Monday, October 27, 2008

No Pay Today

After my lectures today I went to the city, sat drinking coffee, and played with Excel spreadsheets on my laptop. I thought I might collapse from lack of food so I bought fish and chips. I'm not usually buying chips since the great chip eating experiment of 2007. Where after work I would buy chips everyday until my stomach started to wobble. I sat in the park eating my dry fish and greasy chips, watching the street people and chavs playing football.

Got a book from the Library, 'Object oriented Analysis'. Soon I will be able to catagories every living thing, and build a robotic army.

I wasn't upto seeing anyone today; this, plus having work to do, made me miss Japan Soc' lesson and meditation class.

Shaun was helping me install some software on my lappy when the flat buzzer went. We went to investigate. It was Yuko and Alex, I was in one of my moods, hence not going out. I was really pleased to see them, but I think they thought otherwise. I'm sure I gave them the wrong impression. Sometimes I just can't snap-out of it.

When Yuko and Alex left I went for a run. I thought this might help, but after the run I was still unfocused. I ran alone, I'm sick of coming last place. I sat naked for awhile crouched in the foetal position.

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