Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20 second boot

Cleaned Buddhist Centre, everyone was friendly.

Took leaflets to the learning shop

Read some work on texture mapping in film animation.#

Bought the Winter edition of 2600.

Bought an Asus 900A EEE PC

Had math lecture with new Math lecturer, (we did stuff that we had done previously, Integrals) The Greek nutter was there...

Nearly bought a book on 'Lifesaver Calculus'

Went with two friends after maths into the city. There were lots of people waiting to get onto the bus. Someone suggested we run the 100 yards to the other bus stop and get on before the crowds of people. What a suprise, us three nerds ran through campus and managed to miss two buses on the way. It was funny though. We went to eat noodles. I'm not sure about my fellow students, they can't even name what the command shell is in windows. And explain 'root' in terms of Microsoft. They better be joking :/

Must get Backtrack onto thumb drive

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