, but, she walked past me as I got off the bus at the UEA.

I went to see 'Ghost World' today at the Odeon. It was entertaining but nothing great.

Alex and Yuko came to see me tonight. Alex has planned a dinner party thingy for tomorrow. I'm not sure if I should go. I have work to do, but I don't want to upset Alex if I haven't already. I'm such an indecisive tit.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stay Away

Norwich Cathedral have a tactic of putting old people on guard, whilst Church services are in progress. Their main task is to meet and greet visitors to the Cathedral. Unfortunately what they actually do is pretend they don't know who you are, and try their best to persuade you not to go inside.

(click) Here is some Information about some Nice Cheese

I went to Marks and Spencer to buy some crackers and cheese. I picked-up the first wedge of Stilton I saw, then very quickly put it back after realising my mistake. It cost 11 quid. I also bumped into Shawn who has got himself a weekend job. From what I could see his job consists of wearing bad clothes and having to be friendly to TWATS, including me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bored Control

A lady in the Cathedral stopped me to talk about the 'Battle of Britain' lace that's on display. I already knew everything about the lace depicting spitfires and the bombing of London, but felt that she really needed someone to tell. So I pretended to be interested until some Americans came and took over.

Nearly another fight in the street today.

Just recently I have been mumbling German words on the bus, yes OK, that's not good. But today, on my way home a large group of German people boarded. Filling the air with what German people do.

I know all this might sound strange, but just recently I'm finding it hard to bite my lip and stay silent.
Spent two hours youtubing Ian Curtis.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've heard it before, and I heard someone else say it today, "Happiness is a choice."
In extreme situations like the orphans in Romania; is happiness still a choice ? No, I don't think so...but maybe in Norwich England; where we can find distractions from our worries, happiness for ourselves maybe a choice.

I sometimes worry that someone will ask me what I'm thinking while I ride the bus home. It isn't pretty..

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Marked Marked Man

For some reason my cheap printer didn't include a USB2 cable. You have to purchase it separately. So I spent more money today buying USB cable, printing paper, a mini fridge and fish 'n' chips. Hahaha!!!

The mini fridge, though very un-green of me, is so good. one-day I will be able to use it to transport vaccines to needy people in remote areas, on my motorcycle. At the moment I'm using it to store cheese and two pints of milk.

Had a look in the cathedral. There seemed to be some kind of meeting going on. Someone had asked the panel of religious people (not sure who they were, think vicar / nuns) about same sex partners. I appeared from the back of the seated crowd, and I think scared them, as suddenly they decided the meeting was over. I guess they probably thought I was from the gay mafia, come to make sure they said the right thing.

Been looking around Japan resort in Second Life recently..there's nobody there, like first life. I typed this last sentence with my feet.

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Metta

(Click) The Soup Nazi (Click) The Best Seinfeld Episode...

Woke up late at 9:30, too late to go to math lecture. Pooo!!! Took a shower and dressed to go into the city. Went to the Buddhist Centre, for meditation lesson. Met someone new, a guy called Andrew. Andrew has previously been to UEA and done a master's degree in Biology. Tom was trying to get people who volunteer at the centre, to give him a quote on why volunteering is such a good idea. I would have tried to help him, but anything with my name on will instantly loose all credibility and value.

Despite spending some time talking about not buying material stuff; I bought a cheap printer for 35 Squid. I carried the printer home on the bus trying not to kneecap people on the way. errr.. well I didn't try too hard...obviously!!

Dumped my printer in my room, then went to see a guy at the 'Dean of Student's Office.' Ian Gillespie was just about to go home, but, very kindly returned to his office to discuss my problems. He listened and gave me another contact detail. It looks like I will have to try and swap rooms. Then hopefully I will be away from nutjob.

For dinner I ate five dohnuts.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Drowning the Blind

Travelled home to restock on DVDs, books and CDs, and do some clothes washing. Dad said I could have his bike so I took it for a test ride down the end of the road and back again. If I find somewhere to put it I will happily take it off his hands.

My parents gave me a lift back to the UEA just in time to go see the film showing of 'Occupation 101.' I recognised some people from 'Stop the War' there but didn't say hello. I returned to my room alone to eat humus and stilton crackers.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Drinking coffee, eating dohnuts. Hugging pillows. Listening to Chinese people talk. Drinking monkey tea. Eating crackers and stilton. Reading about PKCS#12.

( Click) Please come join me for Monkey Tea ? ( Click )

Monday, November 03, 2008

Seven Three Japanda

There are no lectures this week 'cept math. Went to the 'Copper Kettle' for a vegetarian breakfast. I plagiarised some text from a magazine about Microsoft registery forensics. Came home watched some crap online, browsed Facebook. Because this week at UEA it's a reading week, Japanda Lesson was cancelled. I intended to leave my room for 10 minutes; but, ended-up riding the busses, walking the streets eating junk food. Came home with a packet of biscuits and two tubes of Pringles.

Here's a picture of a Vampire monkey:

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Smeg Head

I got pushed and shouted at again today.

More Soup?

I actually made some applications for work today. Just small part-time work, though I get the impression I may have left things too late. I definitely need some money, I'm totally skint.

Spent some time throwing away old letters from old jobs. After everything was tidy I went to heat some soup for tonight's bonfire and fireworks. I had just bought a cheap new flask, but pouring the soup into the flask was tricky. Most of the soup went over the kitchen sink.

At six o'clock I stood outside and waited for Kuyo to arrive. No big surprise, but it was raining outside and slightly chilly.

I'm such a fool, under my instruction we walked to Eaton park not Earlham. Obviously as we approached Eaton park I realised I had got it wrong. Yuko I think knew but didn't say anything, thinking maybe I knew something she didn't. Hahah!! no chance. We walked back into campus, where Yuko took some pictures of me with my inverted umbrella and the UEA with fireworks in the background which just looked like a picture of UEA on fire.

Finally finding the right place we spent some time walking in the rain and mud. We followed a procession of people holding large puppet skeletons and banging drums down to the bonfire. As we waited kids were chanting, "burn him!!" After a long wait they finally set the fire. It wasn't very good. We looked around the fair which was crap.

When the fireworks finally started it was actually, impressive. Though the idea that I was still in Norwich spoilt it. Some dude kept speaking over a Tanoy system, which made him sound like Alan Partridge. After the fireworks we walked back-out through the mud, where I thanked Yuko and headed home, cold, wet and covered in mud.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Crying Shame?

I intended to get a job today. Traveled into the city. My aim was to use the buses to get to a business estate where the company offering work was located. Though, when I studied the bus timetable, I realised, it would have been impossible for me to travel in early enough in the morning, ready to start work...6am. Must find something closer.

My wish to cry was granted. It came in the form of a dream. I dreamt I was able to cry, it felt like such a relief.

I watched 'The Ipcress File,' and googled for 'flower dogs,' go on do it!!! I promise you will be amused.

Haven't been on Second Life for awhile. I miss my friends err... friend.