Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rengae Rhythms

I was questioned by community support officers for standing in the cemetery, and looking odd. OK, so I admit it was strange, but it's not for them to judge me and ruin my day. Telling me I'm different and therefore I should be questioned. This has only convinced me even more that ID cards are a very wrong idea.

This evening I attended a Taiko class. It goes without question, everything was awesome. I definitely want to practice with them. There seemed to be an even number of men and women of varied ages, also a young girl of about eight years' old. They had built new drums from bits of industrial tubing and canvass. The woman instructor was so graceful in her movement, with a powerful rhythm.

They are preparing for the demonstration they will give as part of the 'East Meets East' project.

Powie and Chris have returned from summer holiday, we watched the film 'Ghostbusters'.

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