Monday, October 27, 2008

No Pay Today

After my lectures today I went to the city, sat drinking coffee, and played with Excel spreadsheets on my laptop. I thought I might collapse from lack of food so I bought fish and chips. I'm not usually buying chips since the great chip eating experiment of 2007. Where after work I would buy chips everyday until my stomach started to wobble. I sat in the park eating my dry fish and greasy chips, watching the street people and chavs playing football.

Got a book from the Library, 'Object oriented Analysis'. Soon I will be able to catagories every living thing, and build a robotic army.

I wasn't upto seeing anyone today; this, plus having work to do, made me miss Japan Soc' lesson and meditation class.

Shaun was helping me install some software on my lappy when the flat buzzer went. We went to investigate. It was Yuko and Alex, I was in one of my moods, hence not going out. I was really pleased to see them, but I think they thought otherwise. I'm sure I gave them the wrong impression. Sometimes I just can't snap-out of it.

When Yuko and Alex left I went for a run. I thought this might help, but after the run I was still unfocused. I ran alone, I'm sick of coming last place. I sat naked for awhile crouched in the foetal position.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coincidences Occuring

I wasn't going to leave my room today. Just listen to Off the hook and Adam and Joe show.

I picked-up my calculator to make a calculation only to find the battery was dead. It's not surprising since I haven't used it for, like, four years. I went to buy some batteries but the campus shop was closed, so I caught the bus into the city. Could this be the most geekiest thing I have ever done? Buying batteries for my calculator on a Saturday night !!! I bumped into an old work colleague who is working as security at Chapafields, we had a brief conversation about what work we both do now. After purchasing some batteries from the petrol station I went for coffee at Marzanos.

I bought the latest edition of 2600 from borders, and caught the next bus home. Looking at the top deck I noticed Yuko. Sitting with Yuko I felt a bit embarrassed as I hadn't washed or dressed properly, I only expected to be outside for ten minutes max!!! I was a little scared she would say no, but I invited Yuko back to my room to watch a Allan Partridge DVD. After we watched a few episodes I offered to walk Yuko home, but she said she would be OK. I hope she made it back safely..

Link: New Improved peachFuzzer.

Link: Security Conference, Tokyo

The Price is Right...

Went to my math leacture. The crazy Greek person was there. I could feel him staring at me from across the leacture theatre. I didn't look, and got stuck in to the math. At the end I spoke to some others on my course about him. They too have had trouble with him. What the fuck is wrong with him?

I saw Shaun in the campus shop, another of my flat mates. Don't think it would be wise to explain what Shaun has done previously before University, but he has spent some time in the military, in Iraq. We walked back to the flat together. The Islamic Centre across the road had set-up a stall selling nuts and drinks. We went over to have a look. They welcomed us, and explained that they sold to the Islamic community. The stuff they were selling was cheap. I bought some mango juice for a quid, which is good for English prices. Shaun got to practice some of his Arabic.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caught the bus early into the city to get presents for my nephew and niece, plus, a birthday card for my sister. I returned to campus just in time to receive her call, telling me they had arrived and were waiting in the car park. When I got to the car park they weren't there, so I waited for their return. They had gone to look around the Sainsbury centre and the Henry Moore sculpture. My Nephew seemed excited to see me. Carrying my nephew on my back we walked to my room. My sister and her partner seemed to like the room, but the kids were wondering why it was so small, Heh.

After tea we left to go have lunch at the Greenhouse. My sister and I had the vegetarian paella, Fi, soup, and the kids some salad, Peta bread and hummus. After some shopping we returned, and we said goodbye.

Later I met with Alex to go to the 'International Students Sushi Night'. We went to buy drink from the shop, I bought some fair trade Chardonnay. Alex had his usual 'Merry Down'. We were a bit early so we walked about for awhile, then joined the queue for the party. Nobody else seemed to have brought drink with them, so I made Alex put my bottle in his bag. Someone was walking about taking photos; I hate that.

Entering the party seemed to be a process not unlike passport control. After showing ID a number of question were asked, name, where are you from? Somehow saying, Norwich or, here, didn't register that I was from England. Alex and I sat down and after some soup, the sushi lesson began.

A guy called Adrian acted as translator for a cute Japanese student who showed us how to make sushi. Another girl of about 20 arrived and started to touch-up Alex under the table. She could only be described as being sexually aggressive, Alex got caught in a sarcastic argument with her. Then Alex gave back as good as he got, and some more. For some reason she turned to me and asked what course I was doing? And am I afraid of her? I just said yes and continued on with my life. By this time Alex and I thought it would be best to break-out the booze, just before the lesson in origami. I get the feeling that Hiro thought we might be drunk, as he came over with some green tea for us to drink, and possibly sober-up.

Towards the end of the evening the crazy woman was pushing herself up against me whilst clearing the table. I got-up for the group photo. When I was talking to a Japanese girl I had met previously the crazy woman shoulder barged into her from behind. I managed to stand between them so that she couldn't do it again.

Alex invited Yuko over to my room. The rest of the night was spent watching Black Adder DVD and Peepshow. We walked Yuko home, then I walked to Alex's and back. I almost felt normal, I was walking home at 2 in the morning after having drunk alcohol..I think that's what normal people do.. isn't it ?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Touch me, well I'm Sick...

My Information Systems lecturer decided to move the Friday lecture to today. Unfortunately I didn't get the email telling us what room to go to and at what time.

