Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Touch me, well I'm Sick...

My Information Systems lecturer decided to move the Friday lecture to today. Unfortunately I didn't get the email telling us what room to go to and at what time.

I helped at the Buddhist Centre cleaning and was asked if I would like to go on retreat this weekend. I don't think I can spare the money. I spent most of the day reading math and drinking coffee.

The Greek person in my flat, who is living across the hall, has been acting strange. He has been ignoring me, which, isn't something to get stressed about, But, I just keep saying hello and being friendly. On Sunday when his girlfriend was over, I happened to walk into the kitchen where they were preparing food. I said hello, and he spoke back to me instead of ignoring me. He was only friendly because his girlfriend was there. Today I came from my room just as he entered the hall. I had a plate with left-overs of fish, because of the last time I walked past him in the hall I had to get-out of the way to let him pass, I made a joke of the situation by putting my back against the wall, in an exaggerated fashion to let him pass. He then started to say if I keep provoking him he will hit me, I asked him what was wrong? but he won't explain what I have done. I then went to the kitchen to clear my plate. Steph was in the kitchen and heard everything. Once before he was complaining that a Chinese person hit him in the head with their bag. He was talking about going to a solicitor; the guy isn't all there.

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