Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coincidences Occuring

I wasn't going to leave my room today. Just listen to Off the hook and Adam and Joe show.

I picked-up my calculator to make a calculation only to find the battery was dead. It's not surprising since I haven't used it for, like, four years. I went to buy some batteries but the campus shop was closed, so I caught the bus into the city. Could this be the most geekiest thing I have ever done? Buying batteries for my calculator on a Saturday night !!! I bumped into an old work colleague who is working as security at Chapafields, we had a brief conversation about what work we both do now. After purchasing some batteries from the petrol station I went for coffee at Marzanos.

I bought the latest edition of 2600 from borders, and caught the next bus home. Looking at the top deck I noticed Yuko. Sitting with Yuko I felt a bit embarrassed as I hadn't washed or dressed properly, I only expected to be outside for ten minutes max!!! I was a little scared she would say no, but I invited Yuko back to my room to watch a Allan Partridge DVD. After we watched a few episodes I offered to walk Yuko home, but she said she would be OK. I hope she made it back safely..

Link: New Improved peachFuzzer.

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