I helped at the Buddhist Centre cleaning and was asked if I would like to go on retreat this weekend. I don't think I can spare the money. I spent most of the day reading math and drinking coffee.

The Greek person in my flat, who is living across the hall, has been acting strange. He has been ignoring me, which, isn't something to get stressed about, But, I just keep saying hello and being friendly. On Sunday when his girlfriend was over, I happened to walk into the kitchen where they were preparing food. I said hello, and he spoke back to me instead of ignoring me. He was only friendly because his girlfriend was there. Today I came from my room just as he entered the hall. I had a plate with left-overs of fish, because of the last time I walked past him in the hall I had to get-out of the way to let him pass, I made a joke of the situation by putting my back against the wall, in an exaggerated fashion to let him pass. He then started to say if I keep provoking him he will hit me, I asked him what was wrong? but he won't explain what I have done. I then went to the kitchen to clear my plate. Steph was in the kitchen and heard everything. Once before he was complaining that a Chinese person hit him in the head with their bag. He was talking about going to a solicitor; the guy isn't all there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garlic Bread !!!

I've been looking for a part-time job. I went to ASDA to ask about work, and also did some shopping. While waiting to pay for my shopping I watched the automated self service checkouts. Unsurprisingly one of the terminals wasn't working, about four members of staff stood around it wondering what to do. I quizzed the lady serving me about how often they broke, she started to become suspicious and wanted to know why I was so interested. I explained that I was studying information systems at University.

Back in Norwich it was a nice warm day, lots of people, shopping at the European market and farmer stalls. I managed to mindfully walk without incident through the crowds of people, up until a point when a man just started shouting at me. He had walked in front of me and said sorry. I just continued to walk on. He then started shouting sorry over and over. He then said that I looked at him as if he was an alien and when do I come from ? And I should have said sorry to him. I told him to calm down. I then sat down outside the shop next into which he had gone. At the same time as I got up from my seat, he came out of the shop. He then started to shout at me about, am I following him !! I asked if he was o.k. and maybe he should go see a doctor. I then reported him to the police, which wont do much, but it made me feel better.

Maybe I will say sorry to him now, here in this blog. IM SORRY YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Did some work on excel spreadsheets, and talked more about Information Systems. At seven O'clock Alex came to Constable Terrace (where I'm living) we bought some drink from the campus shop, then went to the welcome party of the Japan Society. Alex knew a few others also attending. We ate Japanese food and talked to Japanese people. I had a good time, but things may have been different if Alex hadn't been there, it's always good to have backup.. I always accuse Alex of being a government agent; he has never denied it. Hahah!!! And he accurately guessed some of my Internet viewing habits. After the party we walked Yuko home to the UEA Village.

Later just as I was getting ready for bed, the fire alarm started. We all stood outside in the moonlite sky in our pyjamas and night gowns, me, bare foot with jeans and a t-shirt, it was a little cold.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Went to see a film being shown by Norwich Stop the War. It was the film documentary of the protests outside the EDO factory in Brighton. Andy Street was there, one of the main organizers. Also, Alex appeared from out of the blue, as he sometimes does. As Alex and I spoke I mentioned Japan Society, as it happens there was a Japanese Lady sat next to me, and she told us that she also was going to the welcome party tomorrow. After the film, Alex, Yuko and I went to the graduate bar to talk. At the grad-bar we met with more Japanese people, including Hisashi who was my teacher at the Japanese language lesson. Alex did a good job of creating conversation. If it was left to me there would probably been many lull periods..DUH!! we learnt new Japanese word for messy or dirty...bachi!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dress for Success

I've been buying new clothes, due to the fact that after wearing combats for a week, I suddenly realised I have no trousers to wear. So really what I'm saying is, "why the fuck have people stopped walking into me just because I'm wearing new trainers and jeans, and I shaved my beard off !!!" Just a little observation of mine. People are dumb!!!

In today's lecture they spent bloody ages explaining Logarithms. My old 'AS' revision book managed, half a page, to explain Log laws. nuff said..

Yesterday I attended the Japan Society Language lesson. There was lots of nice people. One by one we stood-up and introduced ourselves in Japanese. The guy who taught me, gave me a piece of paper with the introduction written-out. Unfortunately he wrote it in Kana, so I just said my name and pleased to meet you as my kana isn't that strong to just read fluently. There was a young girl attending, she was very brave and introduced herself like everyone else.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Morning Run

Went for a run at 6am. It was still dark outside, I couldn't really see where I was going. I started off energetically across the flat patch of grass outside, forgetting that there's a one foot drop where the grass meets the road. This actually turned-out to be a good thing. As I felt myself drop I performed zenpo kaiten (like a forward roll) and rolled out to carry on running. I continued around the lake buggering over at least a further four times in the mud. After, I took a shower, caked in mud.

One of the other students in my flat commented in the kitchen about the 'Silence of the Lamb' book series. She had just finished reading them all. I was forced to read 'Red Dragon' by a friend, and so, happily I was able to agree it was an awesome book.

I've sat in all day watching the news and Black Adder on DVD. I want to get the film '21'. Looks like it could be good.

Hmmm... might go for a walk around the lake, plan a safer route.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pairs of Teeth

Got-up 8:45 am, after a shower I was in math lecture by 9am, Awesome...
built a computer, learnt something about information systems
I'm glad to be doing what I want, but I still feel CURSED!!!

I spent some time trying to cry, but I can't do it.