Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Truth Hurt

I was in bed but early in the morning I just couldn't sleep. Something was on my mind that I just cannot forget. Instead I got dressed and went for ealy morning run. I'm still able to run into the city and back - which I was surprised about. Despite it being 5 a.m. there were still a few people hanging around in the city center.

I took a look behing 'Frank's Bar' and found someone curled-up asleep on the concrete floor. I tried to destroy some dustbin-bags but failed. I spotted a freegan looking for food in the bins. ( A taxi driver informed me that the council have shortend 'Kebab house' licenses. It's to stop the people travelling to work in the morning bumping into the people still on their night-out, drunk buying their kebabs.)

Ran home - but the f*c*ing shower is broken ...FML

Have to find new place to live soon...