Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It seems my right clavicle never healed properly and I'm in need of surgery. I had an appointment to see the specialist last week in which the surgeon tried his best to embarrass me. Waiting in the partitioned examination room in walked the surgeon and three women clasping clip-boards. I was wearing one of those strange gowns that they give you. The surgeon examined my shoulder and asked why my arm was covered in red blotches. The night before I epillated the whole of my arm and shoulder which left red Marks all-over. Suddenly he told me that I shouldn't have done it, and he couldn't operate until the marks had disappeared. He further examined my left shoulder and after measuring both clavicles with measuring tape prescribed me anti-biotics. Actually he was okay, I was just alittle embarrassed to be standing in front of the women. I will go for a pre-assessment Wednesday. Think he said something about taking some bone from my hip to encourage the growth around the metal plate they're shoving in.