Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unfit for Duty

Woke up late today and when I finally made it outside there was light rain. By the time I had walked into town the rain was hammering down, I had to hide in a phone box while I waited for the bus.

I had lots of time to kill in the city. Walking around I was only shouted at twice by two *cough* ladies on two separate occasions both calling me a wanker... one was silenced when a policeman appeared on a bicycle. The other, walking out of Mc Donalds and bumping into me managed to drop her drink on the floor. I'm sorry but I don't give a fuck about them.

Also while I killed time. Some bloke stopped me and explained his story. He has just come from Nottingham to see his girlfriend who he found cheating on him. He then went on to explain that he's just been released from the police station for beating the crap out of someone. As proof he showed me his jeans saying, " look, I've still got the gizzas blood all over my jeans." He wanted two pounds off of me so that he could get to North Walsham and pick his car-up.

In the coffee shop I read in the paper about a streaming website that you can stream to from your mobile phone's camera. Eventually if your channel becomes popular and professionally made you may make some advertising revenue off of it WorldTV

I was feeling hungry, I thought I had better eat if I was going to do training. I ended-up at the City Gate pub. Not much has changed here since my last visit. Except there's now a stage. While I drank my orange juice and ate my chips the band warmed-up. I sat eating my chips whilst having to listen to the song 'Hotel California.' I wished I was dead.

I made it to Budo training at the OAC where there were about twelve others. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It wasn't much of a shock to find-out just how unfit I've become. After training everyone went to the bar. I was invited but I had to leave to catch my train home.

I keep sending people emails damnit but they aren't receiving them. And I can't get the Bicycle Mark website..what the fuck is going on..GGGRRRRRRRRRrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bicycle Mark's new url is Is that the one you are trying to reach?

- Karajoon

Anonymous said...

I've tried everything, and still the url won't resolve ip addr also. checked host file... no problem getting it at my local Library.