Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Expensive Workout

James was my driver into Norwich today. I didn't recognise him at first because of his bus driver's uniform.

Met Tom along the way to the Buddhist centre. I told him about not being able to find anyone to write me a reference for my course application. He told me he might be able to help. It's a big problem for me. I never stay in touch with people and when it comes to recommendations or applications I'm screwed. I believe in Japan being recommended to people is important. If you are introduced to someone the person introducing is giving their endorsement that you are ok to do business with.

One of the order members suggested that I go live and work at the retreat centre.

After I done my bit at the centre I purchased return train tickets to Birmingham for the weekend at 65 UK pounds. It's not something I can really afford, but I'm going no matter what. This weekend will be the underground computer security conference 'Brumcon.' It should be better this year because a group of german hackers will be attending from the 'Chaos Computer Club.'

I spent a further 4 pounds for a bus to the University and back. And then more money for the Gym. Though it was all more money than I should spend it was good to be doing some exercise. On the bus back into the city centre, the driver had a shouting match with another road user. He got-out of his seat and opening the car driver's door shouted and then slammed it shut. Getting back into his cockpit the car driver got out and had a go !!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unfit for Duty

Woke up late today and when I finally made it outside there was light rain. By the time I had walked into town the rain was hammering down, I had to hide in a phone box while I waited for the bus.

I had lots of time to kill in the city. Walking around I was only shouted at twice by two *cough* ladies on two separate occasions both calling me a wanker... one was silenced when a policeman appeared on a bicycle. The other, walking out of Mc Donalds and bumping into me managed to drop her drink on the floor. I'm sorry but I don't give a fuck about them.

Also while I killed time. Some bloke stopped me and explained his story. He has just come from Nottingham to see his girlfriend who he found cheating on him. He then went on to explain that he's just been released from the police station for beating the crap out of someone. As proof he showed me his jeans saying, " look, I've still got the gizzas blood all over my jeans." He wanted two pounds off of me so that he could get to North Walsham and pick his car-up.

In the coffee shop I read in the paper about a streaming website that you can stream to from your mobile phone's camera. Eventually if your channel becomes popular and professionally made you may make some advertising revenue off of it WorldTV

I was feeling hungry, I thought I had better eat if I was going to do training. I ended-up at the City Gate pub. Not much has changed here since my last visit. Except there's now a stage. While I drank my orange juice and ate my chips the band warmed-up. I sat eating my chips whilst having to listen to the song 'Hotel California.' I wished I was dead.

I made it to Budo training at the OAC where there were about twelve others. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It wasn't much of a shock to find-out just how unfit I've become. After training everyone went to the bar. I was invited but I had to leave to catch my train home.

I keep sending people emails damnit but they aren't receiving them. And I can't get the Bicycle Mark website..what the fuck is going on..GGGRRRRRRRRRrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Mark picked me up to goto Narc. He had a friend with him who also holds a advanced amateur license.

James has been living away for awhile in Manchester. I think it was because he'd been doing a Finance degree at University. James is also a bus driver and works with Mark. At the club David the chairman gave a presentation about DFing 'Direction finding' contests. Some equipment was shown and stories told of last years competition. Last year they had the beacon on a boat, supposedly this caused some problems because of the signal interference with the water making it hard to locate. It's always funny when they hand around large directional Yagi antennas because of the possibility of someones eye being poked-out...Hahahah Nice.

David has had some kits made for the competition in June. What's good about this is that DF'ing can be done with just a receiver..no TX needed... Allegedly you're not meant to call it fox hunting anymore..but because of that reason alone I want to keep saying it out loud and as often as possible.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moo BahhhHHH !!!

I scrapped my car today. Though I know there was no reason for keeping it; it wasn't in any fit condition for the road. I remembered all of the trips I took down to Newquay surfing, to Blackpool for conferences and the Isle of Wight visiting relatives. The times at the local beach after a surf session, resting in the sun, feet-up on the dash.

The other day I made some enquires about a 'Electronic Engineers' position in Great Yarmouth. The woman from the agency said she would obtain my details from their Norwich branch and phone me back. Unsurprisingly I haven't heard anything.

After taking a different route to the Buddhist Centre avoiding Jonathan's trap to prevent me from getting there. I cleaned and dusted the shrine room. During tea we spoke to Tom about his canvassing in the local elections.

I happened to look at the Oriental Arts Centre website and noticed they run a Bujinken Taijutsu class on Thursdays. As I hadn't much to do I walked to the OAS but it was locked. I wish I could make it to Lowestoft and train with my old sensei but it's too far away. When I went to Lowestoft College last week I looked to see if the old training hall was still there, it was, but just barely, the windows were boarded-up and it looked in need of some repair.

I enquired in the 'Learning Shop' to finally try find-out what the code for the course I'm applying for is. Without telling anyone UCAS have seperated the course into three subjects.
  • 1. Business in Information Technology
  • 2. Computer End Users
  • 3. Software Engineering

  • I will be applying to do the Software Engineer's course.

    I walked back through the housing estates, back to mile cross. I looked in a motorbike shop. There's nobody in Norfolk that rents out motorcycles. Why not ?

    I then waited at a bus stop for about an hour for the right bus to arrive. It had to be a Sander's bus because I had a Sander's return ticket and the other buses all terminate in Sheringham.

    The bus ride home was better than usual. Because of the over 60's now receiving there International free bus pass I think there's more of them making use of the bus service that you wouldn't see normally. Today was fairly warm and the smell from the oil seed rape in the fields though not a pleasant smell made me feel happier than usual.

