Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Being chatted-up by German doctors
drinking eating cris[ps and playing Tekken
walking home drunk through the park thinking about ghost people...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Removables and Ghost People

Woke late today at 8:45 am... I had ten minutes to take a shower and get to congregation hall. We have to write a report on Google Books and the Apollo 11 mission..

Went for meeting with my advisor Dr Ben Milner.. I really like Ben despite swearing to never speak to anyone called Ben...ever. It was hard I kept trying to mention topical subject to keep the conversation going. So scared of the lull periods. I spoke of many subjects and probably stuff I shouldn't have mentioned. typical of me, anything to avoid long silent periods.

Went into the city to buy lots of junk food with my new found wealth. I spent almost an hour watching the 'East meets East' projects presentation in the Forum's curve theatre. Part of which featured Alice the Taiko club's teacher I met last Wednesday.

Bumped into Mick the Australian guy who was at No2ID. We talked and joke for awhile and did some vegetable shopping. Heh..

Later I went with Chris to buy some beer from the Tesco metro..then watched Judge Dredd and then Final Fantasty.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pay Day

Chris has lived with Adam for five days now. He's already talking about trying to kick him out. There's no excuse, we all knew what he was like before we moved in. Though he is really fucking annoying.

Chris and I went for registration. Adam was still in bed and didn't have to register 'till later. It goes my Surname. There's only one thing to mention about registration and that was what happened to the person waiting in front, or for that matter what he did. The queue was stretched down some steps. Between levels, there was a drop either side or the stair. The person in front of Chris and I dropped all his paper-work accidentally over the side. I managed to stifle my laughter as he had to go all the way down two levels to collect it. What was strange was that he then again joined the end of the long queue, and not just reenter where he was previously. AWWWW poor guy. But it was funny...Heh

Chris and I managed to hand-out some NO2ID leaflets. I'm getting use to it, but it's embarrassing when you try hand someone a leaflet and they ignore you. I notice once one person in a group says no, everyone then in that group no-longer feels obliged to say yes.

Later after the usual talks in the conference hall I met with Powie. We went to the CMP party for free coke and pizza.

I went to bed angry because Adam had written over

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scummy Mummy

Today at Norwich Cathedral they held the 'Battle of Britain' ceremony. I took my seat to the side of the main congregation; it's advisable, as I knew I would slowly become angry. In no-way would I want to disrespect the British Legion. But.... There was a guy I can't name; a large portion of his speech was dedicated to how we're so lucky to have freedom of speech in England. Wtf ??? He was so ill informed. FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS BEING ERODED OR HAS BEEN ERODED NOW.. THIS DAY !!! Why the fuck do they refuse to acknowledge this ?? I kept looking for the exit, and had to bite my lip, but I tried to act normal and not offend.

After I went to the park for the 'Friends of the Earth' music event. I met-up with Tom and Chris on the No2ID stall. There was one other guy from Australia who may get involved. Dr Ian Gibson was there too. He spoke to us about how nobody will listen to the issues of NO2ID. It was good to chill in the sun listening to the music.

Waiting at the bus-stop a strange woman rubbed herself against me..Spooky ??
She was walking past and stepped sideways towards me. She stood with her body against mine and started mumbling something. I guess she was drunk, or pretending to be. She then looked down at my crotch and ask, "what have you got in there?" I ignored her comment and started telling her about NO2ID. She then started asking me questions about what I'm doing at University.

Friday, September 18, 2009

King of Pong

I received another email from Fen, the lady from Beijing. I was quite surprised, wasn't expecting that. Apparently she returned home August the 5th; and said alot of nice things about England.

In the evening Powie came around and we all went to the Sportspark to play table tennis. Later that night we spent a good hour or two in our kitchen trying to bounce the ping-pong ball into a cup... Once you start you just can't stop...

We then watched the film 'American Psycho.' I never noticed before, I think the music in American Psycho is Philip Glass.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rengae Rhythms

I was questioned by community support officers for standing in the cemetery, and looking odd. OK, so I admit it was strange, but it's not for them to judge me and ruin my day. Telling me I'm different and therefore I should be questioned. This has only convinced me even more that ID cards are a very wrong idea.

This evening I attended a Taiko class. It goes without question, everything was awesome. I definitely want to practice with them. There seemed to be an even number of men and women of varied ages, also a young girl of about eight years' old. They had built new drums from bits of industrial tubing and canvass. The woman instructor was so graceful in her movement, with a powerful rhythm.

They are preparing for the demonstration they will give as part of the 'East Meets East' project.

Powie and Chris have returned from summer holiday, we watched the film 'Ghostbusters'.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Didn't Know you were Out...

Yterday something unusual happened. I went for my usual at the Forum. As I scanned the faces of the people beside the table I would sit at. I noticed someone familiar. The woman looked like she could be an old friend's mum. No, it was Helen McDermott the presenter from Anglia news. I listened to the conversation she was having with two elderly ladys. I think she maybe appearing in this year's panto.

Started the day listening to 'War of the Words' then the old indie band 'Mudhoney.' In the evening I went to the No2ID meeting at the Workshop. It seems there will be a music event on the weekend. Zero Emissions... we might be setting-up a stall there...

When I returned to the house I could hear Adam and his stupid laugh eminatting from his open window. The front door chain stopped me from entering and there seemed to be a chair wedged up against the handle from the inside. wtf ?? Adam looked out his window, then took about half a minute to let me in. Bode was with him and said some crap about a burgular trap. I couldn't give a shit what they get-up to, so long as it doesn't effect me.

I've drunk lots of Coke and can't sleep now :( I

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Following and Followers

There's this large tall black bloke who lived in the same building as me last year. I keep seeing him on the bus, in the city, and now in the supermarket. I'm worried he thinks I'm following him.

Paid a visit to the NO2ID stall in the city. Show my support, and might goto the meeting Tuesday.

Stood in the dark cemetery again whilst listening to Philip Glasss' Koyaanisquatsi and dancing like a robot. (yeah I know it's not normal) I nearly shat myself when I turned to see a fox had crept up behind me.

Who's Emobile in Tokyo ??? All visitors from Japan usually seem to be coming from the same network. I just assume it's one person on different computers, but Emobile, that's a new one..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Squeezed through a gap in the railings of a cemetery. I then stood for three hours in the dark. A shiver went down my spine every time I thought about the coffins beneath me.

I'm probably not going to update this blog very often now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

SOoon Soon SOOOn So

Spent the day reading about basic cryptography... Watched a film about Allen Turing whilst cracking WEP keys... Spent ages trying to get Adams new wireless card to work properly...Failed. I decided to wrap his computer in tin-foil, just for fun. Still no better.