Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moo BahhhHHH !!!

I scrapped my car today. Though I know there was no reason for keeping it; it wasn't in any fit condition for the road. I remembered all of the trips I took down to Newquay surfing, to Blackpool for conferences and the Isle of Wight visiting relatives. The times at the local beach after a surf session, resting in the sun, feet-up on the dash.

The other day I made some enquires about a 'Electronic Engineers' position in Great Yarmouth. The woman from the agency said she would obtain my details from their Norwich branch and phone me back. Unsurprisingly I haven't heard anything.

After taking a different route to the Buddhist Centre avoiding Jonathan's trap to prevent me from getting there. I cleaned and dusted the shrine room. During tea we spoke to Tom about his canvassing in the local elections.

I happened to look at the Oriental Arts Centre website and noticed they run a Bujinken Taijutsu class on Thursdays. As I hadn't much to do I walked to the OAS but it was locked. I wish I could make it to Lowestoft and train with my old sensei but it's too far away. When I went to Lowestoft College last week I looked to see if the old training hall was still there, it was, but just barely, the windows were boarded-up and it looked in need of some repair.

I enquired in the 'Learning Shop' to finally try find-out what the code for the course I'm applying for is. Without telling anyone UCAS have seperated the course into three subjects.
  • 1. Business in Information Technology
  • 2. Computer End Users
  • 3. Software Engineering

  • I will be applying to do the Software Engineer's course.

    I walked back through the housing estates, back to mile cross. I looked in a motorbike shop. There's nobody in Norfolk that rents out motorcycles. Why not ?

    I then waited at a bus stop for about an hour for the right bus to arrive. It had to be a Sander's bus because I had a Sander's return ticket and the other buses all terminate in Sheringham.

    The bus ride home was better than usual. Because of the over 60's now receiving there International free bus pass I think there's more of them making use of the bus service that you wouldn't see normally. Today was fairly warm and the smell from the oil seed rape in the fields though not a pleasant smell made me feel happier than usual.


    Anonymous said...

    Which car did you scrap? Have you kept the other one?

    - Karazoon

    Bigm000 said...

    I still have 'Dirty Bertie ' as the Rain man famously said ..On the driveway ...