Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playing with LaTex

Today we had a workshop on using 'Latex', which is actually pronounced phonetically 'Lay-Tec'. Latex is good because- One ...It isn't Microsoft and Two.. it prints character fonts correctly, unlike Microsoft. It is like HTML, and used by mathematicians and scientists to create articles and reports.

LINK_ LaTex Website

Things must be bad; how do I know? At the coffee shop, they made my coffee before even said what I wanted..Heh. Next time I will order something different. Keep them on there toes.

Around campus people get confussed and are always asking me if I'm a student or lecturer, I guess because of the beard. Also, while I was waiting outside the computer lab' some dude was either being friendly or quizzing me on what subject I was studying :/ Once I told him I was a 'year zero' he soon lost interest Hahah !!! He left saying, "enjoy your lecture." Actually I found-out there's a Dr. at UEA with the same name as me.

My most favourite computer name scanned this week goes to 'FlatRoundPoo' XD

On the bus home two students got on wearing pigs' heads. It was actually pretty good, and slightly sinister.

Might write a piece about registry hacking or WEP cracking.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Type Something Good Here

Thought I was going to get six hours of lectures about programming today. Instead we got a small talk on what programming languages exist. After we all went to the Zest the food place on campus and talked shit.

I caught the bus into the city to buy a monocular and another replacement power lead for my laptop. Sat as usual drinking coffee and playing with my EEE.

Wen t martial art lesson. I haven't been for some time, it was crap...After I walked Prince of Whales road to eat pizza chips. There were lots of people out for the night, I sat watching them and stufing my face. The
guy behind te cunter gave me more free stuff, he gave me a can of coke =D

Stood at the bus stop watching the timetable display reboot a cuple of times with WinXP. Did a bit of sanning while I waited. The bog has broken in my flat so when I rturned at 1 am I went to the loo in te wood outside. I could hear twigs break
and thought maybe someone was there. Suddenly a fox darted out of te wood and back, which was nice. I bet it was after one of the many rabbits that
sit on te grass everywhere you look here at UEA.( My wireless keyboard wont let me type propppper, I can't be arsed)

Be Seeing You No_6

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's A Tragedy

This blog has now officially turned into a moan-a-thon. To save my sanity I have decided to only speak to people when I'm spoken to. This way I will get more work done, and my train of thought won't be distracted.

I think some people have pretended not to see me, and also when they thought I hadn't seen them they crept past. But to my face they're friendly. Of course as a coincidence for the past few days we've accidentally been at the same place at the same time. On the bus I walked past someone who I like, but think they don't really want to be friends. As I walked past they pretend to look out of the bus window. But, maybe it's the other way 'round, they think I don't want to speak. I don't want to cramp people's style, so why do they bother to be nice...just be honest.

I had to write that, it keeps creeping into my thoughts.

WENT TO Progeny, bought a 1GB thumb drive to install BackTrack 3 on. Then went to drink coffee and do work. A elderly lady asked me questions about my EEE PC, I didn't do a very good job of explaining to her what it was al about. I couldn't explain anything without using jargon, she looked a bit puzzled. She said she had just done a course, 'Computers for te Terrified'..Heh Still, I think she might go buy one now.

Sat next to my table was someone from my college days. They are a mother now; lots of mothers and their babies meet at the coffee shop to chat. Not sure if she's realised who I am, I hope not :/

Got BT3 working of the thumb drive on my Asus. Fired-up Kismet and went for a walk around campus. Due to te cold my hand became clamped around the glossy little black box. I think I'm in love_

I can think of plenty of reasons to not speak to me ...LOL Hahaha!!!
Forget about it already... I can't !! I hope I haven't upset anybody

Can wait for tomorrow, a full day !!!
Thursday's Lectures

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20 second boot

Cleaned Buddhist Centre, everyone was friendly.

Took leaflets to the learning shop

Read some work on texture mapping in film animation.#

Bought the Winter edition of 2600.

Bought an Asus 900A EEE PC

Had math lecture with new Math lecturer, (we did stuff that we had done previously, Integrals) The Greek nutter was there...

Nearly bought a book on 'Lifesaver Calculus'

Went with two friends after maths into the city. There were lots of people waiting to get onto the bus. Someone suggested we run the 100 yards to the other bus stop and get on before the crowds of people. What a suprise, us three nerds ran through campus and managed to miss two buses on the way. It was funny though. We went to eat noodles. I'm not sure about my fellow students, they can't even name what the command shell is in windows. And explain 'root' in terms of Microsoft. They better be joking :/

Must get Backtrack onto thumb drive

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mary Contrary.

I want to write something here, but I know it will be too depressing and self involved. Start of the new Uni' term has been ok, just a one hour lecture. But the people, I'm blanked everywhere. Even by people who seem to be my friend. I don't know what the fuck has gone wrong. Maybe they think I'm ignoring them, but evidence points to the contrary. Fuck, I've already said too much ...err.. forget that.. everything is marvelous, and I didn't nearly get into another fight, honest!!!

My student loan is in the bank, might buy a Asus EEE PC and another book on Calculas.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knight takes Queen

There is a well known English saying, "Eat, Drink and be Merry; for tomorrow we might Die!!!"

I've been dead for three or four days, three I think ?

Managed to watch BladeRunner all the way through wthout falling asleep. It really is good.

I need a shower three days of bed makes M000 smelly !!

