Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garlic Bread !!!

I've been looking for a part-time job. I went to ASDA to ask about work, and also did some shopping. While waiting to pay for my shopping I watched the automated self service checkouts. Unsurprisingly one of the terminals wasn't working, about four members of staff stood around it wondering what to do. I quizzed the lady serving me about how often they broke, she started to become suspicious and wanted to know why I was so interested. I explained that I was studying information systems at University.

Back in Norwich it was a nice warm day, lots of people, shopping at the European market and farmer stalls. I managed to mindfully walk without incident through the crowds of people, up until a point when a man just started shouting at me. He had walked in front of me and said sorry. I just continued to walk on. He then started shouting sorry over and over. He then said that I looked at him as if he was an alien and when do I come from ? And I should have said sorry to him. I told him to calm down. I then sat down outside the shop next into which he had gone. At the same time as I got up from my seat, he came out of the shop. He then started to shout at me about, am I following him !! I asked if he was o.k. and maybe he should go see a doctor. I then reported him to the police, which wont do much, but it made me feel better.

Maybe I will say sorry to him now, here in this blog. IM SORRY YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

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