Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Mark picked me up to goto Narc. He had a friend with him who also holds a advanced amateur license.

James has been living away for awhile in Manchester. I think it was because he'd been doing a Finance degree at University. James is also a bus driver and works with Mark. At the club David the chairman gave a presentation about DFing 'Direction finding' contests. Some equipment was shown and stories told of last years competition. Last year they had the beacon on a boat, supposedly this caused some problems because of the signal interference with the water making it hard to locate. It's always funny when they hand around large directional Yagi antennas because of the possibility of someones eye being poked-out...Hahahah Nice.

David has had some kits made for the competition in June. What's good about this is that DF'ing can be done with just a TX needed... Allegedly you're not meant to call it fox hunting anymore..but because of that reason alone I want to keep saying it out loud and as often as possible.

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