I want to go surfing :/

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nothing for you Here

Brenda the cleaner woke me this morning, as she entered my room. Lucky enough I was fully clothed. We wished each other happy new year and exchanged gossip. After checking Facebook, and listening to Scott Lockmans podcast, in which he is calling himself the King of Japanese podcast...Hahah!! I went to look if the new students had moved in yet. Instead I found Brend in th kitchen, where we lstened to some radio an chatted some more.

Later I went to buy biscuits and ended up at the Forum drinking coffee and looking for Math books. Came back to campus and bought som Thai sticky rice and chilli sauce. I'm now waiting fo mum to pick me up, I'm going back to Holt.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dumb Question

For some reason I couldn't sleep... I got out of bed at 6 a.m. to shower and organize my stuff for going back to UEA. My bus would leave Holt at 7:05 am so I decided to watch 'The Wire- Series One', drinking tea.

It had been snowing outside and I was careful not to slip with my large army surplus kit bag on my back weighing me down. Stood at the bus stop with the real people that have to got to work everyday. Half way through the journey the bus stops and picks-up extra passengers. Suddenly a bus with a few people on-board becomes a bus with people having to stand. They had to stand partly because my bag had a seat all of its own, and nobody asked me to move it.

I went to help clean at the Buddhist Centre. Met Tom and Julian who both wished me happy new year. Tom had spent the Christmas visiting Prague and Polish Nazis Death camps.

I bought a rolling mat, some Nori and rice wine off of the market. I hope to be making some Sushi and learning to become a good cook soon.

Back at my room at UEA I checked my emails. I recieved an email telling me the database coursework had been returned an left on the undergradue pigeonholes. I was bricking it at expectig to find a low mark. Searchng the box of returned assignents I culd see people had been given 50%-60%, surely then I would get maybe 20% or sm crap. OMFG, I'm not sure how but I got 82%, I'm pretty chufed with that. But now wait to see hw badly I fucked-up Maths coursework and exam :/

Met Alex at 4pm to go see the film CHE at cinema city. We were slightly early so we drank tea in the bar. I asked Alex some direct personal questions that made him look visibly uncomfortable, which I probably shouldn't have done. I don't understand other people very well, and usually can only speak with one person at a time. I'm not good in groups. Alex a one point mentioned the syndrome Aspergers, I'm not sure if he was directing that comment at me, but I do have trouble relating to people. I blame the amount of drugs I did as a teenager.

Alex and I went to pay for our cinema tickets. I went first because I had my student card; Alex waived his card in the air at the cashier and spoke very quickly weaving the lies amongst the truth. Hence cheap tickets...

Because i hadn't slept at first I was drifting off into sleep and making strange snoring noises as I drifted in and out of consciousness. After awhile I got into the film and became more alive. It was obvious that everyone in the cinema watching thought of themselves as some kinda communist or revolutionary anarchist, I hate that. When the film ended some people said something in Spanish out loud. OK :/ In response I would have liked to have licked my eyes.

Alex didn't really want to but he followed me to Prince of Whales road to eat pizza. I ordered a 12" vegetarian with philipeanos to share. We sat watching the street and I tried to ask Alex more probing questions, it was useless trying to get information out of him. The pizza guy made the 12" and gave us a free 9" cheese pizza with extra grease. One of Alex's work colleagues and friends was walking past and came in to say hello. I think his name was John and had been a Computer Science student at UEA, doing artificial intelligence. He was friendly and seemed to be OK. I didn't speak much to him and continued to stuff my face with pizza.

We walked to Alex's house in the freezing night air. Drank tea at Alexs, then home on the bus.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Watched four more episodes of 'BRITS that Made the Modern World'. One about the first 3D computer game 'Elite'. The Cambridge students that made the game Elite used the Fibonacci sequence to fit more code into the limited Atom microcomputer's memory. The next programme was about Lotus formula one. The next the Harrier Jumpjet; the British RAF weren't so keen as the American Marines to buy the Harrier. Lastly the tilting train.

Went for a walk around Castle Acre today, then for coffee at what looked to be a beautiful country mansion. Unfortunately despite on my parents last visit the Hotel was allegedly ok, this time was different. There was a chav blonde girl on reception complete with naff tattooed wrist. They charged 1.95 pounds for what she tried to tell us was proper coffee. The coffee was presented well, in silver pots, but the coffee smelt and tasted rubbish, and was obviously instant. CRIMINALS!!! If you don't care about coffee, I don't care about you...heh only joking.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Sea View

Went to look at houses with my uncle and aunt. We ended-up walking the beach at Walcott. SO cold..

Watched documentary about the development of the mobile phone network in England. The competition between Racal-Vodaphone, who made military radio until that time and Cellnet BT.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Spent Christmas and New Year with family, it was crap..
OK playing with my niece and nephew was ok and I didn't mind standing-up and sitting on my nephew's whoopee cushion for the thousandth time..but I did notice when ever I tried to speak to anyone I was met with one to five word answers, or, just totally ignored. Now sometimes I will mention something and then immediately someone else mentions the exact same thing.

Next year I will definitely not bother to hang around long after Christmas, I will make sure I do my own thing.

I was woken this morning by the sight of my mum standing at the bottom of my bed holding a pair of pants, "do these pants belong to you ?" wtf ? I grunted no, and went back to sleep.

Later we all wrapped-up warm to go watch the fireworks at the end of Cromer pier. There were lots of families and couples out to see the firework display and though cold the atmosphere pleasant. That was until some miserable twat started to complain that he couldn't see properly. The display was OK but meant nothing to me, I stood alone.

Fifteen minutes of fireworks and two hours to get out of the car park. When we all stood watching the fireworks everybody came together; when we left the car park it was survival of the fittest and now everyone, again was back to hating each other.