Thursday, January 01, 2009


Spent Christmas and New Year with family, it was crap..
OK playing with my niece and nephew was ok and I didn't mind standing-up and sitting on my nephew's whoopee cushion for the thousandth time..but I did notice when ever I tried to speak to anyone I was met with one to five word answers, or, just totally ignored. Now sometimes I will mention something and then immediately someone else mentions the exact same thing.

Next year I will definitely not bother to hang around long after Christmas, I will make sure I do my own thing.

I was woken this morning by the sight of my mum standing at the bottom of my bed holding a pair of pants, "do these pants belong to you ?" wtf ? I grunted no, and went back to sleep.

Later we all wrapped-up warm to go watch the fireworks at the end of Cromer pier. There were lots of families and couples out to see the firework display and though cold the atmosphere pleasant. That was until some miserable twat started to complain that he couldn't see properly. The display was OK but meant nothing to me, I stood alone.

Fifteen minutes of fireworks and two hours to get out of the car park. When we all stood watching the fireworks everybody came together; when we left the car park it was survival of the fittest and now everyone, again was back to hating each other.


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