Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This morning there was ice on the road, but I'm getting use to the varying temperatures we are having. I continue to listen to 'Deutsch Plus' on my Ipod.

Now every time I'm going to the buddhist centre I'm telling myself not to spend two hours talking crap to people, and possibly, keep my mouth shut. This is proving to be difficult. Something takes over, and I can't help but say the most stupid rubbish and it's more from a point of my feeling, ' I'm going to tell you if you like it or not.' Still, you've got to laugh !!!

After cleaning at the centre, I distributed some leaflets, and then, drank coffee whilst reading my new book ' Cisco Routing Protocols.'

The 'Learning Shop' in the Forum seemed to be closed for staff training. So instead I walked to Norwich City College, and see if they could give me advice about doing a degree in computer science. The college had an information centre, and inside a lady talked me through the options open to me. It seems I might either do one year in connection with University of East Anglia and City college which is more tailored towards business and e-commerce. Or, one year foundation course in science.

I bought some cheap noodles off the market and some hot chilli Japanese crispy seaweed. Which was fucking expensive !!! Inside the Chinese shop I was the only white person, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said, which I kinda liked...Hahah I'm special...

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