Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Didn't Know you were Out...

Yterday something unusual happened. I went for my usual at the Forum. As I scanned the faces of the people beside the table I would sit at. I noticed someone familiar. The woman looked like she could be an old friend's mum. No, it was Helen McDermott the presenter from Anglia news. I listened to the conversation she was having with two elderly ladys. I think she maybe appearing in this year's panto.

Started the day listening to 'War of the Words' then the old indie band 'Mudhoney.' In the evening I went to the No2ID meeting at the Workshop. It seems there will be a music event on the weekend. Zero Emissions... we might be setting-up a stall there...

When I returned to the house I could hear Adam and his stupid laugh eminatting from his open window. The front door chain stopped me from entering and there seemed to be a chair wedged up against the handle from the inside. wtf ?? Adam looked out his window, then took about half a minute to let me in. Bode was with him and said some crap about a burgular trap. I couldn't give a shit what they get-up to, so long as it doesn't effect me.

I've drunk lots of Coke and can't sleep now :( I

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