Monday, September 21, 2009

Pay Day

Chris has lived with Adam for five days now. He's already talking about trying to kick him out. There's no excuse, we all knew what he was like before we moved in. Though he is really fucking annoying.

Chris and I went for registration. Adam was still in bed and didn't have to register 'till later. It goes my Surname. There's only one thing to mention about registration and that was what happened to the person waiting in front, or for that matter what he did. The queue was stretched down some steps. Between levels, there was a drop either side or the stair. The person in front of Chris and I dropped all his paper-work accidentally over the side. I managed to stifle my laughter as he had to go all the way down two levels to collect it. What was strange was that he then again joined the end of the long queue, and not just reenter where he was previously. AWWWW poor guy. But it was funny...Heh

Chris and I managed to hand-out some NO2ID leaflets. I'm getting use to it, but it's embarrassing when you try hand someone a leaflet and they ignore you. I notice once one person in a group says no, everyone then in that group no-longer feels obliged to say yes.

Later after the usual talks in the conference hall I met with Powie. We went to the CMP party for free coke and pizza.

I went to bed angry because Adam had written over

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