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Broken britain

    I can't believe I've seen a BNP part political broadcast aired by the BBC. In the past I have read that television channels have re-editted BNP broadcasts because of the fact that their hateful views were not fit for public consumption. The transmission stated the BNP policy on immigration as," Britain is full-up, it's time to shut the door for good !!"

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Today I watched this :

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008


    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    If I was Eighty years Younger..

    The new 2600 was in Borders. So I have bought that. I think from counting the last issues I'm the only person buying it. And even then, I'm not sure why ?

    On the way to the 'Buddhist centre' I bumped into Jonathan. He was sitting outside the coffee shop on Gentlemen's Walk. Johnathan hasn't been around for awhile. he explained that he'd been away in Berlin and Lubeck. Apparently he had been staying with an old friend who is now married with children, and that, things had gone wrong, as his friend's wife wouldn't let him stay. We spoke about how people change when they take on extra responsibility etc..marriage. On a good note he showed me a photo of his new young boyfriend he met in Lubeck. He's has now decided to move to Lubeck and live. The highlight of our conversation was when Johnathan announced in a loud clear voice, " there's a porn shop on every corner." he then went on to show me the postcard he was writting to his boyfriend, which was of two naked men.

    I left Jonathan to go to his meditation class. I walked a couple of miles to the University. On campus I bumped into another person from the 'Buddhist Centre.' I couldn't remember his name as we have only seen each other twice. He was on a lunch break from his part-time course he had been sent on, involving his work as a social worker. We sat outside the music school which was pleasant because of a woman practising her flute ( free live music :) I managed to quiz him on his work and on a science degree he had done. We also spent a good hour discussing Meditation and jobs that are ethical.

    After finding the correct department for science I made some enquires about a computer degree. I was asked if I minded waiting in a small cupboard for someone to speak to. After waiting for a couple of minutes, having read all the posters; unfortunately the person I was waiting for was too busy.

    I walked back to the city eating cashew nuts and drinking red bull. Bought a book on PHP,Apache and mysql. Then waiting for the bus home my old history teacher from way back appeared. It's hard to tell if he recognised an old pupil from 18 years ago with a full beard; he looked no different, and as I remember he was a fantastic teacher that also taught me to row. I didn't fancy explaining to him what I've done with my life, think I would rather have thrown myself in front of the bus than do that.

    At home I installed Apache and Mysql. After getting a working server up I played with some php scripts.

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Greetings from a Dead Man...

    I got up, had a shower, looked outside. Went to the ATM in town, became very angry. Punched a lamp post. Walked around for a bit. Picked the skin off my knuckles. Played second life. Spoke to some nice people. read a funny email. Went back to bed. Watched 'century of the Self' on google video, by Adam Curtis.

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    This morning there was ice on the road, but I'm getting use to the varying temperatures we are having. I continue to listen to 'Deutsch Plus' on my Ipod.

    Now every time I'm going to the buddhist centre I'm telling myself not to spend two hours talking crap to people, and possibly, keep my mouth shut. This is proving to be difficult. Something takes over, and I can't help but say the most stupid rubbish and it's more from a point of my feeling, ' I'm going to tell you if you like it or not.' Still, you've got to laugh !!!

    After cleaning at the centre, I distributed some leaflets, and then, drank coffee whilst reading my new book ' Cisco Routing Protocols.'

    The 'Learning Shop' in the Forum seemed to be closed for staff training. So instead I walked to Norwich City College, and see if they could give me advice about doing a degree in computer science. The college had an information centre, and inside a lady talked me through the options open to me. It seems I might either do one year in connection with University of East Anglia and City college which is more tailored towards business and e-commerce. Or, one year foundation course in science.

    I bought some cheap noodles off the market and some hot chilli Japanese crispy seaweed. Which was fucking expensive !!! Inside the Chinese shop I was the only white person, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said, which I kinda liked...Hahah I'm special...

    Friday, April 04, 2008

    Today I learnt many things. I watched a whole series of basic Japanese on Vaoh. I then watched some stuff on programming and downloaded 'xampp' which is a kind of lazy mans setup for developing PHP. I liked it very much because I'm very lazy, it takes no configuration to setup...just install it. But, I guess it opens a few security holes if left unconfigured. I listened to this weeks 'Off The Wall.' It was one of the funniest things I've heard in awhile. Eric gave a fantastic performance...

    Tony Benn's Five Questions for People in Power...

    • What Power have you got ?

    • Where did you get your Power ?

    • In Whos Interest do you Exercise it ?

    • To whom are you Accountable ?

    • How can We get Rid of you ?

    I f you can't get rid of the people that govern you, you're not living in a democratic system.

    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Weaponized Wapanese

    Today I visited Cromer Lifeboat. They were showing an interesting documentary on the construction and testing of the boat. I was really just killing time before I signed at the jobcentre. At the jobcentre there was two positions I was interested in.

    One as a trainee Locksmith and the other...
    " Previous experience in a similar role essential. Must have completed a recognised apprenticeship, must have full valid driving licence and experience of working with light machine guns, small arms and grenade launchers."

    Today was a warm day and people were in their summer clothing. I watched the sea muttering to myself and listening to a German Language CD on my Ipod.

    All of the BBC Japanese Language programmes may now be found by searching Veoh.com with the search term bigm000. Notice those 000 are numeric zeros.

    Online Videos by Veoh.com