Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playing with LaTex

Today we had a workshop on using 'Latex', which is actually pronounced phonetically 'Lay-Tec'. Latex is good because- One ...It isn't Microsoft and Two.. it prints character fonts correctly, unlike Microsoft. It is like HTML, and used by mathematicians and scientists to create articles and reports.

LINK_ LaTex Website

Things must be bad; how do I know? At the coffee shop, they made my coffee before even said what I wanted..Heh. Next time I will order something different. Keep them on there toes.

Around campus people get confussed and are always asking me if I'm a student or lecturer, I guess because of the beard. Also, while I was waiting outside the computer lab' some dude was either being friendly or quizzing me on what subject I was studying :/ Once I told him I was a 'year zero' he soon lost interest Hahah !!! He left saying, "enjoy your lecture." Actually I found-out there's a Dr. at UEA with the same name as me.

My most favourite computer name scanned this week goes to 'FlatRoundPoo' XD

On the bus home two students got on wearing pigs' heads. It was actually pretty good, and slightly sinister.

Might write a piece about registry hacking or WEP cracking.

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