Thursday, January 15, 2009

Type Something Good Here

Thought I was going to get six hours of lectures about programming today. Instead we got a small talk on what programming languages exist. After we all went to the Zest the food place on campus and talked shit.

I caught the bus into the city to buy a monocular and another replacement power lead for my laptop. Sat as usual drinking coffee and playing with my EEE.

Wen t martial art lesson. I haven't been for some time, it was crap...After I walked Prince of Whales road to eat pizza chips. There were lots of people out for the night, I sat watching them and stufing my face. The
guy behind te cunter gave me more free stuff, he gave me a can of coke =D

Stood at the bus stop watching the timetable display reboot a cuple of times with WinXP. Did a bit of sanning while I waited. The bog has broken in my flat so when I rturned at 1 am I went to the loo in te wood outside. I could hear twigs break
and thought maybe someone was there. Suddenly a fox darted out of te wood and back, which was nice. I bet it was after one of the many rabbits that
sit on te grass everywhere you look here at UEA.( My wireless keyboard wont let me type propppper, I can't be arsed)

Be Seeing You No_6

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