Saturday, January 03, 2009

Watched four more episodes of 'BRITS that Made the Modern World'. One about the first 3D computer game 'Elite'. The Cambridge students that made the game Elite used the Fibonacci sequence to fit more code into the limited Atom microcomputer's memory. The next programme was about Lotus formula one. The next the Harrier Jumpjet; the British RAF weren't so keen as the American Marines to buy the Harrier. Lastly the tilting train.

Went for a walk around Castle Acre today, then for coffee at what looked to be a beautiful country mansion. Unfortunately despite on my parents last visit the Hotel was allegedly ok, this time was different. There was a chav blonde girl on reception complete with naff tattooed wrist. They charged 1.95 pounds for what she tried to tell us was proper coffee. The coffee was presented well, in silver pots, but the coffee smelt and tasted rubbish, and was obviously instant. CRIMINALS!!! If you don't care about coffee, I don't care about you...heh only joking.

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